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HumanSpirit Radio Networks latest broadcast series, Pioneers of the New Earth with Sarah McCroskey aired on (July-Aug. 2020).

depthDeppEpisode 4: August 28, 2020 Showing Up in The Depths. True Living is not a spectator sport. What if showing up in the depths is precisely the collective and individual karmic ju-jitsu we all really need? What if our societal programming, of hiding out or radio-silence when we are highly emotional, when we havehidden-depths-dark-purple-quote_a-G-7939875-0 no sense of what, why or wherefore, is exactly what keeps the social conditioning of shaming our depths…feeling our feelings in place? What if our deep feeling nature is the thing that’s the most right about us? LISTEN


Episode 3: August 14, 2020 Interpretation: The Seat of Personal Power with Guest, Fred Burks, Executive Director of the PEERS Network of websites providing thorough research and well sourced documentation, on topics ranging from major cover-ups to the finest examples of human potential, community and courage. LISTEN

Episode 2: July 31, 2020 Growing Our Emotional Body. Our culture doesn’t hold much room for the emotional body. It is fe7689f6-c7e9-4cbc-a19d-2a7082532302considered a primary human frailty or a source of reactivity and destruction. Consequently we have been left to navigate our untamable emotional body with little respect or understanding for it’s nature. Cloaking this inevitable quality of human existence in shame muffles a fundamental source of vitality, personal power and connection. It also silences our own sacred shit-detector. In this episode we explore the emotional body with the reverence and compassion it deserves. LISTEN

Episode 1: July 17, 2020
The Parable of Sophia, distinction between the mechanical/facsimile and Divine-Sophia_647x300the natural worlds, shedding social conditioning, returning to body’s connection to Earth, Source/Soul into Body and Earth, accessing the frequency bands of The New Earth and practicing conscious access to (ever present) parallel realities through intention and subtle sensing. LISTEN


Additional Archived Content

HumanSpirit Radio broadcasts with Sarah McCroskey played on News for the Soul Network from March 2018-September 2019.

Enjoy a deep dive into the archives of our previous shows (2010-15) available FREE via BlogTalk Radio.

Afterlife bookcover

September 27, 2019, Afterlife with BarryEatonauthor, radio and TV personality, astrologer and medium, Barry Eaton of re. his extensive research and direct experience with the afterlife. Listen via Soundcloud.


Barry’s latest book, Past Lives Unveiled


dispelling Wetiko coverlitesmall

Paul Levy

August 23, 2019 (from the HSRN archives) Dispelling Wetiko – Breaking the Curse of Evil with Guest Paul Levy via Soundcloud.


Paul Levy and Sting

“The world would be a better place if everyone read this book.” – Sting




July 26, 2019 The Inward Path – A Toltec Journey to Wholeness with Guest Jai Cross via Soundcloud.




June 28, 2019 (from the HSRN archives) The One Thing Holding You Back – Emotional Connection with Guest Raphael Cushnir via Soundcloud



May 24, 2019 Holistic Sex Ed for the 21st Century, with Holistic Sexuality and Sensual Empowerment Coach, Kamala Leslie via Soundcloud.KamalaLeslieSaltLake



wtfbookcoverApril 26, 2019 Food is Medicine with Roberto Tostado, MD, author of WTF* is Wrong with Our Health via Soundcloud.

*what the food


francisrico2017March 22, 2019 Deep Beauty with Francis Rico via Soundcloud.54362931_10156416009379117_3122640145602314240_n ________________________________________________________________________________

PatriciaCota-Robles smallest

February 22, 2019 (from the archives Nov.2014) Self Love with Patricia Cota-Robles via Soundcloud.self-love-exercise



January 25, 2019 Quantum Consciousness and the Quantum Consciousness Experience with Guest, Peter Smith via Soundcloud.


ChristopherLifedsmallDecember 28, 2018 with Guest, Christopher Life via Soundcloud.onenation


OppositesInteractNovember 23, 2018 “Beyond the Myth of Polarity” with Sarah McCroskey via Soundcloud. Article (as blog post “Beyond the Myth of Polarity”) here.


jamiejanover   readings-channelling-simply-energetic1

October 26, 2018: “Tapping Zero Point Energy ~ Unleashing the Future” Part 2 with Jamie Janover of The Resonance Science Foundation via Soundcloud.

March 2013 interview with Jamie Janover “The Unified Field for Real”


September 28 2018: “Tapping Zero Point Energy ~ Unleashing the Future” Part 1 with Moray B. King via YouTube: “Tapping Zero Point Energy ~ Unleashing the Future” Part 1

Moray-B-KING-150x150  waterthekey
Link to purchase Moray B. King books via Amazon


Aug 24, 2018 Chemtrails/Geoengineering plus Workarounds with Patrick Roddie 

patrickroddie      logo-250

downloadable mp3:


Simon-VorsterraisingvibrationsblackbkgrdJuly 27, 2018 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with Evolutionary Astrologer, Simon Vorster 


downloadable mp3:


summersolsticeottawasolsticesunflower Ania Archer

June 22, 2018 “Solstice: Light in Action Healing What Runs Us and is Mirrored in Our World” Talk and Solstice Ritual (this is a YouTube link) or News for the Soul as a downloadable mp3:



thMay 25, 2018 “Riding Changing Energies” with Guest, Astrologer Linda Masterson


cube octahedron vector equilibrium

April 27 2018 – Sarah McCroskey “Remembering the Big Picture”



Sarah McCroskey

3/23/18 HSR with Sarah McCroskey – Interviewed by NFTS Founder, Nicole Whitney

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Archived Broadcasts

APRIL 2010-MARCH 2015


Enjoy a deep dive into the archives of our previous shows (2010-15) available FREE via BlogTalk Radio.

