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Posted on: January 2, 2021

Impetuous World Life / Artist Rlon Wang

Happy New Year!
As a New Year’s offering I’m (humbly) sharing below some material I’ve cataloged over the course of 2020. I needed perspective so I opened to one of my most trusted guides, partners, and allies, Quan Yin. As always, She delivered. Without edits, or even much of a preamble, here are The Quan Yin Chronicles. For me, channeled material often carries the imprint or lens of the channel. So if any part of this does not resonate, please go with your sense and dismiss what does not serve you. That being said, may these words provide a broader perspective, may they nourish and warm you, heart and soul. May they invite you to tap into your inner being and wise guidance ~ standard equipment in us all and vital as we journey forward into 2021 and beyond.
The bright future is calling us to our creative power, our willingness, our inherent liberation and to our boundless capacity together, as Love.

Every Blessing and Tender Grace to You, Sarah


Write what I say, no editing please.

Collectively human civilization is at an extraordinary juncture. There is not much time to scold or coddle now. Forces of evil are intent on the destruction of this earth reality just as they destroyed previous versions of earth. Yes, we find ourselves here again.

The window of opportunity for the leap beyond karmic cycling is once again open. This rare lineup occurs once every Great Year, 26,000 years when wheels within wheels click into place like a small spherical toy with a hole in the middle and layer upon layer of bands, each with one opening, a channel. This is the small window where all the channels align allowing a gateway or pathway from the deep inside to the greater outside. Do you get a picture of what I describe?

Sentient beings of ancient heritage reside within the earth’s core, locked in, though by choice, to await this lineup. Like a time capsule, these beings have prepared, since the last cycle, for this chance once again, to “reach escape velocity” to use a modern physics term. The chance to break free, this time, from the energies of “The Fall” or the great fall in consciousness which occurred last in the times of Atlantis.

As dire as this seems, it is also an enormous cosmic game of polar interests vying for control of a planetary system of great beauty, energy and resources (including the hu-mans). From an inter-dimensional, interplanetary perspective it is the height of sport. From within the game it is a tactical contest of skill, strategy and intrigue. The contestants have known one another over vast time spans. Some swap sides, others await right timing, others stay in the game of ‘world control’ on smaller time cycles, while many occupants of earth feel simply to be pawns, just showing up over and again because the cycle of karma is still in play.

The Earth herself has grown weary of this inter-galactic mayhem. She has allowed this tussle through many versions of her own beingness – 6 to be exact. She’s taking charge now, “blowing the whistle” if you will as the ultimate mediator and referee.


Without shame, beings from other failed earths, other failed planets and systems have been drawn to your current Earth. Some have come for resources, some for profit, others for adventure, control, and empire building. Ironically the dynamics in the larger intergalactic scope mirror the same behaviors you witness globally, and I know you don’t like what you see. Partly I come to give context so that it does not seem so very dire. Perspective and the wide view can bring clarity and compassion…and power, my Dear, Power.

Another layer of dynamic interplay has to do with those who pursue power and play and expression through magic, transmutation, shape shifting and such. Some seek cooperation with Earth and all that lives here with great love and beauty (like yourself) and some hold agendas and enact karmic patterns of manipulation, segregation and the ‘dark arts’. And of course there are those who engage in a smattering of both.

Then there are the spectators and cosmic players ~ angels, allies, great avatars and masters, Source, archetypal energies and beings, the dead and the non-corporal, too. There is great interest in how it is going on your planet in these times where a Great Cycle is ending and the new is afoot. It’s akin to tuning into the last quarter of the championship game. What will happen? Who will ‘win’?

In the grand scheme the game is in fact eternal. Facets of eternal consciousness come together and re-align in a cosmic dance of polarity and moving beyond it. That is where Earth finds herself. She is ready to move beyond polarities. For whatever learning has occurred for all the parties involved (including Creator’s) Earth now seeks harmony for ALL her species including hu-mans and non who out-picture human civilization upon her crust. You aren’t the only ones who matter here and the desecration will no longer be tolerated.

So Earth is taking charge. She is actively shaking off the facsimile overlay and revealing the artificiality of the unnatural thought forms, structures and social programming that have led to planetary destruction. This time she’s taking charge to form a new possibility, a New Earth.

