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Mythical or not, of this “reality” or another dimensional parallel, there was the story of Atlantis which compels our imagination and lives powerfully in our experience to this day.

Before the days of “fact checkers” and carbon dating for historical accuracy, the story went something like this:

A civilization of beings existed upon the Earth for many thousands of year. Their numbers and base of talent were comprised of evermore ancient ones – descendants of Mu, joined with beings from other star systems and ancestors of former claimants of Earth’s gone by.

This civilization rose to great heights of scientific exploration and experimentation beyond anything our technological civilization can fathom today. Working with energetic transmission, crystal technology and alchemy of astounding accuracy and magnitude, the Atlanteans brought the linearity and the active, radiant, sky/male polarity to its pinnacle of existence on Earth.

Art courtesy of Jarod Octon

The masses, each holding divine frequency and consciousness well beyond our current collective capacity, enjoyed lives of clarity and compassion, natural pleasure and cosmic inter-relatedness. It was indeed a Golden Age.

Purposely omitting the details and “who done its” of the drama and destruction that led to its fall, suffice it to say Atlantis and its member population plummeted from the heights to the depths. Physically, energetically, psychologically, emotionally, dimensionally and in consciousness itself – Atlantis fell hard and on every level – excruciatingly so.

What then was the cost to those who travelled this soul path – be it forging this peak civilization, seeding its power, incarnationally experiencing, accidentally or intentionally crafting its downfall – what becomes of the soul journeyers from the Epoch of Atlantis?

When energetic technology of the highest magnitude goes awry, it is not pretty. When dimensional boundaries are breached, there is a mess. When the fabric of cosmic structure itself is sheared by conscious or unintended miscreation – there are reverberations.

Incarnational cycling might be one consequence. A karmic backpack of images, emotions and terror might be another. Loss of faith in the cosmic order and our Creator might be a by product of such an experience. And most assuredly the isolation and despair accompanying a sudden, sheer drop in consciousness and belonging – to the greater Galactic community is sure to make a mark.

But need this mark be eternal or are we in fact digging out from this precipitous plunge in consciousness, from this cosmic quarantine?

Yes, it is our time, and we are in fact making this leap, but what have been the artifacts – old and outdated but still in use today that have molded human beings – etched as a deep imprint on our psyche and souls.

To name a few:

Ego – When you can no longer remember your cosmic heritage and inter-relatedness with All That Is, how can you consider yourself anything but separate, local, merely a body and brain in a world of (unresolved) peril? From this perspective, relegating a huge chunk of your awareness capacity to self-protection and automatic/reflexive seems a really good idea. Enter flight/fight/freeze, distraction, aggression, claiming ownership, competition, greed/hoarding – the hallmarks of a fear-based ego and the separate (small) self.

Susceptibility to Conditioning – With a strong subconscious (and cellular) memory of what it is like to go from a superconscious state of awareness to “ordinary” 5-sense perceptual capacity, we become ripe for entrainment to programs of conditioning such as; I’m not enough, striving for perfection, self condemnation and doubt and non-fulfillment /seeking “something more”.

Couple this with the experiential echo of “being cast out” from our cosmic federation (the Epoch of Quarantine), humans were primed to adopt and perpetuate the fear of not belonging, being banished, “excommunicated”, exiled, defamed, “singled out”. Every conceivable cultural nuance and meme regarding the importance of “fitting in” and “not making waves” became stressed as a matter of survival – underscored by a (unresolved yet visceral) experience of THAT loss, THAT abandonment, THAT bereavement.

Controlling and Loss of Trust – The curiosity embedded in the human desire to “control” is the assumption that “things are out-of-control”. This too harkens back to memory of the Atlantean cataclysm, re-cast by our soul in countless reincarnational cycles and current life dramas. Compellingly inviting us to reclaim conscious creatorhood, our soul will compassionately withstand the suffering we heap on ourselves through white-knuckled controlling, fear and a conditioned reluctance to let go, with faith and trust, in a broader design, a greater Power.