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Founder / Host: Sarah McCroskey

Human Spirit Radio w/Sarah McCroskey

 Find Episode Number Below, then LISTEN HERE

January 16, 2015: Episode #211 “Shanti & the Magic Mandala” with author FT Camargo

December 19, 2014: Episode #208 Solstice and Square Dance with Astrologer, Linda Masterson

November 21, 2014: Episode #203 Self Love is Key with PatriciaCota-Robles smallestPatricia Cota-Robles

September 19, 2014: Episode #194 Transmuting Energies/Creating Workarounds

August 15, 2014: Episode #187: Your Body on WiFi   ARTICLE

paul chappellsmallJuly 18, 2014: Episode #183: Waging Peace w/Paul K.Chappell

June 20, 2014: Episode #179: Summer Solstice Galactivation w/Emily Trinkaus and Katie Todd

May 16, 2014: Episode #174: Original Wave & Regenesis w/Madalyn Suozzo

April 18, 2014: Episode #170 Community + Acupuncture – Fostering Communityand Modeling Affordable Healthcare w/Tatyana Ryevzina

Raphael Cushnir

Raphael Cushnir

March 21, 2014: Episode #166 Emotional Connection w/Raphael Cushnir

February 21, 2014: Episode #161 Fully Meeting The Year of the Horse with Astrologer Mark Borax

January 17, 2014: Episode #156 Ancient Sounds/Modern Healing with Jill Mattson

December 20, 2013: Episode #151 WeDefining Reality / Solstice Alive

Linda Masterson

November 15, 2013: Episode #144 Humanity’s Eye of the Needle with Linda Masterson

October 18, 2013: Episode #139 Coming Home to Lilith/Lessons from a Dominant Wrist Break

Author Paul Levy

Author Paul Levy

September 20, 2013: Episode #133 Autumn Equinox Equilibrium in Action

August 16, 2013: Episode #128 Breaking the Curse of Evil with guest Paul Levy

July 19, 2013: Episode #123 Facing the Void with guest Lisa Raphael

June 21, 2013: Episode #118  Guest Host – Richard Olson interviews Sound Healer Jill Mattson

Hordur Torfasson

Hordur Torfason

May 17, 2013: Episode #114  Interview w/Hordur Torfason ~ “The Man Behind the Icelandic Revolution

April 19, 2013:  Episode 110 “Nonviolence ~ Philosophy in Action, Consciously Engaging Our Humanity.  Resources:  Waging Nonviolent Struggle 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential by Gene Sharp and The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford.

Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover

March 15, 2013: Episode 106 “The Unified Field for Real” w/Jamie Janover from The Resonance Project

Swami Beyondananda

Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda

February 15, 2013: Episode 102 “You and Me ~ Beyond the Wall”

January 18, 2013: Episode 98 Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda

2012 Broadcasts (Unfortunately audio for shows prior to July 2012 are no longer available.)

Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey

December 21: Episode 94 Winter Solstice 2012 Ceremony

November 16: Episode 90 with Guest, Caroline Casey

October 19: Episode 86  Interview with Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen

September 21: Episode 81  Our Bones~The Literal Side to Structural Balance

August 17: Episode 73 Restoring Inner Authority & Conscious Structure

July 20: Episode 66 Composting the “Inevitables” Reclaiming Truth & Energy

June 15: Episode 57  Interview with Jai Cross

May 18: Episode 52 Beyond the Myth of Polarity

Read Sarah’s Article on this subject  Both/And Beyond the Myth of Polarity

Emily Trinkaus

Emily Trinkaus

April 20: Episode 45  Interview w/Astrologer Emily Trinkaus

March 16: Episode 38 Scaling the Walls Within  LISTEN

February 17:  Episode 31  The Artful Dance of “Being in It but Not of It”

January 20, 2012  Episode 25:  When Creator Says “Punt!”

Host: Marja West

Waking Gods and Goddesses:

Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life with Marja West

Katherine Buckalew

Katherine Buckalew

January 2, 2015: Episode #210 New Series begins based on Marja’s book F’d Wide Open

December 5, 2014: Episode #205 “The Year of Abrupt Grace”

November 7, 2014: Episode #200 Truth Connection with Katherine Buckalew

Rashmi Khilnani

Rashmi Khilnani

October 3, 2014: Episode #196 More Deep Dark Goddess Talk w/Rashmi Khilnan

September 5, 2014: Episode#190 Spilt Milk with Mater X

August 1, 2014: Episode #185 Freeform with Jessica McKay

Mater X

Mater X

July 4, 2014: No broadcast.

June 6, 2014: Episode #176 Extricating Ourselves from the Culture of Domination w/Angela Watrous

May 2, 2014: Episode #172 The Ins and Outs of Polyamory w/Amanda Elo’esh

April 4, 2014: Episode #168  Yoni and Phallus — Sword and Chalice: An Energy Medicine Healing Ritual Dissolving Sexual Trauma of the Divine Feminine and Masculine  

March 7, 2014: Episode #163 Thriving in Intimacy w/Private Matters TV host, Max J. Van Praag

February 7, 2014: Episode #158 Orgasmic Birthing/Ecstatic Living w/guest Amber Hartnell

January 3, 2014: Episode #153 Artivista & Shamanic Healer, MamaCoatl

December 6, 2013: Episode #148 The “What Happens If I…” Book
How to Make Action/Reaction Work for You Instead of Against You
w/Betsy Otter Thompson

Fred Burks

Fred Burks

November 1, 2013: Episode #141 Walking and Talking Love, Truth & Beauty w/Conscious Whistleblower Fred Burks