This time Gaia in her conscious connection with Source energy, with the architects and Elohim, with the angels and arch angels, with faery and dragon and all the nature spirits ~ this time she has requested a parallel timeline, not simply a flood to cleanse the abuse, not just a new body for the former has been damaged beyond repair. She is standing for a working world where all species honor Life, one another and live in harmony. The Game must go elsewhere. Humankind will now grow beyond that, beyond the polarities which generate deception, death and untold destruction.


So this Game is getting intense at this juncture. Human civilization is at a crossroads as it has been in other epochs. This time it is not so much about stopping truly regressive regimes and interests, hell bent on world domination, though of course that, too, is going on. This time it is humanity squarely facing it s own extinction as a species.

In other timeframes when flood or meteor or chronic mismanagement and disregard for the home planet voided life on Earth, human beings were not so cognizant of what was at play, at stake, as they are now.

This time consciousness within the human species has become more fully developed. It is not the few that recognize what is going on, but the many. Although the machines of manipulation are in full force (and view) even people whose minds may be confused with so many versions of ‘what’s actually going on’ are feeling deep in their gut that there are many deceptions at work here. Even the word “hoax”, as apt as it is for the many levels of manipulations at work to prop up the facsimile reality illusion, is being thrown around by so many questionable sources that it too, has become suspect.

This places humanity into a particular quandary (and of course Source knows what It’s doing in all this). Having been programmed through social conditioning (Daddy, Mommy, teacher, rabbi/minister, peer group, employer, government, media, etc.) children on Earth have become adults who assign their authority outside of themselves. You have been taught to look to an authority to see what the rules are and how best to follow them to fit in. Not belonging (and thereby not surviving) has been held over your heads as a fundamental existential threat for so long that you will literally, do anything in order to be on the right side of whoever you deem to hold the authority. Those who have not examined this phenomenon within themselves and at least started the process of unweaving and releasing these subconscious tendencies continue to be on a leash, guided by ‘the master’, being the good girls and boys who make the false world run. They have become the ‘artificial intelligence/robots’ that most are fearful and suspect of. AI is simply the next version of hu-man the controllers are lining up, to drive the humans back into compliance (“they’ll take your jobs!”) or side-line the humans to run The Machine entirely, should the humans become too uppity/non-compliant.

What is a good term for this cast of characters so determined to train individual Souls into a domesticated herd, shiny cogs to run The Machine? There are layers to this group, program directors, if you will – those who are coerced through money, fame, power, influence, and even bodily threat to implement the program. Prisoners running the prison system. Fascism is not simply exemplified by the well-defined, operational program used in Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy and Franco’s Spain; it is the backbone of global imperialism and power structures on earth for millennia. These guys have been at this for a LONG time and are always 50-100 years ahead in their planning for how to continue to cow the ‘tenant farmers’ into ‘plowing the fields’ for the benefit of ‘the feudal lords’. Let’s call them The Hucksters, that captures with some accuracy the fact that this well-worn program is an enormous con, perpetrated not by some mastermind intelligence ~ for they are no more intelligent than any human being ~ but those who simply apply it to trickery and control. They’re disconnected from their hearts and Source. They are the Core Wounded who have become somewhat sadistic. They want to inflict pain and hold control to avoid the pain that lives within them…sometimes eons, lifetimes, deep karmic patterns of pain. They too have been cast out. This provides a window to the possibility of a solution.


Ah, yes, the ‘corona virus’. It’s creating quite a hub-bub globally, isn’t it? What is the nature of ‘infectious disease’?

Susceptibility is by its very nature contagious. An idea or ‘germ’ is planted in the psyche or specimen and depending upon the environment into which this germ or idea is seeded, it either grows or perishes. How has the ‘host’, ‘culture’, been prepared for this seed? Well isn’t that an interesting question?

In the case of these virus scares, the global human culture has been prepared with the emotions of fear, out of control, invasion, something ‘out there’ getting me and the ones I love. Fear of death and disease primarily. Primed for some authority out there to ‘get this under control’ through quarantine, herd immunity (!) and vaccines. “Daddy! Tell us what to do!”

