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Right Timing

Posted on: February 8, 2016

In January/early February each year, when the berries become just perfectly ripe, immense flocks of birds (in our case robins and cedar wax wings) descend on the N.California privet trees in our yard. Exuberant and in a flurry of activity, they pick the trees clean of berries, readying them for their new cycle of budding, flowering, pollination and fruiting. It is a perfect cycle, with perfect timing and action – every year.

This timing does not occur by clock time. The birds do not show up on an assigned date or a particular hour. I can’t place the date of their arrival on my calendar in advance. No. That would be the human thing to do.

So I wait and notice. I am called to be present.

In nature, the only timing is right timing.


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