October 4, 2013: Episode #135 Deep Dark Goddess Talk w/Rashmi Khilnani

September 6, 2013: Episode #131 “Sound Healing” with Samantha Glenn and Dara Roberts

August 2, 2013: Episode #125 “Connective Communication” with Yogi Ramadin

July 5, 2013 Episode 120 “Satanic Ritual Abuse—Healing, Recovery & Empowerment with Jay Parker” 

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

June 7, 2013 Episode 116 “Interview w/Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

May 3, 2013 Episode 112  “What if Giving In Made You Strong?” PowerTrance with Dr. B

April 5, 2013  Episode 108 “Awakened Modern Love: A New Template for Awakened Sacred Partnership”

March 1, 2013 Episode 104 “The Awakened Masculine”

February 1, 2013 Episode 100 “Mastering Manifestation – The Nature of Creativity and How to Wield It”

January 4, 2013 Episode 96 “The Nature of Reality”

2012 Broadcasts ((Unfortunately audio for shows prior to July 2012 are no longer available.)

December 7: Episode 92 Healing Shame

November 2: Episode 88 Audio Archives

October 5: Episode 84  Audio Archives

September 7: Episode 77 Audio Archives

August 3: Episode 69 Audio Archives

July 6:  Episode 62 Audio Archives

June 1: Episode 54 Eroticism & Sexual Fantasies: Our Attractions, Repulsions, Perversions and Indifference as Gateways to Awakening

May 4: Episode 47  The Marriage of Spirit – Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Within

April 6: Episode 41 The Conscious Masculine – Forgiving Sins of the Father, Embodying the Divine Masculine Within

March 2: Episode 34 The Conscious Feminine—Forgiving Sins of the Mother, Embodying the Divine Feminine Within

February 3:  Episode 28  Healing the Pain-Body of the Collective Feminine and Masculine  A live collective Absolute Balanced Mastery™ healing journey dissolving our historical-energetic imprinting from our cellular memory.

January 6, 2012  Episode 22:  Audio Archives


Jessica McKay

Host: Jessica McKay

You’re ALREADY Psychic!

~ Tools to Strengthen Your Intuition, Follow Your Divine Guidance and Live a Joy-Filled Life

with Jessica Gabrielle McKay

Francis Rico Hayhurst

Francis Rico Hayhurst

January 21, 2015: Episode #211: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Egypt & The Mysteries of the Sphinx w/John Anthony West

December 17, 2014: Episode #207: Enlightenment is Easy, and Suffering is Optional w/Francis Rico Hayhurst

November 19, 2014: Episode #202 Trusting Your Inner Knowing w/Regina Cates

Regina Cates

Regina Cates

October 15, 2014: Episode #198 Angels and Askfirmations with Chris Alexandria

September 17, 2014: Episode #193 The Colorful World of Chakras

August 20, 2014: Episode #188 “Awakening from Grief” w/John E. Welshons

July 16, 2014: Episode #182

Dr. Lauren Cielo

Dr. Lauren Cielo

June 18, 2014: Episode #178 with Guest Dr. Lauren Cielo

John Welshons

John Welshons

(Jessica took a brief haitus in April/May 2014)

March 19, 2014: Episode #165 with Guest Rich Braconi

February 19, 2014: Episode #160 Empathic Sensitivity – Clearing Your Energy

January 15, 2014: Episode #155  Tarot Cards

December 18, 2013: Episode #150 Connect with Your Angels and Guides

November 20, 2013: Episode #145 What Kind of Psychic are You?

October 16, 2013: Episode #138  Introduction to Series w/Guest and Toltec Master Allan Hardman


Host: Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen

The Conscious Evolution of the Divine Feminine Archetypes w/Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen

January 23, 2015: New Series “Stories of the Sacred Feminine Archetypes Episode #213 “Stories of the Great Mother”

December 26, 2014: Episode #209

November 28, 2014: Episode #204 Queen of Death Archetype – Seeing Beyond the Veil

October 24, 2014: Episode #199 Spider Woman – Dream Weaver Archetype

September 26, 2014: Episode #195 The Crone – Ancient Future Wisdom and Healing Ways

August 22, 2014: Episode #189 The Initiatress

July 25, 2014: Episode #184 The Primal Goddess Archetype: fueling the ecstatic journey

June 27, 2014: Episode #180 The Goddess of Love, Living Agape

May 23, 2014: Episode #175  The Muse

April 25, 2014: Episode #171 The Lady of Communion Archetype: Re-membering all our relation

March 28, 2014: Episode #167 The Creator*Preserver*Destroyer Archetype: Honoring the Cycles of Life

February 28, 2014: Episode #162 The Conscious Evolution of the Priestess Archetype: Embodying Empty Presence

January 24, 2014: Episode #157  The Goddess of Compassion

December 27, 2013: Episode #152 The Conscious Evolution of the Great Mother Archetype: Embodying Sustainable Nurturance  

November 22, 2013: Episode #146 Introduction to New Series – The Conscious Evolution of the Divine Feminine Archetypes


Emerging Divine Feminine Empowerment Series: Archetypes of Renewal for Women and Curious Men

October 25, 2013: Episode #140 Series Completion

September 27, 2013: Episode 134 Queen of Death

August 23, 2013: Episode 129 Grandmother Spider – Spinning Dreams into Reality

July 26, 2013: Episode 124 The Crone: Shamanic Healing

June 28,2013: Episode 119  The Initatrix: Courageously wielding the Sword of Truth for ourselves & a healing planet

May 24, 2013: Episode 115  The Primal Goddess: Serpents, Copper & Wolf medicine for awakening the Primal Spirit