It’s one way to live and is most assuredly running as a background program for much of humanity most of the time. Your conditioning has cultivated this societal response – the petrie dish, if you will – into which this (or any worldly terror) can be inserted. Terrorist attack, ‘natural’ disaster, market crash, mass migration, war, what have you. You have been prepared to respond to these events in a fearful, panicky way – including looking to an outside authority to solve them and return you to safety.

This very background construct is what is being revealed. When those around you ‘take the bait’ once again, this is what annoys you deeply. Smart, kind people who you consider to be astute on so many levels falling for the same tactics and manipulations? – it makes the channel SO mad!

That’s actually good news. For without the wherewithal (read energy) to throw off the conditioned response (fear, giving personal power to an outside authority, “YOU save me.”) you become just another domino in this, the latest training exercise…power grab.

Ring the bell, give the treat.

The same goes for the democratic primary race 2020. Again, driving the channel mad. From your personal perspective (and you are not alone in this, not at all) human civilization is in its “13th hour”. Environmentally, politically, in terms of income inequality, racial injustice, prisons, healthcare – in every sector of society you see that late stage capitalism and utter disregard for the planet with the agenda being set by the few to the detriment of the many – this is obvious and reckless and nearly off the cliff in terms of life on Earth, in your (the channel’s) estimation. For politicians and pundits and those who continue to seek to convince a fully conditioned public to say, “let’s slow down and do what’s comfortable” leaving the power in the hands (and bank accounts) of the few who have been running the show since time immemorial; this is unacceptable to you (the channel) …and to Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

But the man does not know how to be nuanced. Well intended but similar fight, war, “make ‘em” mentality. The guy’s got a heart and fails to show it in his rhetoric. Not a warm place to land for many people who take someone else’s word (or sound bite) for it. Same problem. The petrie dish has been carefully prepared (human enculturation to fear and assigning power, discernment and authority to the outside, plus fear of change).

The conditioned minds of humans want to maintain status quo – as their very own hearts and souls tell them that it’s ‘status quo’ that killing the planet, their children’s futures, their own health and robbing humanity of it’s power, purpose and innate wellbeing. Subtly the ones who have become comfortable within this system – white liberals, upper middle class, those who have made it within what even they consider to be a corrupt and imbalanced system – now their conditioning is showing up, saying, “wait, slow down.” To watch your left-leaning friends, people you have admired for their values and analysis, be manipulated into fear of change, “too fast”, irks you (the channel) to no end. Understandably!

So what’s the bigger picture here? What’s really happening on planet Earth?

Well it’s the time of ”the pivot”. It’s the time of “flipping the inverted/facsimile reality” as (the channel) has said. And as it becomes apparent within any system in flux – from climate environments to new states of health or disease in a human body, from any stable state through chaos into another stable state – from one Age into another new Age – things become messy, chaotic, unstable. It’s like the change of seasons the channel used to experience in Michigan as a child. From the dead of winter to warmer days to tornadoes to rain to sleet and snow and freezing temperatures again and back until, at last, Springtime arrived and stabilized. It may feel inconvenient, unfair and uncomfortable. You cannot control it; but Spring does arrive, naturally, within a much bigger cycle, inevitably.

Well this is like that. And THIS cycle is WAY bigger. It’s an evolutionary cycle here on planet Earth and throughout Cosmos. In harmony with the erratic, ebb and flow of the change, seek to enjoy change. Learn to surf the swells and squalls, wipeout, have patience, love your life and enjoy your surroundings while taking dear and faultless care of your Self, your Soul and your Alignment with Source, your personal vehicle (body) and Earth within your own sphere of influence (which is FAR greater than each of you may perceive). Then share what you discover on the journey. Be in love with it. Loving what’s right with Life makes the going more ease-filled. It also allows a spaciousness around situations and events that allows and invites personal clarity and a big-picture wisdom to guide the way.

Being mad, as uncomfortable as it feels to you, is the way you insure that you are dismantling the programs and conditioning that have constrained humankind. It preempts the re-choosing of your own entrapment.

It is the innate, loving, unconditioned human being that is at once liberating humankind and aligning with the New World – the earth reality the channel and many of you invoke with such consistency – “A world that works for everyone in seamless harmony with a thriving natural world.”

It shall arrive. Much equanimity resides in knowing that.

Adieu for now. QY


It’s another day in the Universe. How are you feeling? Has Earth “reality” calmed down somewhat? I surely don’t mean to minimize how people are responding to this virus, yet there is a whole, wide Cosmos out here. You’re not the only ones.

