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Unhanding the Kool Aid®

Posted on: June 3, 2020

The program: Enslavementmind-programming

The mechanism: The conditioned human mind

The timeline: 8000 BC to Now

Programmed enslavement is the through-line to all historic and present calls to liberation.

From racism to human trafficking, from pedophilia to the war on reproductive rights, from media control to voter suppression, from bigotry, to greed, and censorship, and monopoly, to control of seed, water, food production, from assault on alternative energy, homeopathy, and traditional medicine, to genocides and pogroms, to the domination of the Earth, her creatures and her resources. And yes, social engineering, CV-19, medical martial law and pandemic politics are right here, too.

As Humankind awakens to the single-sourced strategies, tactics and agendas of enslavement that have sought to undermine the truth of our interconnection, our interdependence, the truth that You ARE Me and I AM You; as we, personally and collectively reclaim our inner authority, the implied threats that have held the conditioning in place so effectively are surfacing as they are simultaneously being thrown off by awakening minds: Ostracism, shaming, Fear of death.

When divide and conquer no longer work, because The Prisoners have awakened within the Big Game, violence and martial law move from implied to apparent – the last resort of ancient feudalism, late-stage global capitalism, trans-national imperialism, domination and control.

Together, in sacred union with Earth, respecting All of Life, founded in the aliveness of our body elementals, our hearts and souls, Humankind shall usher in a new era of peace and respect for all life, all colors, all genders, all species, all willing co-creators. A living justice and liberation is arising. Our diverse voices, our compassionate impulses, our unique geniuses, and brilliant innovative natures seek seamless harmony with a thriving natural world, as human civilization reinvents itself, attuned to natural law, love and reciprocity.

This Dream is Real, it is Lucid, and there is no turning back.



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