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Here’s a new article I’ve written relevant to today’s broadcast topic Beyond the Myth of Polarity.  Enjoy.

Love, S.     Both/And Beyond the Myth of Polarity

3/22/12  Happy New Moon…

and Vernal Equinox perspective from Emily at    I love her posts…if you’re inclined, sign up for them.  She rocks.  Love, S.


Two pieces I mentioned on today’s HSR broadcast “Scaling the Walls Within” – both downloadable/printable.

Lakota Women’s Medicine Wheel (unofficial version) and a new article on this very same topic called

Free at Last – Dissolving Separation from the Inside  Free at Last Sarah McCroskey 2.26.12

Enjoy and share.  Comments welcome!  Love, S.


*RESOURCES* (re. today’s HSR broadcast w/Sarah: The Artful Dance of Being “In it but not of it.”)

Book:  Great Overview of Humaness and Oneness

Oneness transcribed though Rasha

to purchase book

sign-up for daily messages from book (FREE)


Peggy Black and The Team

Webinar:  The Alchemist’s Chamber / Working the Energy Matrix

Free Preview:

Course is $55 and already in progress – downloads, pdfs, etc. all available to get full benefit


Jean Houston:  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Live 7-week Telecourse with the REMARKABLE Jean Houston

A mystery school, deep wisdom, experiential exercises, Q&A and much more to befriend and bring through the full power of your multidimensional, vast Self.

Mondays/Thursdays   Course started 2/13 but you can catch up through recordings/transcripts

$147/month for 3 months

(no kickbacks…just sharing : ) )


Another great source of astrological wisdom – especially that of the Moon.  Here’s Jennifer Star’s nourishing


perspective on tomorrow’s full moon in Leo.  Enjoy!  Thanks Jennifer.


Shall We Dance?

How are your inner masculine and feminine aspects getting along these days?  Or maybe this dance is playing out more obviously in your relationship with partners, friends and co-workers.  The world stage is also blaring the message “Time to balance, all!!”

Personally, I’m finding that  good astrological perspectives – from wise sources about the Big Picture – are really helping me to stay tuned to the cosmic influx rather than thinking this is only going on inside me.  I find this allows me to stay in a witnessing place about the currents rolling through my physical, emotional, mental, energetic AND spiritual body – while tracking the changes from a soul level – more bird’s eye view.  We are all being urged by cosmic forces to live in dynamic balance – which is not a static state.  There is no “I have arrived and am now ‘in balance'”.  Rather, it is more like surfing – harmonizing to Nature’s power and flow.  We can choose to hold our stupendous wipeouts as personal triumphs – performance art 🙂 showing us where we’re still attempting to drive the mystery.

As passengers…co-pilots (where did we get that God is the co-pilot?) we can instead recover trust – IN joying the ride – as we relax into sacred flow, in this moment, as the embodied, living, Love of the Divine.

Enjoy Mark Borax’s Cosmic Weather Report for February.  Venus and Mars figure prominently.  Love, S.


For Peaceful Conflict Resolution – This was recently shared with me by my friend Coease.  He attributes it to Marshall Rosenberg, author of Non-Violent Communication, A Language of Life.

For Peaceful Conflict Resolution

  1. Observe instead of judging or evaluating
  2. Identify and express your feelings
  3. Ask for things that enrich life (!!! emphasis added)
  4. Listen with empathy.

Yep, that pretty much handles it!  Practice starts now.  Ready?…Go!   Love, S.


Good article, quick read, soul impact… The 3 Steps to Profound Healing of Your Broken Heart, Bones, Spirit

In Joy.  Love, S.


To you and all of us – creative heart sparks, loving our blue planet.  As we surf change in a coherent, connected state of dynamic balance.  New article to share that I recently wrote:   Balancing Structure, Structuring Balance.  Hope you enjoy it.  Love, S.

 9/11/11  Great photo.  May ALL violence, war and hatred RIP.


Caught a great interview on KKCR Community Radio with a man, Mark Naea, here on Kauai.  A teacher and crystal guy who refers to himself as ‘not Mark’ offers a webinar The Lemurian Codex of Awakening (love that!) and the images themselves for free on his website/blog . Potent content here with transformational images that place one squarely into the vibration of Who We Are – not as important but as Everything at Once.

Here’s an article link, “Dawn of the Radiant Reality” :

And here are the images of what he calls the Codices~Lemurias – sacred geometric images and encodements that unlock ourSelf to ourself, energetically and brilliantly.