Fear of Power – Controlling and perceived powerlessness often exist as twin aspects of the same patterned premise – a fear of power and a certainty that it will inevitably go wrong. Behold the meme, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Having witnessed the cost of the abuse of power – by “ourselves” or “another” – in the times of Atlantis and repeatedly since, we culturally equate power with abuse. We fear our own power and distrust power in the hands of others.

All Healing Begins with Responsibility

So the karmic imprint of Atlantis endures – birthing repetitions and cycling through civilizations. You, me, we’ve worn all the hats from villain to damsel, abuser to victim, wisdom holder to sacred pilgrim. It has literally become “As the World Turns” in endless syndication.

But the light is upon us, both in focus – like a spotlight and in intensity – like a laser’s beam. We are, quite literally, becoming illumined from within. This tunes us to great navigational resources, on the outside.

Our soul merely requires that we OWN our journey. No fault, no blame, simply “I was there…I am here…I have been all along. I exist as Creator – with a soul that loves a good adventure and tracks the arc of my evolution as a Divine Singularity, a unique aspect of All That Is.

And like any loving parent, good friend or true guardian, my soul requires that I clean up my messes and wake up on time.

© 2010 Sarah McCroskey


I don’t know about you, but in the last few years I have begun to notice a certain self-censoring that has cropped up in me in these times of fostered culture wars, divisiveness, name calling (“disinformation,” “conspiracy theory”) and Cancel Culture.

It seems our overreach for “political correctness” has got free speech in a choke hold. And witnessing what happens to those who express a “non-sanctioned” perspective on just about anything has indeed created an almost intangible inhibition upon one of the hallmarks of democracy – freedom of expression. It’s still our constitutional right – at least the last time I checked.

Have you noticed any hesitation on your part, in the past 2 or three years, to voice your point of view aloud in conversation, on social media posts or even private emails?

It’s unfortunate that with the drip, drip, drip of censorship, largely excused in the name of a public health response to a global pandemic, our once robust social and cultural debates have become almost treacherous, should some platform, government agency (see the newly minted Disinformation Governance Board) or hater deem our perspective to be inconvenient or untrue.

As a culture we have pretty much concluded that all of our communication via devices such as smart phones, computers, tablets and the like are harvesting information about our buying habits, interests, political leanings and such. We’re all pretty clear about the levels of surveillance that are going on in the USA (and elsewhere) although the man who first blew the whistle vis-à-vis the intent and activities of the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, is still in exile from his homeland for suggesting so.

The ever-broadening reach of censorship has a legal term which describes the effect such assaults have on our constitutional right to free speech. It’s called The Chilling Effect.

From the Harvard Law Review:
“When the government passes a law, it often regulates conduct. People and organizations adjust their behavior to fit the legal rule; if a law forbids the destruction of certain financial records, for instance, organizations generally will not destroy those records. But regulations are sometimes unclear, uncertain, or overbroad, which can lead people to refrain from engaging in permissible actions because they are unsure whether they will be legally sanctioned. This phenomenon — a law’s effect on activity outside the scope of its intended target — is called the chilling effect.1× While chilling may happen in any number of contexts, it has been incorporated into free speech doctrine as a mechanism for policing statutes that are not aimed at regulating speech protected by the First Amendment, but have the incidental effect of doing so.”

In our new age of Cancel Culture, we have also watched as political discourse becomes ‘managed’ by platforms and media outlets, while the courts, Congress and the executive branches of our government, sworn to uphold The Constitution, do nothing to stop the encroachment on our civil liberties while still ever-waving the stars and stripes and claiming to promote democracy here and abroad.

Do you remember back in 1978 when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the First Amendment rights of all US citizens and groups by defending a neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through the Chicago suburb of Skokie, IL, where many Holocaust survivors lived? It was an outrage and a huge controversy, but the ACLU did not back down. It wasn’t that the ACLU elected to defend the constitutional rights of the neo-Nazi’s because they agreed with them but because once you allow ANYONE’s rights to be curtailed or trampled on, EVERYONE’s rights are at risk. It’s a foundational principle of Constitutional Law. (See

Where is the ACLU now with all the de-platforming and censorship of “errant” or dissenting voices?