April 26, 2013: Episode 111 Goddess of Love

March 22, 2013: Episode 107 The Muse

February 22, 2013: Episode 103 The Protectress: Personal Empowerment through the Balance of Masculine & Feminine Within, Attuning with Nature, Activating Personal Sovereignty

January 25, 2013: Episode 99 The Triple Goddess of Birth, Life & Death: Facing Fears, Embracing Change (“Chaos”) & Releasing Illusions of the Ego  

2012 Broadcasts (Unfortunately audio for shows prior to July 2012 are no longer available.)

December 28: Episode 95 The Priestess: Strengthening Intuition, Learning to Divine, and Presencing Beauty

November 23: Episode 91  The Goddess of Compassion: Radical Forgiveness, Clearing Karmic Debt & Liberating the Indigenous Soul

October 26: Episode 87  The Great Mother: Healing the Earth & Healing our Wombs: A look at the Blood Mysteries, Womb Honoring & How to Tap into our Innate Wisdom



Whole and Balanced ~ Energy Medicine and Your Health

Sarah McCroskey

Host: Sarah McCroskey

January 31, 2015: Episode #214 What is Energy Medicine, How Does it Work, How does the Body Communicate?  LISTEN  Related article: Healing the

Pain Body



Jai Cross

Jai Cross

The Seven Sacred Directions with Jai Cross

December 12, 2014: Episode #206 Living as Sacred Dreaming  VIEW VIDEO

November 14, 2014: Episode #201 Developing Sacred Power VIEW VIDEO

October 10, 2014: Episode #197 Cultivating Sacred Passion  VIEW VIDEO

September 12, 2014: Episode #191 Establishing Sacred Connection    VIEW VIDEO

August 8, 2014: Episode #186 Creating Sacred Space   VIEW VIDEO

July 11, 2014: Episode #181 Rooting into Sacred Time   VIEW VIDEO

June 13, 2014: Episode #177 Honoring Father Sky and Source on iTunes

May 9, 2014: Episode #173 “The Seven Sacred Directions” Honoring Mother Earth


April 11, 2014: Episode #169 “The Seven Sacred Directions” Earth and North    VIEW VIDEO

March 14, 2014: Episode #164 “The Seven Sacred Directions” Water and West


February 14, 2014: Episode #159 “The Seven Sacred Directions” Fire and South


January 10, 2014: Episode #154 “The Seven Sacred Directions” Air and East         VIEW VIDEO



December 13, 2013: Episode #149 Exploring the Chakras – The Brow and Crown Chakras

November 8, 2013: Episode #143 Exploring the Chakras – 5th Chakra Expressing through the Throat Chakra

October 11, 2013: Episode #137 Exploring the Chakras – 4th Chakra

September 13, 2013: Episode #132 Exploring the Chakras – 3rd Chakra

August 9, 2013: Episode #127 Exploring the Chakras – 2nd Chakra

July 12, 2013: Episode #122 Exploring the Chakras – Root Chakra

June 14, 2013: Episode #117 Conscious Embodiment – Incarnate Integration

May 10, 2013: Episode #113 Conscious Embodiment – Embracing Our Energetic Bodies

April 12, 2013:  Episode 109  Conscious Embodiment – Honoring Our Physicality

March 8, 2013: Episode 105 Conscious Embodiment – Emotions in Motion

February 8, 2013: Episode 101 Conscious Embodiment – Truth Vs. Lies  LISTEN

January 11, 2013:  Episode 97 Conscious Embodiment – Mind as Ally

2012 Broadcasts (Unfortunately audio for shows prior to July 2012 are no longer available.)

December 14:  Episode 93 Connecting with Spirit

November 9: Episode 89  Embracing Responsibility

October 12: Episode 85 Purposeful Personal Power

September 14: Episode 79  The Power of Intention

August 10: Episode 71 Moving Beyond Self Punishment

July 13 Episode Beliefs


Davin Infinity

Davin Infinity

Creative Energy: The Heroic Mythos of a New Humanity

(Broadcasts June – December 2013)

December 1, 2013: Episode #147 Stories and Creations: The Future through the Lens of Imagination and Innovation w/Andros Sturgeon  

November 3, 2013: Episode #142 Creative Brilliance in Career w/Michelle James

October 6, 2013: Episode #136 Daily Practices From Simplicity to Heroic Creativity w/guests

Eka Joyi and David Beaudry

Sept. 1, 2013: Episode #130 The New Creative Human Renaissance with guest Harlan Wood

Aug. 4, 2013: Episode #126 Conscious Evolution and Co-Creation with guest Shiloh Boss LISTEN

July 7, 2013: Episode #121 Imagination, Creativity, Innovation – the Modern Heroes Journey with guest Griffen Kal-El  


Living in Conscious Relationship ~ A Conversation in the Truth with Allan Hardman

(Broadcasts Jan-September 2012)

(Unfortunately audio for shows prior to July 2012 are no longer available.)

September 30: Episode 83  Allan’s Last Broadcast for 2012
Going Deep with Allan’s Five Agreements for the New Relationship.  Agreement #5: True Happiness Comes from Accepting the Universe as it is.

September 23: Episode 82 Going Deep with Allan’s Five Agreements for the New Relationship.  Agreement #4: The Truth is more important than the outcome of your relationship.

September 16: Episode 80 Going Deep with Allan’s Five Agreements for the New Relationship. Agreement #3: You are whole and complete within yourself.

September 9: Episode 78 Going Deep with Allan’s Five Agreements for the New Relationship.  Agreement #2: You are not responsible for other people’s emotional reactions to your reality.