Most grateful for this re-connection, somehow, not Mark.  We are truly in remarkable times.  Love, S.


Full Moon Perspective from virgomagic blog.  I highly recommend subscribing to Emily’s blog.  Her words and vantage are truly supportive on this Cosmic Journey we’ve all signed up for.      Love and surfing…Sarah


Another great blog – perspective on our current eclipse season with wit, ease and the BIG picture opportunity in it all.  Love it! Enjoy.  Thanks again to Jolyn for passing this to me.


Great perspective on our current astological line-up.  Thanks, Jolyn for sending this to me!s


Inspiring TED Talk – HumanSpirit exemplified (again…yeah!)

19 mins. Enjoy.


Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

What if “all this shakin’ going on” with Japan supposedly moving 8″ and the tilt of the Earth shifting again (like it did after the Chilean earthquake) – what if this were actually putting us BACK IN ALIGNMENT?  What if the tilt of the Earth and the wobble/distortions we’ve been experiencing for the past several millenia (including fear, separation, war, attempted dominance of our natural world…) are actually being corrected?

Do we trust our Earth – She who grants us life?  Like all mothers – perhaps she has to raise her voice sharply to pull the kids away from the TV, from in-fighting, self destructive behaviors (like nukes and deep water drilling) and from over-sleeping.

Check in with your own experience – does your soul feel that humans need to attempt to control our natural world more or attune to her rhythms, her signals, her abundant example of how each and every community is interlaced and can flourish.  We humans do not sit atop this Earth, we are one species among hundreds of millions of others.  As One, unified with a collective intent to value and nestle in with all others we may discover how to live in alignment – personally and globally – ultimately galactically – without having to be cracked open, or wiped clean.

Remember when your mom or dad made you bring back the candy you stole from the corner store when you were about 7 yrs. old?  I don’t know anyone who did not try out stealing something about then.  Perhaps this is humanity’s time to own up, return what never was ours, honor the integrity of exchange – and promise never to do it again.

Have we become so disconnected as to believe that harmony is impossible, so jaded as to think that Earth is for sale?  We’ve been pimping out our Mother (yes, all of us) for far to long.  She’s done with all that.

It starts with choosing love and heart and reconnecting, being to being with our Earth, the Great Elements, the Divine and one another – as we are each a reflection of It All.

If we merely react and amp up the fear we will only continue to fall in with a different agenda – the agenda of fear and separation – where the wobble began in the first place.

We came here this time to bring forth Heaven on Earth.  As we hold a strong, clear center, commit to ‘rattling our own cages’ and getting free, and step up – each One – to be a loving, visionary BEING in ACTION we honor and assist in Planetary Alignment.

Mom’s counting on us.  Now’s the time.  New Earth, ho!  Love, Sarah

National Geographic Slide Show – click each image to forward…Enjoy.  NationalGeographic2008


What a great broadcast today with Sound Healer (and amazing BEING) Lia Scallon.  Here are some of the comments shared in the chat room during the show….

“Exquisite healing, Lia, much gratitude, Ulli.”


“Thank you, Lia, thank you so much. I really felt that, I am grateful.”


“So special for me to share this experience with global friends.”


“Thank you, Lia and the show hosts.”


“Bringing awareness to where things connect…healing this connection from structural to spiritual connection.  It is time.”


“The skull plates are realigning.  Just had to share what I was receiving. 

Much gratitude. Love, J.”


“Love and gratitude.”

 Missed the show?  You can LISTEN HERE.


Re: January Show on Depression (audio archives available, see Guest and Audio Archives page)

“Humans are social, tribal beings. We are innately urged to connect. To connect and collaborate in community lives as a yearning in our hearts, bodies, minds and souls.  

This has not been our teaching. Modern culture has taught separation, rugged individualism, separation from nature, Earth – from one another.

Our heart rebels, our soul knows this is false, our emotions tell us so – but we drank the Kool Aid and swallowed the conditioned message. In resignation we gave in to fit in. 

As we internalize the training, we disconnect.  Then we blame ourselves for wanting more – we turn our natural desire to rebel against the lie against ourselves.

Separation and fear are not “reality”, they are a program.  As (r)evolutionary beings, we are changing the channel, changing our resonance and changing our world.  Depression be gone!”  – Sarah


If you enjoyed HeatherAsh Amara on December’s show (or even if you missed it).  You may want to catch her next FREE webinar coming up on January 17, 2011 – details below.