Well, there’s a little loophole that has allowed this Cancel Culture rave to extinguish the freedom of expression of many while the rest of us have handily come down with a harsh case of “the chilling effect,” urging us to keep our mouths shut about anything that might be deemed controversial.

The First Amendment pre-empts the government and its agencies from restricting the civil rights of individuals and groups, but does not prevent private companies (FaceBook, Twitter, Fox News, MSNBC) from treading on them. So in effect, our government can sit back and allow their dirty work of discrediting and disallowing dissent to be done by the private sector (read monied interests) while holding up their allegedly clean hands for inspection.

And while my Democratic friends may be cheering the fact that Donald Trump has been kicked off of Twitter, what will happen when Republicans or those with even more tyrannical agendas come into power? Left, right, or center, if you put the power to curtail the rights of human beings to express their opinions into the hands of unelected (or elected) “authorities” you can be sure that one day YOUR freedom of speech could come under attack.

Eyes wide open, friends, these are the ways our democratic principles are being eroded right under our noses. You may herald the silencing of the likes of DJT and others whose views may disgust you (as they do me), but once the sickle can be wielded against any one of us, we are all at risk of being felled. The cloak of “politically correct” protects no one, and imperils the very foundations of democracy.

Sarah McCroskey ©2022

While noticing that much of popular culture has become increasingly animated with and consumed by superheroes, I somehow morphed from highly agitated – as in “What, are we all latency age kids now?” to a kinder, wider view of my species and its inner needs.

Perhaps it is not a wholesale fleeing from prescribed reality, which is, in fact, an inverted facsimile of the natural world – an actual simulation, but it is the greater Self, our souls, flashing forth the truth of our nature – quantum beings, interconnected to all energy and consciousness everywhere, eternal, unlimited… “Yeah, baby, YOU ARE a superhero!”

So when the beautiful Scarlett Johansson dons a slick suit and blasts light and terrific power from her fingertips as The Fabulous Whoever SheRo, why not climb in quietly to that role model? She’s trim, well-manicured and vastly more hot in leather and stilettos than I, but in fact, she’s a made up version, while the rest of us are the real thing.

So show me the beyond possible, well lit with green screen wonders and high voltage special effects. Tell me the tale of a little nobody person who, when sufficiently pissed off, transforms to a Quantum Bad Ass mopping up the villains and nincompoops. Engage me in a story line that catapults my daily drugged and deluged homo sapien sapien entourage into evolutionary phenoms for which there is no artificial, mechanical match – no matter the tech gadgetry employed.

After all, it is our brains and their ability to receive, track and act upon streams of consciousness and data that provide the exquisite prototype upon which every computer is built – but will never compete.

“Go within,” spaketh Yoda.

“You’ve had the power all along,” Glinda the Good Witch nods gently.

“You’re a f*cking superhero, already,” say I.

We All are.

If you missed the live show, here’s a link to the recording of Sarah’s 10/3/21 interview on Sound Health Radio with Richard O. Enjoy.

Sarah McCroskey- Founder of the HumanSpirit Radio Network

Hope you’ll join in – Interview tomorrow, (Sunday, 10/3 @ 9 am PDT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, noon EDT) with friend and ally, Richard Olson. It’s sure to be a romp.

Care to Listen? Sarah’s interview and conversation with Julia Griffin on The Power of Inspiration and Awakening.

“Sarah McCroskey discusses moving through blocks and limitations to create a new perception of the world. She shares information about dealing with the current energies, which will be helpful to those who are awakening.”

Barbara Widhalm, PhD is an educator. Here is her open letter to Peralta College re. vaccine mandates for students. This article (link below) contains information and questions we all need to consider in these times. Please take the time to read this. Polarity serves no one. In these fast-changing times our hearts and minds must remain open to discover OUR best way forward in multiple matters. Reclaiming our capacity to engage in respectful, healthy discourse and to be in our own authority is critical. Our world is counting on us.