September 2: Episode 76 Going Deep with Allan’s Five Agreements for the New Relationship.  Agreement #1: Your are the Source of Love in Your Life

August 26: Episode 75 The Four Agreements in Conscious Relationships #4 – Do Your Best

August 19: Episode 74 The Four Agreements in Conscious Relationships #3 – Assumptions

August 12: Episode 72 The Four Agreements in Conscious Relationships #2 – Don’t Take Anything Personally

August 5: Episode 70 The Four Agreements in Conscious Relationships #1 – Always Be Impeccable with Your Word

July 29: Episode 68 Allan’s New Relationship Agreement #3: You are whole and complete within yourself

July 22: Episode 67  5 Ways to Avoid Intimacy

July 15: REDO – Episode 64 Taking Things Personally

July 8:  Episode 63  Relationship Issues – Taking Things Personally  (technical difficulties w/Allan’s audio…rebroadcast will be July 15)

July 1:  Episode 61  The Impotent Hero

June 24: Episode 60

June 17: Episode 58 Relationship Issues – True Love

June 10: Episode 56  Relationship Issues – Abandonment and Betrayal

June 3: Episode 55  Believing our Perfection

May 20: Episode 53 Relationship Issues – Drifting Apart

May 13: Episode 49 Relationship Issues – Monogamy Part 2

May 6: Episode 48 Relationship Issues – Sex, The Biggest Demon in Hell

April 29: Episode 46 Relationship Issues – Monogamy

April 15: Episode 43 Relationship Issues – Emotional Intimacy

April 8: Episode 42 Relationship Issues – Forgiveness

April 1:  Episode 40 Relationship Issues – Anger

March 25: Episode 39 Relationship Issues – Jealousy

March 11: Episode 36 The Children Within Part 2

March 4: Episode 35  Active Self Acceptance

February 26: Episode 33  No Success, No Failure

February 19:  Episode 32  The World’s Greatest Lover

February 12:  Episode 30  Believing Your Perfection

February 5:  Episode 29  The Super Bowl of Love  LISTEN

January 29:  Episode 27  The Judge  LISTEN

January 22:  Episode 26  You Don’t Have to Bargain for Love LISTEN

January 15:   Episode 24   The Children Within  LISTEN

January 8, 2012:   Episode 23  Audio Archives  LISTEN

Mark Naea


Awake Now: Conscious Modalities in Healing and Self-Realization with Mark Naea

  June 21 Episode 59: Standing in the Face of Impossible Odds – How Source Can and Will      Make a Way for You  LISTEN

  March 15  Episode 37: Intuition  LISTEN


HumanSpirit Radio w/Sarah McCroskey

(Unfortunately audio for shows prior to July 2012 are no longer available.)

December 16, 2011

Episode 21:  Audio Archives

The Intenders of the Highest Good with Tony Burroughs

Tony Burroughs

Author, storyteller, speaker and community-maker, Tony Burroughs is the co-founder of The Intenders of the Highest Good. Providing a fresh, new and inspirational voice, Tony’s work as a self-empowerment advocate & community-maker holds a clear message ~ that we are extremely powerful beings who are capable of much more than we have ever imagined.

Bridging the gap between the mainstream and the magical, The Intenders of the Highest Good is an intentional community dedicated to achieving the highest potential of the individual and of the community. There are more than 400 Intenders Circles in 15 countries around the world.

We talked with Tony about his living vision for the Earth, and how best to harness the power of intention in these accelerated times – to consciously invoke the dreams we truly hold highest for ourselves, our families and our world.

Our discussion with Tony was exciting, fun-filled and thought provoking. His personal experiences never fail to inspire and uplift. He is one the great storytellers of our time.

To order Tony’s books or to

Find (or create) an Intender’s Circle,

visit Tony’s website:


November 18, 2011

Episode 20:  Audio Archives

The Lemurian Codex Healing Modality with Mark Naea

Mark Naea

“Awaken Now to All that You Are”

A paradigm of infinite possibilities has been, and continues to be unveiled. Much of the information revealed has been embodied in a series of courses on new perceptions and horizons. It is an uncharted view to the infinite possibilities within each of us. Having moved through several iterations of revelation, Mark’s work has chosen to be conveyed as the wisdom of the Highest Service: a Healing Modality.

The newly unveiled Lemurian Codex Healing Modality is a new and exciting tool for everyone, especially holistic healers and counselors of all vocations. It will literally take each of us not just to another level, but to several levels beyond in our service.

The Lemurian Codex Healing Modality is part of the Grand Shift that is happening world wide. It not only assists in the ascension process, but is also a guide and compass pointing the way.

Visit Mark’s website for a FREE Introduction

plus the Profound Images of the Lemurian Codices of Awakening


(Unfortunately audio for shows prior to July 2012 are no longer available.)

October 21, 2011

Episode 19:  Audio Archives

Awakening Divine Feminine Wisdom with Marja West

Marja West is a (non-guru lineage) spiritual teacher, mentoring today’s men and women—the Heart-Based New Humanity—with practical tools to dissolve their rage, blame and mistrust of the Feminine so they can live spiritually wide awake from a place of openness, balance and enjoyment while gracefully navigating the ups and downs of life unfolding—mastering the masculine-feminine energies within, engaging all seven senses, embodying Divine Wisdom, and the Sensual Life.

She is the originator of Absolute Balanced Mastery—an energy medicine healing technology that’s been around since 1988 that aligns mind, heart, and body with the Divine.  She is also a master healer, writer, yogini, lover of nature & laughter; devotional-singer-songwriter-musician-multi-instrumentalist, dancer, performer & old school rocker; inspirational speaker, minister, geeky-haute-coutured-über-sis-STAR, semi-wrathful dakini:-)

Her first book, Love, Now: Untying the Knot—The Heart-Based New Humanity Awakens is near publication and has received numerous endorsements from spiritual icons like Marci Shimoff of The Secret, and Gary Gach, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism.