Monday, January 17,
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F.r.e.e. event with HeatherAsh,
and perhaps a very special guest

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New Article:  Completing the Cycle of Fear: Bringing to Karmic Close the Parable of Atlantis    Enjoy!


Yes, the days around Halloween really do create a “thinning of the veils” of illusion.  But these days, they’re pretty thin already.  Now we can use our subtle senses and x-ray vision to see right through the mists (myths) to …. is it LOVE?

It is said that Halloween/All Hallows Eve/All Saints Day – the time of Samhain coincides/harkens back to the sinking of Atlantis – an event, be it mythical or “real” that embedded fear as a construct into our physical and emotional bodies – and became foundational to our current notion of fear as a basis of “civilization”.  The forging of ego has been an attempt to cope with a world of (another!) potential cataclysm.  The ego perpetually wonders, “When will the other shoe drop?” and attempts to control through strategy…”How can I become separate enough to be unaffected by the(assumed) collective patterns of destruction?”    Maybe the ego is a free-standing collective fear program – a structure  akin to the “wall of wires” circuit board used by early telephone operators.  “Why is this cord connected to that fear, I wonder?”  No, please DON’T connect me!

Maybe it’s time we each unplug our personal circuits – for only we can do it – from the main board (bored).  Way too much static and, afterall, party lines really are archaic         Happy Update the Program Day!


Here’s another  audio version of The Team through Peggy Black.  This month’s message “Claim Your Divine Partnership”.  Enjoy.  You can sign up for these free “Morning Messages” through

Peggy Black The Team 10.10


Here’s a message from The Team through Peggy Black.  See her site for “Morning Messages”.  Always inspirational, see link at end of post.  Love, S.

Message from the “Team”_________

Claim Your SuperPowers

We greet you beloved as together we witness the dawning of the new age. This new age, this new reality of consciousness is being called forth by you. You are the instrument, the conscious voice, the frequency and the vibration that is bringing about the changes. There are tremendous changes occurring. We realize that in saying this you look out at your world and shake your head, for there are still deep levels of dysfunction happening on the planet. There is still discord being generated, especially by your media and those who run that aspect of reality. It is the focus upon this discord that engages the collective matrix, and anyone who is still engaged in their own separate polarity will anchor the discord.

This is your personal opportunity to step into your power. You are being called forth to anchor a different reality. You are being invited to anchor a reality in which there is harmony and well-being. We continue to encourage each individual to realize that you personally can hold the vision, the emotional frequency of a reality that supports all life.  It is this awareness within each awakened individual that is truly calling forth a world in which there is peace within the hearts and minds of the collective.

This conscious action is taking place moment to moment in your lives and activities. You become the means of stability as you continue to hold the stable vision and offer the healing of the heart frequency into your experience. We realize that what we are inviting you to express can feel impossible considering what is being out-pictured in the world events.

This is where your mastery is being activated. This is where you claim your magnificence as a multidimensional being. You are not powerless. You are truly powerful beyond measure. Step into that realization, allow yourself to just imagine, even pretend, that you have these superpowers that allow you to offer the collective the opportunity to heal. Imagine that you have the superpowers to transform any event occurring in your reality. These superpowers are always used only for the highest and the best for all concerned.

Each time you hear or see some discord or dysfunction, immediately offer the quantum field of all possibilities a new and different scenario. Just imagine you are a multidimensional editor of the production that is being projected on the screen of reality. Imagine you can re-write the script. Imagine that you can re-write the outcome of any event, in your personal life or in the collective.

How would you orchestrate the news broadcast if anything were possible? Allow yourself to expand into the realms of light and truth in which the entire broadcast would be news of outstanding new inventions that offer solutions to your environment’s well-being, or the announcement of a phenomenal new discovery in the healing of your physical form. Allow yourself to imagine feeling and even expressing the excitement of the extraordinary unfolding news of peace taking place upon your planet.

Realize that your news broadcast invites and offers an opportunity for you to focus on a different outcome.  Imagine you could shift the situation or event being reported. By your clear focused consciousness, see and feel a different solution, call forth the vision, the intention, and the healing energy of transformation. This is your opportunity to use your conscious skills and alchemical mastery to co-create a new reality.

Play with this possibility that you can call forth a more harmonious, more loving, more conscious experience.  Imagine your work situation, allow yourself to envision how you would like this to unfold, feel it, allow your vibrations to own what it is you desire. Imagine your relationship with your family, your loved ones, see or sense in this playful imaginary reality that they are responding to you in a loving, conscious and supportive manner. See yourself responding in a more loving and conscious manner to those in your life.