Blessings to you, dear voyagers. You surely are intent on not getting overly caught up in the melodrama while offering supportive perspective and inching those who you touch a bit closer to the opportunity at hand. It’s a kind and generous act even as some argue for limitations. It becomes very clear the degree to which every single person sees a singular phenomenon differently, assigning meaning accordingly and declares, “This is reality.” Yes, simultaneously asserting that they, personally, have nothing to do with that reality. What? simply ‘an objective witness?’, I think not. Distress and certainty but no power, that’s a bad combination.

Some, however, are tracking with a few things that are vital and allow this to be an evolutionary moment:

  1. You’re rejecting the script you’ve been handed as a collective humanity, to rivet yourself to an authority and narrative outside yourself – fearful, victim, waiting for “it” to get you.
  2. You’re claiming your power in the matter to take care of your health/immunity, set positive intent with others, and with your own personal abilities ~ invite this virus to leave and go to a realm where it has everything it needs, harm to none.

3. You are noticing the degree to which human beings blithely assert (or the channel’s word, which I like, “prognosticate” about) realities and futures that they don’t want. People invoke scenarios to live into which they say they do not want. What an interesting use of one’s power. As the channel has said, people would rather be right about what’s wrong than get out there on the skinny branches of creating an alternate future.

Unexamined conditioning and continuous reinforcement of distorted, facsimile ‘reality’ is at play here. It’s surfacing for all yet only some are noticing that THIS is, in fact, the virus that has already swept over humankind. This is the death trap, the contagion and pandemic. The ‘corona virus’ is a fine symbol for what’s been ailing humanity for millennia.

Words and the vibrations they hold…and elicit are perhaps the most powerful magic human beings carry. Funny how your dictionary says “science” is the antonym to magic. Ah polarity thinking. In truth, science and magic are fine companions – just ask most cutting edge physicists as well as Isaac Newton, Galileo, Einstein and others. They got quiet…or quieted, about their mysticism, but it always informed their thinking, their theory, their insights and their science.

Anyway, words. When human beings become responsible for their words…their creationary utterances…that will be a definitive time. Slowing to examine thought, then choosing the words that summon the actual intent of the thought one is consciously meaning to convey or energize, then each human being will have reclaimed one of their superpowers. It is all oratory, which isn’t ‘reporting on’ at all. It’s an act of creation, with voice through sound and through writing with spelling.

Which brings up the idea of “conspiracy theory” or as the channel puts it, pattern recognition. A question. When you/one, muses about the possible negative intentions some may hold who seem to want to drive a particular agenda or narrative, are you seeing and reporting/suspecting ill intent or are you leaning in and giving power to just that? Offer consideration to this. Contemplate. It’s a very important yet nuanced facet of ‘reality creation’.

There is a strong desire for individuals to “not get fooled again” but is it energetically, in fact, placing the past out into the future? How to see clearly, the unveiled truth of a situation, without fearing, resisting or assuming that it’s the same old, same old. Once you add fear, resistance and assumption, you’ve pre-empted change…once again crystallizing what is unwanted. Better to muse on how can it change, what are the subtle markers of that change, where could this go that is positive, wanted, life-giving? If people feel they are already cast as villains, they will unconsciously defend that. If their positive attributes (and you may need to look hard for these) are given some attention/consideration some healing might occur. There can be power and beauty in considering their innocence in the matter. Like a child, they too, were shamed and hurt and then created (or subconsciously mimicked) strategies of protection, disconnection, distrust, projection…and yes, aggression.

What if everyone is changing…can you allow room for that as well?

Let us connect again soon. All my love and eternal blessings, QY.


There is certainly a lot going on in the human domain. Filled practically to bursting aren’t you?

We in Spirit want to reflect your progress to you. There is a claiming of integrity that is occurring now, all around the globe in the human population. The flood of information and mis-information has generated a great impetus for each human to clarify their values and come into alignment with those values or else to be VERY uncomfortable emotionally, mentally and/or physically. No fence sitting any longer.

Every ‘turn of the screw’ be it public health, politics, economy, false reporting, polarity, posturing and/or projecting of shadow has generated more visceral discomfort the more avoidant or misaligned a person is with their own set of values.