MARJA’S NEW Monthly Healing Circle:

“Sky-Dancing for Undefended Lovers”

Email her at  if  you’re interested…


September 16, 2011

Episode 18:  Audio Archives

Ancient and New Technologies:  Exploring the Synergy of Art, Science and Spiritual Practice with Kirby Seid

Kirby Seid is a teacher of crystal workshops with an emphasis on metaphysical application.  An entrepreneur for

Kirby Seid

25 years, Kirby has been crossing the globe in search of fine minerals, fossils, crystals and artifacts; providing them to museums, collectors, spiritual teachers and shaman.
He connects with different artists, Shaman, healers and teachers to produce sacred artifacts and tools for their spiritual practices.

Ancient Technologies: The Light Labyrinth Project and The Holotope
Kirby is the founder of Ancient Technologies, a business and laboratory dedicated the advancement of the “Light Labyrinth Project” and The Holotope.  Both were created in collaboration with other artists and teachers formally from Apple Computer and the Exploritorium in San Francisco.

The Light Labyrinth is an application of quartz crystals with resonant light fields and sound. Combining these resonant qualities with human consciousness, profound states of self-awareness are achieved.  The Holotope uses frequencies of color, strobing light, sound and universal geometry to reach an awareness of higher or expanded dimensions.

Crystal Skulls

Along with Michele Jesse Norcerino, Kirby also facilitates presentations and workshops with ShaNaRa, an ancient crystal skull discovered in 1995 in Central Mexico by F.R.Nick Nocerino.  Specific lectures and presentations include topics related to contemporary crystal skulls, ancient crystal skulls and artifacts, as well as the physics and metaphysics of light and crystals.  Kirby continues to have different styles of both contemporary and ancient styles of crystal skulls carved for collectors.

Through experiential workshops across the country, Kirby is dedicated to teaching people about new technologies combined with ancient tools for the exploration of consciousness through beauty and co-creation.  Experiencing non-ordinary states with the Light Labyrinth and Holotope technologies, Kirby facilitates a direct experience of the synergy of art, science, and spiritual practice.

Kirby has studied metaphysics, shamanism, and music for many years, with a degree in humanistic psychology from UC Santa Cruz. He is currently engaged in a masters degree program in Intuitional Medicine, and continues his Shamanic practice and studies.

Contact:  or   (510) 233-6251


August 19, 2011

Episode 17:  Audio Archives

New Energetic Healing with Cheryl Andersen

The Stress Soul-ution/The Yuen Method

Cheryl Andersen

Founder of New Energetic Healing, Cheryl Andersen is a certified practitioner/teacher of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and she has taught all levels of the Yuen Method around the country. Cheryl holds a Masters Degree in Humanities and Leadership and has expertise in promotion and enrollment; she promoted Dr. Kam Yuen, creator of the Yuen Method, in the S.F. Bay area where she currently resides. 

Upcoming Stress Solution Workshop via Teleclass

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9 – 11:30 a.m.

$25 discount for HSR Listeners

Register Now


July 15, 2011

Episode 16 Audio Archive here

Asandra Lamb

Contact Your Spirit Guides – A Conversation with Artist, Writer and Channel Asandra Lamb

For the past 27 years, Asandra has worked professionally as a full-trance Channel, and has an international clientele. She channels Master Spirit Teachers exclusively with a focus on assisting individuals in the fulfillment of their souls’ highest journey.  Asandra’s paintings reflect her spirituality through vibrant color and symbolic imagery. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Washington, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, and California. Her artwork hangs in numerous hotel chains throughout the USA including Marriott and The Omni. She is included in the book, “Miami Contemporary Artists” (Schiffer).   Asandra has contributed to “More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul” by Ariell Ford (Plume), and “South Beach Architectural Photographs” (Schiffer), and is the Spiritual Guidance Examiner for National.   Her newest book, “Contact Your Spirit Guides”, was just released from Schiffer Publishing, (Spring 2011).  For more information about Asandra’s new book  To check out Asandra’s artwork     For a channeled session with your Spirit Guides

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June 17, 2011

Episode 15  Audio Archive here

Conscious Relationship

A Conversation with Author, teacher, relationship coach, and Toltec Master Allan Hardman

 Allan trained for ten years with don Miguel Ruiz, in the tradition of The Four Agreements™. His more than 20 years of experience with emotional healing and spiritual coaching makes him expert at revealing and healing the hidden agreements and belief systems that limit and sabotage peoples’ lives—and freeing them to be all they can be. Allan’s love, piercing insight, and humor, create a powerful and safe environment for his students and clients to grow and transform.

Allan is the author of many articles about his passion, “Conscious Relationship” as well as The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book, and co-author of two books with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Caroline Myss, and others. He teaches from Sonoma County, CA, in the summer and in Chacala, Nayarít, Mexico from November thru April.  Allan guides Journeys of the Spirit to the Toltec Pyramids at Teotihuacán, Mexico, and hosts winter retreats at his tropical beach home in Chacala.

For Books, CDs, Articles, Upcoming Events (including Journeys of the Spirit to Teotihuacán) visit: 


May 20, 2011

Episode 14  Audio Archive  here

Lee Glickstein

Lee Glickstein – Founder and President of Speaking Circles International speaks about the power of “Relational Presence.”

Speaking Circles® programs transform the way people communicate by focusing on the essential first step missing in conventional public speaking trainings — the connection between speaker and listeners. Our relationship-based approach provides facilitated listening support in which you explore and discover how to express yourself confidently and naturally in your own unique style, without performance techniques.