If there is an issue of dysfunction in your past, imagine yourself traveling the time line and editing that experience. Make sure when you edit any experience that it is in the highest form of healing for all concerned. You can use sounds to shift and transform and edit this experience.

This is where it all begins, in the field of energy, the quantum field of all possibility. Your personal power is holding the vision, the vibration and frequency until it manifests in physical form. You call it forth by what you are offering with your thoughts, words, beliefs and emotions. If it feels impossible to do this from your present situation, we invite you to pretend, and claim your super powers to shift and transform any situation.

There is an intense shift taking place within the hearts and minds of all humans. Some are resisting, some are confused, and some are celebrating this shift in consciousness. Each individual is awakening to their true connection to the collective consciousness. Each individual is beginning to recognize and own the awareness that all is one. When you shift an attitude, when you shift a belief, when you release a judgment it is felt in the collective matrix.

When you envision, when you hold the awareness of compassion, love and appreciation in your heart frequency, you are adding this to the collective consciousness. You are imprinting the quantum field with your personal vibration of compassion, love and appreciation. You are claiming your superpowers as a multidimensional starbeing. You are claiming your personal connection to the Divine Source as a true focus and anchor of transformational energy. You are calling forth a new reality. Your energy frequency and your visional vibration are joining others of like mind and heart. Once these visions of life-sustaining energy gather in the infinite field of creation they become form, they are made manifest.

Each time you send forth a vision, a desire that is generated from the chalice of your heart’s awareness; it goes forth and joins the vibrations and frequencies of similar entrainments. This becomes a force of change. This becomes an energy field calling forth and anchoring a new pattern, a new paradigm.

We honor and celebrate who you are as conscious divine multidimensional starbeings. You are truly making a difference in the lives of others each time you send forth your blessings of peace, your blessings of compassion. Each time you send forth your energy of forgiveness, you are uplifting the collective consciousness.  Each time you envision a different and more life-sustaining outcome you are literally calling it forth. Do not be discouraged; hold the visions, and pretend the visions. Allow your sixth senses of knowing to emerge. Allow yourself to step into your superpowers of co-creating a better world.

Call forth support and assistance from the realms of Light and Love. Be the inviter of this divine presence and invite divine spirit in all its magnificence to join you in the transformation and healing of all that is before you. Know that you are loved beyond measure. the ‘team’

©2010 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.



Energy balancing through the experience of another species – wolf.  Inspirational.  Enjoy.

Subject: Healing touch with a wolf



I’m enjoying a great new blog.  Beautiful, short, poignant bits of vision, optimism and power – embracing change and the birth of our new Earth paradigm/home.  Sing your song?  Check it out –


New article published /July-Aug 2010 Open Exchange – “Why the UpShift?  A New Context for Where We’re Going”

In Joy – Love, S.


What if nothing’s wrong?  What if all the hub-bub and fear mongering simply entrains us to a perceived reality that we have outgrown?  What if our discomfort stems entirely from identifying with the fragmented self – you know, the one who thinks they’re REALLY separate.

All reality is virtual reality.  Reality is an artifact of perception.  When we train our attention to what already works – nature, beauty, love, music, friendship, Spirit, Cosmos – we live there.  As a great being of consciousness – we get to choose and must do so deliberately – where we will reside, what world we will create.  Parallel Earths, many many of them exist.

Per quantum theory, “[the] quantum particle doesn’t exist in one state or another, but in all of its possible states at once. It’s only when we observe its state that a quantum particle is essentially forced to choose one probability, and that’s the state that we observe.” (excerpt from

Personally, I choose the Earth parallel (New Earth, anyone?) – the one founded in love, harmony and peace.  Not as platitudes or nice ideas, but pouring forth as living vibrations from our souls, our hearts, our HumanSpirits.

A great teacher once coined a phrase invoking a potential probability, if we choose to awaken within it – “A world that works for everyone, with no one left out.”  Earth herself show us precisely how this is achieved with all her communities mingling in harmony, collaboration and vibrant health as an outgrowth of outrageous diversity.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense. 
– Rumi

Yes, beyond the separate self – to the Inside which God and Goddess call Home.



Whoa, I certainly got my head and heart handed to me this week with the Gulf Oil Spill.  I thought I was plugging along with it, when BLAMMO – it knocked me for a loop.

Such sadness and a breach in my faith in humanity.  I feel I was tapping an inner “well” of sorrow and a collective one, too.  Whenever I have such a huge response, I know there’s more inner clearing to do – something from the past that is surfacing – getting triggered.