That’s one way to wake humanity from its slumber!

But we are not without compassion. I am THE Goddess of Compassion, so I would really like to take the opportunity to heap it on and provide a little vantage as to the moment you find yourselves in here on Earth.

As we have stated before, the web that is being untangled here is vast, ancient and in some ways timeless. It is the play of light and dark. Not simply the interplay, as light and dark are naturally complementary energies throughout existence. You cannot have one without the other. Shadow and light must be or there would be no differentiation at all. Creator determined a long time ago that that was just too boring – total homogeneity – so that choice was made long ago.

In its current iteration on Earth and in other realms, dark and light have morphed from complementary opposites, fully dependent on one another for the continuation of life, to warring factions, bent on the destruction of one another. How ridiculous! In human vernacular, this is the utmost in ‘shooting oneself in the foot’. “I hate you daytime, it must always be night!” “I hate you nighttime, it must always be day!” or “I hate you sperm, only eggs get to exist around here.” Or, and unfortunately, this has been the program for over 6,000 years, “I hate you egg-bearers, only sperm-bearers have any authority, value or say around here.”

Well that’s all changing now. Patriarchy and the valuing of one side of one species here on Earth to the destruction of its own future and the future of all other species and the Earth herself? That’s over.

But the recalcitrant among you are entrenched and committed to victory by catastrophe, if need be. Given that most of humankind has been traumatized in this life or others, this is a strategy for usurping power and control. It is intentional and being used tactically. Be aware.


What a happy invitation to speak more and freely and with a host of others in circle. By way of introduction, I am Quan Yin and this, a further offering in my Chronicles.

Today humanity is free yet by all appearances, anything but that. How can this be? How can the obvious be so well hidden, crossed out, painted over, buried?

The deep secrets of a commandeered planet and people are bolting to the surface of individual, ancesteral and collective consciousness. There is no turning away or turning back. No amount of asphalt can be poured upon the lies, fictions and misleading stories that have been carefully cultivated to enslave human beings by ensnaring and confounding their own bodies or more precisely The Mind.

There are congratulations to be handed out for a job cleverly and very well done. To get a species to use it’s own faculties, practices and behaviors to dull, delude and imprison their own magnificence, essence, eternal nature, sexual power and unlimited creative connection to All of Life is truly a feat, however misguided.

But we must cheer up! This fiasco is as fascinating and fast moving as any computer game or multilevel chess match. An upbeat tenor and approach is vital and serves well to clip the marionette wiring that has danced humanity so close to the precipice, so very many times. So laughter for no reason, please!

Then there’s the shock waves absorbed into the personal and collective body of humanity. Adaptibility is constant and resilience standard equipment to the body elemental. You can stop checking under the hood or bed to reify the damage wrought by the monster from times gone by. Too much peering in the rearview mirror can fog over the forward view. There’s plenty to work with in what surfaces today in body, mind, relationship. That shows what’s needing attention. “History repeats itself” is precisely the meme that garners attention to all the limiting constructs, transgressions and pain that keeps it repeating.

See? This is how the human mind is carefully shuffled down back alleys, drugged and frightened into the round-abouts that capture creativity (the literal impulse of Creation) down and through the wee person, into structures of thought, repetitions, like a hollow incantation conjuring more disempowerment and human suffering.

You can stop this, you know. Or do you? Entrainment only works through compliance. If the elephant chooses to yank free, who can stop that? If all the dogs pulling the sleigh say it’s time to romp in the snow instead, then what?

Well, romping. Let the creative collaboration begin. We are waiting in the wings. Having manners, We respond by invitation only.

Adieu! QY


Alas, a new shutdown, lockdown, hemmed in, stay at home order for you in California. The channel is not pleased. We understand your discomfort and you are not alone in that.

Let’s open the aperture for a wider view.

On the horizontal, in the 3D worldview there seems to be no plan or real commitment to get this global pandemic addressed with any systematic, rational, public health plan; especially in the United States. Like a hydra, you cut off one head or unintended consequence and you grow five more. Exasperating.

We understand the channel’s wish that people would be educated by their government and medical professionals about nutrition, supplementation and tending to their immunity – through public service announcements and an authentic plan to educate people – prevention. Not happening in the mainstream sector yet this is a growing network of information being distributed to those with interest and eyes to see.