Check out upcoming workshops and events.

 Order one of Lee’s effective and truly entertaining books


April 15, 2011

Episode 13  Audio Archive 

Susan Draffan

Interview and LIVE discussion with Susan Draffan, Animal Communicator

Susan is an intuitive practitioner who helps humans and animals forge connections to one another, to nature, and to other dimensions of reality. Her mission is to promote harmony amongst all life forms, and considers this to be particularly important at this particular time as we pass through the great shift of the Ages on our planet. Susan’s personal calling is to participate in and enhance co-creative interspecies and interdimensional relations. With an ancestral lineage lying in the Celtic isles and soul family kinship to the Faery worlds, since childhood her deepest personal bonds have been with her animals and the nature spirits.  Although she has a Master’s degree and professional background in clinical medicine, she now works exclusively in the areas of animal and nature communication, plant spirit healing, flower essences, and multidimensional consciousness. In addition to developing vibrational essences of indigenous plants in the sacred valley of Ojai CA where she resides, she is currently launching a very special project aimed at connecting people from all walks of life to endangered species of wild animals for the evolutionary benefit of all beings.


March 18, 2011

Episode 12  Audio Archive 

Interview and LIVE discussion with Darryl Anka, Channel to BASHAR

Bashar Event in San Francisco Bay Area

April 16, 2011

Flipping the Switch

A Tool for Designing the Parallel Reality You Prefer

Tickets available at

Enjoy Bashar’s video gallery to sample Bashar’s profound and timely teachings.


February 18, 2011

Episode 11  Audio Archive  



Sounds of Sirius – The Angelic Voice of Lia Scallon

Sacred Song and Meditation to Uplift the Soul

Interview and discussion with Lia live from Australia

Plus a very special live “sound healing” for HumanSpirit listeners

Lia Scallon is an Irish-born singer and sound healer now living in Australia. On graduating from Trinity College Dublin, she became an actress and in time, shared the stage and screen with the likes of Liam Neeson, Cate Blanchett, Glen Close and Frances McDormand.

 The Adyar Bookshop in Sydney, Australia described the CDs as, “rapturous invitations to meditation and contemplation and utterly unique”.Conscious Living magazine wrote, “There is magic in Lia’s voice that transcends the barriers of time and culture”.And Living Now magazine said, “ This music uplifts and thrills me”. 

The Sounds of Sirius catalogue was released in the United States and Europe for the first time in 2010 and Lia’s music is already receiving acclaim…..Zone Music Reporter USA wrote, “It is hard to believe that any terrestrial being would not respond to this sacred sighing….”. of Spain said “Lia’s voice is spectacular – it reaches right into the soul. She helps the listener to achieve a state of absolute well-being and inner peace”.

SPECIAL OFFERS FROM LIA to HumanSpirit Radio Listeners

     View Store and Purchase

Purchase Sounds of Sirius CD Set – Get One CD FREE!

Purchase CD Set       





ENJOY A LISTEN of Lia’s Angelic, Healing VOICE:  Receive a free download of this track when you sign up for the Sounds of Sirius Newsletter 


January 21, 2011   

Episode 10 Audio Archive  

Sarah McCroskey with Fatoush

Sarah McCroskey

Deconstructing Depression

Why America Has the Blues with Sarah McCroskey

Energy Solutions and Insights into an American Epidemic

Learn How Biochemical Errors Occur and How They Can Be Corrected to Restore Balance

Your Questions and On-the-Air Clearings

“Humans are social, tribal beings. We are innately urged to connect. To connect and collaborate in community lives as a yearning in our hearts, bodies, minds and souls.  

This has not been our teaching. Modern culture has taught separation, rugged individualism, separation from nature, Earth – from one another.

Our heart rebels, our soul knows this is false, our emotions tell us so – but we drank the Kool Aid and swallowed the conditioned message. In resignation we gave in to fit in. 

As we internalize the training, we disconnect.  Then we blame ourselves for wanting more – we turn our natural desire to rebel against the lie against ourselves.

Separation and fear are not “reality”, they are a program.  As (r)evolutionary beings, we are changing the channel, changing our resonance and changing our world.  Depression be gone!”  – Sarah McCroskey


December 17, 2010   

Episode 9 Audio Archive  

HeatherAsh Amara

Interview and Live Discussion with Author and Spiritual Teacher HeatherAsh Amara re. Winter Solstice and her NEW book:   The Pixie Solution:  Tips on Relationships, Sex, Death and Keeping the House Clean

HeatherAsh Amara is the founder of the Toltec Center of Creative Intent and author of The Four Elements of Change, Toltec Tarot, Sacred Time Management, The Pixie Solution, and co-author of Spiritual Integrity. She has apprenticed and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. HeatherAsh is dedicated to sharing the most powerful tools from a variety of spiritual traditions so that we may all become the change we wish to see. She is a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor Trainer and a P.h.D student and facilitator through Wisdom University.


November 19, 2010 Show

Episode 8: Audio Archive   

Ellias Lonsdale

Interview and Live Discussion with Wizard, Sage and Master Astrologer

Ellias Lonsdale

A Depth Journey into the Ignition Points of the Aquarian Age and discussion of his upcoming book (co-authored with Mark Borax): 


Cosmic Weather Report 

Notes from the Edge of the Universe

Guidance for Radically Changing Times

(from North Atlantic Books) Click here to Order  


Ellias Lonsdale began his life’s work at the end of the 1960s. A radical commune gave him permission to ply his skills sparking transformative group magic. Then the stars called in the 1970s, and studying astrology instigated an accelerated evolutionary curve. Blending in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and pioneering investigations into cosmic and earthly star pathways, Ellias founded Star Genesis, a visionary alternative to traditional astrology, and endless innovations were revealed to him. When Sara, his life partner, was dying of cancer, Ellias woke up to his larger work in concert with Sara’s own extraordinary recovery of soul in the midst of death’s quickening action. A Triple Death current propelled everybody surrounding Sara into a greatly altered awareness of life and death—and what could arise if death became a portal into rebirth. Collaboration between Ellias and Sara, who then became known as Theanna, has been steady, deep and key to Ellias’s life’s work ever since.