The Foundation of A New Earth

Image by Josephine Wall

What if rectifying our imbalances and our destructive effects as a species on our beloved planet were as simple as changing the bottom line by which we evaluate prosperity? What if a simple shift in how we classify and measure success were all we needed in order to become a species in harmony with its environment – akin to all other beings of the natural world, here and everywhere?

Do we really think we can stand alone, outside of the natural order of Earth and Cosmos and thrive…or even survive as a species for another quarter century?

Is it arrogance, a lack of training or our adopted, conditioned trance that casts us from The Garden in our own sphere of disconnection, destruction and despair?

Let’s unpack this.

In terms of economics and how we have culturally and globally agreed to value success and well being (Western dominant), we do so through the vehicle of money.

Money is a symbol. Those bills and notes and stocks and bonds and derivatives have no real value in and of themselves – they are representative, symbolic of value. At one point they were based on gold ‘in reserve’ but now even that basis in actual value is gone. Even though our global economies revolves around money as currency, it is, in fact, a fabrication with no real value, other than that we say so, by agreement, as a means by which to trade.

That we have come to hold money as the end-all/be-all of value, prosperity and success literally amounts to constructing our system of values and sustained well-being on an illusion, a mockery, a coterie of gambling. It is the proverbial ‘house of cards.’

Somewhere deep within this game, Earth as Resource, gets woven in as collateral to an otherwise fiat currency. Be it real estate, minerals, water, gems, by-ways of access to ports or through mountain ranges, or even wildlife and human laborers, money comes to interact with and extract value from Earth, her bounty and her personnel.

What if we cut to the chase and VALUED THE EARTH and her miraculous, replenishing abundance as our core value? She is, in fact, The Mother Ship, the basis of all life here on this planet. Whether we pretend else wise or not, EARTH IS THE BOTTOM LINE.

How did we forget this? What happens if we REMEMBER and put her back in the center of our valuation? What if the foundational consideration for businesses, politics, government, education, energy production, waste management and exchange was not monetary, profit/loss, but was instead, “Is it in harmony with the well being of the Earth?”

With this shift in assessment – embracing a different ‘bottom-line’ – human beings, with their ingenuity and hearts onboard, could re-work ourselves back into harmonious relationship with our living planet – She Who Gives Us Life.

“Does it work for the Earth? Will it serve the next seven generations?” Ring a bell?

This is the credo of all indigenous people. We ARE ALL INDIGENOUS peoples of the Earth. This is sacred, commonsense. It is linear and rational as well as spiritual, heart-based natural law. There is no escaping natural law. You’re either with it and thrive, or you attempt to operate outside of it and die. There is no straddling.

And, we can retain our modern lifestyles if we do so consciously, wisely, inventively. The false dichotomy we’re often sold by those committed to the status quo (read power dynamics and imperialism) is that human life would have to become rudimentary, “primitive” in order to be in harmony with the Earth. No one wants that, so the conversation drops there. THIS IS A FALSE PREMISE.

I say if we simply shifted the bottom-line from accruing piles of money to serving and maintaining the health of the Earth we could bring our species back in balance with a flourishing Earth within 2 decades. And what a joyous, enterprising, and yes, money-making, ride it would be to be creatively pursuing methods, innovations, new infrastructures and ways of being that serve all beings, all humans, all life here.

That is what our hearts have always yearned for. It is every child’s dream. And it is the lack of this reality that creates our suffering as a species, because we know it can be done. It must be done.

It is natural law, the Law of the Circle.

And we have come here to get our species back in step with It.

Love, reciprocity, living cycles and our true natures know precisely what is being requested and how to fulfill that request.

Bringing consciousness and yes, excitement to my own habits, to my household and family, is a great place to start.

Let Us Start Here…

I was just preempted by Facebook from posting a video from with the following explanation “This URL goes against our Community Standards on misinformation that could cause physical harm.” This is censorship plain and simple. Censorship (and its close relative, propaganda) are rampant right now in the USA. These practices are antithetical to democracy which claims to stand by the First Amendment and free speech. Do your own research, get the science, be informed. It is madness that I had to create a workaround to share this information. M A D N E S S.

Here is the link:

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