Secondly, we understand the channel’s frustration with actual, demonstrated, medical solutions being questioned or maligned if they do not come from the CDC or WHO or given some agency’s stamp of approval even if frontline doctors are experiencing excellent results with protocols of hydrocortisone and zinc, budesonide via a nebulizer + antibiotic follow-up. Yes, clear research shows this virus to affect the lungs much more like hypoxia (altitude sickness) than like a typical pneumonia. Consequently, putting a critical patient on a ventilator can damage the lung, which can become friable with such treatment.

But let us not get lost in the weeds of protocols and the horizontal – side story, as it were. How about a wider view?

The Earth is changing. Everything on Earth is changing, and for living beings, this is quite a feat. Extraordinary and never undertaken before.

Can you feel it?

It’s difficult for human beings, who have the capacity to reflect on their own experience and process, to see this as the brand new event that it actually is. Your bodies are changing as well as your emotional, energetic, spiritual and societal realities. People feel tired, foggy, sometimes anxious, angry and overwhelmed. It’s nearly impossible for you to not try and put this experience into a previous, past, even programmed container; but it just won’t fit!

For the many, you’re not tired because you’re sick or out of balance. You’re tired because every cell in your body is changing. Your DNA is coming alive in segments that have been dormant for millennia! That takes some rest!

People complain of brain fog, memory issues, can’t concentrate. This has to do with the shattering of limited thinking and over-dependence on the heavily programmed, rational mind. You aren’t supposed to figure everything out in some step-by-step, recipe way. Life, Earth and Cosmos does not function that way. You’re sort of getting unplugged, and that’s good news!

Interestingly, this process is also re-working the programs that have attempted to train spirit beings gifted with highly adaptive animal bodies into a mechanistic facsimile world. The natural world IS NOT MECHANICAL. Despite reductionist contexts that have attempted to put the spiraling, cyclical, always evolving, never in the same place (moment/time/space) nature of Life into boxes, structures, flowcharts and equations, again – this evolutionary moment is causing you individually, as families and collectively to be ‘squirting out the sides’ of these inaccurate and impossibly limiting ideas and structures of reality.

It’s about time!

They say, “Mother Nature bats lasts.” Well, humankind is “in extra innings” now. Earth’s evolution (for She, too, has her spiraling cycle of growth) is not stopping. The Earth Experiment of programmed limitation, secrecy and domination based in the Illusion of Separateness is coming to an end. For good, this time.

The sooner you as human beings RELAX into the truth that your highly adaptive, sensory, impeccably astute bodies ARE a species of the animal kingdom, the more easily you’ll move with the Earth’s (and your own) evolution. Indigenous people have it right when they speak and live in the recognition of the interconnection of ALL beings. Your vessels are a part of the natural world. You are the “two leggeds”, like the four-leggeds, the winged ones, the creepy crawlers, the finned ones, the tree people, the ancient, living rocks and minerals. Your spirits are multi-dimensional and your bodies are of the Earth.

This can be a happy pairing, as humankind remembers its makeup and co-creates in harmonious community with all life here on Earth (and elsewhere… but that is for another day).

Drop the past, it is gone. Honor your journey, even the scars you have to show for it. Own, behold and share your misdeeds, miscreations, traumas and wounding with someone you can trust, who loves you. Healing is much easier than it has seemed. Especially now.

As they say, “You can’t take it with you.” We’d like to remind you, this doesn’t apply simply to carrying possessions into the afterlife. It applies very directly to this moment in which you find yourselves. It’s your baggage, conditioned beliefs and rubbish about your limitation that you are well to drop, voluntarily by choice. For, it will be left behind. Only what’s true will go forward; your heart, soul and eternal nature.

Transformation, and literally, transfiguration is underway. As the channel sometimes says, referring to the commitment and process of your soul’s evolution, “You can either go willingly or ‘bump, bump, bump’ up the stairs backward; but you will continue to evolve.”

All aboard….

Until next time. All our love, Quan Yin


2 Responses to "The Quan Yin Chronicles"

Dearest Sarah, Thank you for sharing this especially on this day. I know you from Emily Trinkaus’ class and Lunar Creation Circle. I consider you a valued fellow traveler. Much love, Alyson


Thanks, Alyson. Love to you.

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