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Tell Me Lies…

Posted on: September 6, 2020

My birthday is in March. So imagine my surprise when toward the end of the school year my mom asked me if I’d like to have my birthday party early…in June! After receiving assurance that we’d also do something fun on my actual birthday in March, I said, “Yes!!”  Who wouldn’t?

So the date was planned, invitations sent, my hair was curled and we bought all the party favors. A summertime birthday party, I was stoked. It all went off without a hitch, other than some friends being disappointed that they didn’t get a chance to sit next to me at the table for cake and ice cream. “Let’s have Rachel sit next to you, honey.” Okay! Rachel and I were best friends. No problem.

Shortly after, the family embarked on a car trip across the country for the entire summer, to visit cousins on the West Coast and go to the Seattle World’s Fair (!!)

When we returned, just before school started, my first impulse the morning after we pulled into the driveway was to call Rachel to play.

“Rachel’s family has moved away,” my mother announced. “WHAT???!!!!” I responded, crushed and in tears. “Yes, they moved away while we were gone this summer.”

Now, let’s be clear, my parents were people with integrity who deeply believed in the value of honesty and in being truthful with their kids.

I remember the first time I tried to lie to my mom, you know, about 6 or 7 years old when everybody gives lying a shot (along with stealing…but that’s a different story).

She kind of laughed behind her hand. Evidently my lying attempt was that easily detected. Then she sat me down and explained the practicalities of lying to me.

“It’s too hard to lie,” she stated. “First of all, when you lie you have to remember the lie you told, because next time it comes up you have to lie again.” I pondered this. “Then if you have to lie again to cover the first lie, you’ve got to remember that lie, too.” Mmm, this was beginning to sink in. She stated simply, “It’s so much easier to tell the truth, because it’s not hard to remember what’s true. That’s easy and natural.” That made sense to me. “Interesting,” I thought.

She concluded with, “and if you ever get caught in a lie, no one will ever trust you again.” Deal sealed. I trotted off happy to have gotten the heads up that lying was way more trouble than it was worth. Thanks, Mom!

So what could have been going through my mother’s head when she cooked up the summer birthday party idea?

Mom had decided (along with Rachel’s mom, I’m sure) that they “wouldn’t tell the girls” until the move was complete and we were back from our vacation, “so they won’t be upset.”

You may be astonished to know that I actually didn’t put any of this together until about a month ago – yeah, 58 years after the fact. That is an example of just how buried the gas lighting of deception and lies lives in our minds, in our bodies and in our subconscious awareness.

Granted, this is a very minor league example of the lying that goes on everyday for children and adults alike. Some justifications are “for their own good” and some are simply the bedrock of our cultural upbringing(s) around the world.

So let’s look at what happens to a kid, a person, a trusting individual when they are lied to. We’ll call it ‘the anatomy of a lie’.

First, and most importantly, the person who is lied to KNOWS there is a lie in the space – either immediately or down the road. We all have intuitive apparatus (aka a sacred shit-detector) that is ALWAYS telling us what is truth and what is not.

Second, if a purportedly trustworthy person then brushes off questioning and maintains the alleged veracity of the lie, the child is placed in the untenable position of knowing one thing and being asked to believe another. Disconnection from one’s own intuitive knowing/self OR disconnection from ‘the other’ results. We can call this damage to the fabric of trust/connection with self and other.

Multiply this times the largest number you can fathom and you’ve got the very feeble structure upon which our modern human civilization is founded.

Let’s see, there’s commercials; there’s what grandpa is doing to brother; there’s how pretty sister looks in the dress that is obviously hideous; there’s mom’s crush on the milkman; there’s daddy’s not coming home at night and mommy being really upset as she says, “I’m fine, honey;” there’s what happened in the Tuskegee experiment; there’s the WWII ‘all in’ war effort while Bayer supplied the gas canisters to the Nazis for the extermination showers; there’s the way ballots were tossed into Lake Michigan by the notorious Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago to give Kennedy the edge in the 1960 presidential election; there’s every can of worms and nefarious hijinks the spy-vs-spy governmental agencies have played since the inception of the FBI and CIA (and internationally, MI5, MI6 in the U.K. together in what they call the ‘Five-Eyes Alliance’ which also includes: the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Israel’s Mossad…)

But I’m cherry picking here. Need I go on?

Unfortunately, modern human civilization birthed from the art and practice of social conditioning is based on lies. The most egregious of all being the one that tells us we are separate from one another and from Life itself.

Kids know they are part of Everything. They live that. They perceive that. They KNOW that.