For me it was something I hadn’t quite rooted out from when I was 17 yrs. old.  It’s funny, because with the work I do – (energetically clearing what got stuck from the past – when we couldn’t be present to something that felt overwhelming to us), I’d often had age 17 come up – but had been a little stumped – it just didn’t seem like a “big” year.

Well this time, with the oil spill as my trigger – I rooted out something primary – MASSIVE WAKE UP CALLS REQUIRE MASS AWAKENING to the next level of healing – recovering our soul’s power, love and integrity!

It so happened that at 17 I became undeniably aware of a longstanding affair my father was having.  He loved this woman, there was no denying that, but what it brought up in me was a tremendous helplessness and grief for my mother and the impact it had on her.  HELPLESS.  Through my interpretation, I also experienced a rip in the fabric of my faith in human beings – especially to “do the right thing” and have integrity.  This was always a high value in my family – so my Dad’s breach (though he never lied about it) – kicked my butt.  LOSS OF FAITH.

How we place our “power” on the outside is also a theme that’s re-surfaced with this.  Our conditioning – the Kool Aid we’ve been drinking for generations – unhealed, keeps us putting the reins in the hands of those who will blithely trash our planet and lead us to slaughter for profit and power over.  This is a path that’s collapsing under it’s own weight – but we’ve got to own our part.  Nobody TAKES my power.  Manipulated? yes, coerced? yes but it’s through our sleepy “You do it” program, or “You must know better” training that we GIVE our power away.


Clearing out and cleaning up the next layer is what waking up is all about.  Personally and collectively we are being compelled – by a Planet and Cosmos that is itself ascending in consciousness – and loves us unconditionally.  Can we harmonize with that?  Perhaps our only job is to love ourselves the way Creator loves us – and live that out into the world.  When I love myself UNCONDITIONALLY – loving you is a cinch.

Nature provides our abundant example!  From Earth to our Hearts.  Love to you – S.


A new article by Jim Self /Mastering Alchemy, the creator of the great rose tool/grounding we use at the beginning of the show.  He is brilliant, clear and generous with his light. Much of what he offers is free.  Here’s the article, contact info for Jim is included there. Enjoy!


Great show today with Mark Borax, Soul Astrologer.  Thanks Dayna for doing the “on-the-air” energy clearing of your dust allergy.  Please give us an update next month (on HSR) letting us know how that’s going.  I’ll be making more posts over the coming month.  Articles, too.

Next Show:  Friday, June 18th at 2 p.m. Pacific with Guest Asandra Lamb, Artist and Trance Channel of Your Master Guides

Live Large, Love with all your Heart, Connect to Earth and Nature, Be HumanSpirit Now.  XOX – Sarah



A week ago today – after the first live show, my mind got REAL loud.

That ever happen to you?  New outing, hanging one’s derriere into the breeze.

Unpolished…not perfect (oh no!).  Yes, the conditioned mind got LOUD indeed.

Here’s what Spirit had to say about it –

“You are a prototype of this collective metamorphosis – to HumanSpirit.

It’s not supposed to look perfect, polished and professional.  If it did, people would say ‘she can do this, but I can’t’.  This is about sharing your life, your vision – blending with Spirit, with a full heart and full self-expression – regardless of how it looks.  Breaking free, not fitting in and DOING IT ANYWAY because it is Who YOU Are and it is your joy.

Then you are making the difference you ARE HERE TO MAKE.”

So blazing a trail, naked/imperfect and amused at what I’ve gotten myself into I continue (mind included…though not driving).  X0X – S.

3 Responses to "BLOG – HSRN CommUnity"

“We must have a pure and warm hearted motivation, and on top of that, determination, optimism, hope and the ability not to be discouraged. The whole of humanity depends on this motivation.”
– His Holiness the Dalai Lama
(date unknown)

I’m amazed at the results I’ve gotten from the broadcast healing I received last month on your show, Sarah. My dust allergy appears to be completely gone! By habit, I still avoid dusty situations, but dust does sneak up on us all and I’ve not even noticed I was in dusty conditions – no wheezing. Thanks. I am enjoying your show and love your work. Thank you so much.

What an absolute pleasure it was to join you on your show yesterday Sarah – thank you so much for the opportunity. My sincere thanks also to Ulli, Jill and the other participants for your presence and your beautiful comments. May the Sounds of Sirius – the Divine Mother’s Song of Love – continue to resonate through every layer of your being, in the days and weeks to come.
Much Love and many Blessings,

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