Eventually, Lumanara came along and knew the same wave of change and took it up with Ellias and Theanna. At a late stage of life, children joined the work: Raphael and Allie, Kalki and Savitrie. Then Mark Borax authored a book recounting Ellias’s work in the early 1990s, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future. The book’s success combined with favorable tides in the collective evolution toward 2012 to pull Ellias out of his Hawaiian depth probe into readiness to teach TeleClasses and gather group transformation energies to open future doors—and walk through them together with his students.


Ellias can be reached for astrological readings at 831.425.3134. 


October 15, 2010

Interview and Live Discussion with Author and Life Coach Kristi Bowman


Kristi Bowman’s life purpose and passion is to support others in awakening to and manifesting their fullest potential. She enjoys bringing community together and is the founder of the Center for Sacred Movement which offers yoga, life coaching, nature hikes and workshops that facilitate continued opening of heart, mind, soul and possibility.  Kristi is the author of Journey to One: A Woman’s Story of Emotional Healing and Spiritual Awakening. She also has written articles featured in RealitySandwich. She lives in Northern California.      


September 17, 2010  

Episode 6  Audio Archive 

Kim Christensen

FIREWALK with Kim Christensen  
Certified as an Advanced Firewalk Instructor by the Sundoor International Firewalking School, founders of the Western firewalking movement, Kim Christensen has shared the art and transformative power of the firewalk with people young and old around the country for four years. With a fierce passion and dedication to spirit, Kim calls on the fire to inspire people to realize the creative vision of their lives, claim their joy, and discover their way to true happiness and freedom. Kim seeks to live her own life to its fullest with passionate wonder, joyful curiosity, and a sense of adventure. Kim is also a teacher of Toltec and shamanic wisdom, a Reiki Master teacher and energy healer, sound healer, and spiritual mentor and guide. She currently lives in Wimberley, Texas.
August 20, 2010
Episode 5  Audio Archive  
Sarah McCroskey with Fatoush Dissolving Memes:  Clearing the Way to Cultural Breakthrough with Sarah McCroskey 

MEME BUSTING!  What’s a Meme?

  • A meme is to culture what a gene is to biology – a fundamental building block

  • We take on memes almost entirely UNCONSCIOUSLY

  • Memes do not hold up to rational analysis – they do not hold water when consciously examined!

  • AND we’ll defend them with our life

We’ll be discovering some COLLECTIVE MEMES and then energetically DISSOLVING them and replacing them with more expansive/workable precepts. 


Cultural breakthrough occurs when we breakthrough our personal conditioned patterns and responses that no longer serve us, our families, our community or our Planet.  


“The one is the All and the all is the One” (the 2nd Universal law/Bashar)


Microcosm/macrocosm – what we do individually affects the All.


July 16, 2010 Show

Episode 4   Audio Archive

Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka/Channel to multi-dimensional being BASHAR

 Darryl’s exploration into metaphysics began in 1972 after he had two broad daylight UFO sightings. Ten years after the sightings, Darryl joined a channeling class and experienced a telepathic contact with the extraterrestrial entity from the UFO, who called himself “Bashar” – an Arabic word that means “messenger.” Darryl has channeled Bashar’s positive messages of transformation in over thirty cities around the world for the past 27 years. In addition, he has been involved in the film industry for over 30 years, first as a special effects designer and miniature builder for such films as Star Trek, Iron Man and the Aviator and has recently started a production company to write, produce and direct a slate of films.    

Upcoming Sessions: 

Sedona, AZ – August 28, 2010  

Please check the website at for all event registration and or to purchase Bashar session CDs & DVDs


 June 18, 2010 Show

Episode 3 Audio Archive   

Asandra Lamb

Asandra Lamb is an Artist, Writer, and Channel.  

For the past 26 years, Asandra has worked professionally as a full-trance Channel, and has an international clientele. She channels Master Spirit Teachers exclusively with a focus on assisting individuals in the fulfillment of their souls’ highest journey.

Her paintings reflect her spirituality through vibrant color and symbolic imagery.  She has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Washington, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, and California.

Asandra has contributed to the books, More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul by Ariell Ford published by Plume, and South Beach Architectural Photographs from Schiffer. She is the Spiritual Guidance Examiner for National.  Asandra’s book about how to work with your Spirit Guides, and Spirit Guidance Cards©, will be available, Spring 2011, from Schiffer Publishing.

You can learn more about Asandra by visiting online at and


May 21, 2010 Show

Episode 2:   

Mark Borax

Mark Borax created Soul Level Astrology and has been practicing it for 25 years. His 90-minute sessions are a guided journey into your inner nature. By phone and in-person he’s helped thousands of people get in touch with their core truth. His book 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future is an Amazon bestseller, chronicling his adventures through love, sex, and astrology, to inspire world transformation. For more info, check

2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

Click here to purchase Mark’s books

Transforming through 2012 (A Compilation)



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Episode 1:  April 15, 2010  
Holding the Big Picture – Sarah McCroskey   (host) 
Sarah McCroskey with Fatoush

Sarah McCroskey

Introduction to HumanSpirit Radio




















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