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Superheroes, One and All

Posted on: April 9, 2022

Sarah McCroskey ©2022

While noticing that much of popular culture has become increasingly animated with and consumed by superheroes, I somehow morphed from highly agitated – as in “What, are we all latency age kids now?” to a kinder, wider view of my species and its inner needs.

Perhaps it is not a wholesale fleeing from prescribed reality, which is, in fact, an inverted facsimile of the natural world – an actual simulation, but it is the greater Self, our souls, flashing forth the truth of our nature – quantum beings, interconnected to all energy and consciousness everywhere, eternal, unlimited… “Yeah, baby, YOU ARE a superhero!”

So when the beautiful Scarlett Johansson dons a slick suit and blasts light and terrific power from her fingertips as The Fabulous Whoever SheRo, why not climb in quietly to that role model? She’s trim, well-manicured and vastly more hot in leather and stilettos than I, but in fact, she’s a made up version, while the rest of us are the real thing.

So show me the beyond possible, well lit with green screen wonders and high voltage special effects. Tell me the tale of a little nobody person who, when sufficiently pissed off, transforms to a Quantum Bad Ass mopping up the villains and nincompoops. Engage me in a story line that catapults my daily drugged and deluged homo sapien sapien entourage into evolutionary phenoms for which there is no artificial, mechanical match – no matter the tech gadgetry employed.

After all, it is our brains and their ability to receive, track and act upon streams of consciousness and data that provide the exquisite prototype upon which every computer is built – but will never compete.

“Go within,” spaketh Yoda.

“You’ve had the power all along,” Glinda the Good Witch nods gently.

“You’re a f*cking superhero, already,” say I.

We All are.


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