But over the years, through family lies, and social lies, and the lies we are taught in school and in church, children ingest and adopt the lies they are steeped in day-to-day, year-to-year, for lifetimes. These generational fictions include the massive lies about those ‘adventuresome explorers’ who discovered the new world, and the practices of rape/pillage/genocide at the foundation of almost every nation on Earth.

The icing on the cake is that we are trained to give our own authority over to those that perpetrate and maintain this pack of lies.

So Co-Vid? The post office? The elections? QAnon? The Gates Foundation? The three ring circus of lies to cover lies to cover lies to cover lies…?

Given this basis of world culture how could we NOT have a guy like Donald Trump in the White House? He’s the unvarnished version of all the lying that’s been going on since this inverted, facsimile, machine world was first concocted to enslave homo sapiens to build Empire and perpetuate a global caste system.

Here’s a good synopsis of where we stand (from Tom Kenyon, channeling of The Hathors).

    “This particular transition state has to do with the collapse of the collective lies of your culture. Increasingly more and more of you will see behind the shadow play, you will sense the puppet masters, and although their identities may elude you, you will see with increasing reality that aspects of your culture are a manipulation, a limitation, and in many cases, downright lies.

     The lie that we are speaking to here is not the lie of economics, the lie of wars, or the lie of confining religions, but the lie of your identity—a lie that ensures your imprisonment. This lie is the belief and cultural assertion that you are nothing more than a physical human being and that there are, in fact, no other realms of being beyond your earthy experience.

     The recognition of this lie is a harbinger of personal freedom, but in its beginning stages it can be quite disorienting. This is because multidimensional experiences are so different from your earthly day-to-day experiences. If you find yourself marooned between your earthly and multidimensional life, you have entered a transition state of consciousness.”  

This ‘marooned’ state spoken of here is being experienced by many as anxiety, overwhelm and a deep desire to be told what IS true. Others feel righteous about knowing that the fix has been in forever. Some are compelled to stand in the streets and face down the militarized police and goon squads, while still others experience a combination of freedom and relief that the revelation of all this is finally upon us.

How does this circle back to me and Rachel? We girls learned from our concerned, loving and ‘honest’ parents that it was better to lie than risk being honestly upset. We learned that our parents and our world preferred dishonesty and omission to the potential of a short-lived emotional meltdown.

We learned that lying is a suitable alternative to connection, love and meaning.

And hey, you don’t have to remember your lies to cover your ass, everybody’s doing it. We hardly notice anymore. We’ve given up our dedication to natural law and truth telling. We’re numb and disengaged and demoralized…

Or are we waking up to our true nature and reclaiming our inner authority? Realigning with our values and integrity?

The consequences of our choice in the matter have reached epic proportions.

Life/death, human/robot, Earth/scorched Earth, Justice/Just“us”, the Lie of Separateness/the REALITY of Oneness. For we are all in this together, not as a catchy meme, but as a point of fact. Time to discard the illusions of scarcity, not enough-ness, and disconnection.

We each will awaken on this side or the other to the truth of our unlimited, eternal, creator-being nature and our interconnection with All Life. Until then, our sacred shit detector is the compass we have. Research, compare notes, follow your gut and above all your heart.

Let us surrender our burdens, the internalized lies and our shame to a trusted other and reclaim what is so very right with us. We are love and truth and honor. Humble servants to the Earth, to The Divine, to our Soul nature and to one another. We simply traded it in for a “new and improved” version of reality because the lies overwhelmed us. Everyone we knew and loved and trusted modeled lying, belief in lies and trained us into “The Forgetting”.

Let us breathe deeply, press our feet to the Earth, reclaim trust in the wisdom of our bodies, and  r e m e m b e r .

For this iteration of life on Earth may well depend on our doing just that.

Sarah McCroskey ©2020


2 Responses to "Tell Me Lies…"

Wow, Sarah!! Gorgeous. Spot on. Out of the park. Inspired and inspiring. Thank you.


On 9/6/20, 5:17 PM, “HumanSpirit Radio Network” wrote:

> > Sarah McCroskey posted: ” My birthday is in March. So imagine my surprise when > toward the end of the school year my mom asked me if I’d like to have my > birthday party early…in June! After receiving assurance that we’d also do > something fun on my actual birthday in March, I said, ” >

You lay it out like no other Sarah…with depth, heart wide open, no bull-shit, tender and powerful! I bow to you in gratitude for your bold beautiful spirit…and I stand with you, bare feet on the ground, eyes wide open, devoted to inner knowing and in love with this place we call earth.

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