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Transform The Shadow of the Collective
verbatim from
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
(technique instructions begin at paragraph 19)
Image courtesy Leslie Carol Botha blog 

We are here to honor and to celebrate your awakening. These are the times of a new cycle, a new beginning. We invite you to commit to the process of ascension that is unfolding. Yes, we understand that what you are witnessing and observing does not meet your ideal of ascension. Yet we remind you that this planet will not and cannot ascend until the dense misqualified energies have been transformed.

We can almost hear the collective moan when this statement is read. We know that you have been actively doing your best for many experiences on the timeline to shift the collective consciousness and anchor a reality that is life sustaining for all.

We acknowledge you for your true dedication and continued service to this global process. It is that focused dedication and service that has flushed these hidden, often suppressed, misqualified energies to the surface. 

These emotional patterns and attitudes of fear, self-righteousness, prejudice and anger have always been an aspect of the human energy field, as have a sense of lack, of unworthiness, not good enough, less than, hopelessness and helplessness.  

Now more than ever these very energy qualities are being brought to the forefront, to center stage of your current time. Most of these misqualified energies and patterns have been hidden, denied and suppressed by each and every individual. There are those who will act out these emotional energies in a covert, manipulative and often unconscious manner. In doing so, they truly distort and use their creative abilities in harmful and life suppressing actions.

These dense misqualified emotional energies are often referred to as the shadow of the individual. They have been a part of the human consciousness since the beginning of your timeline. Remember this planet is a planet of duality, of opposites. So this hologame has offered the choices of good/bad, right/wrong, love/fear, separateness/oneness, light/dark, life-sustaining/life-diminishing.

Every earthwalker on this planet is a multidimensional being of divine consciousness, choosing to enter this timeframe and play out these emotions. You understand that everyone is empathic, sensitive and able to feel the energy fields surrounding them. However, most individuals are totally unaware that they are feeling, responding to and acting out the emotions of those around them, of the collective field.

So just imagine for a moment, as a divine being you entered this quantum field of energy called earth. You agreed to come to this dimension and reality to assist, to shift and uplift consciousness. You were actually excited to have the opportunity to experience misqualified energies and with your skills and awareness to transform them. You wanted once again to experience the sensations of having a physical form and to bring forth your unique gifts and understanding acquired from other realms and dimensions. You wanted to continue your work and service in assisting the ascension process for this planet and humanity.

From your non-physical divine awareness you understood that this is a dimension of opposites, which has and does create dense misqualified energy, unlike your unlimited divine self of oneness. You were also aware that once you embodied a physical form there was usually a veil of forgetfulness that would cloud your true understanding as a sentient. Yet your divine gifts remain available, so upon entering this reality as an infant, sensitive, empathic, and telepathic you immediately are immersed in the vibrations that surrounded you. 

As a child, you were feeling all the emotions being offered in your home or surroundings and yet not remembering how to deal with them or transform them. However, as an empathic being you literally take on the misqualified emotions and patterns of those around you. You quickly learned to shut them off, repress them, or deny them.  

Then those misqualified energies, those emotional patterns can and do get stored in the tissues, bones, cells and organs of the physical body. This human behavior has been constant for ages.  

Now there is an awakening. The shadow selves, the repressed emotions, of individuals are surfacing, they are being triggered, they are being acted out. Remember emotions are contagious.

These misqualified emotions of anger, injustice, prejudice, fear, unfairness, inequality and suppression are arising fully to be bathed in the light of true understanding.
Each and every enlightened multidimensional being is an alchemist here to transform all the misqualified, painful repressed patterns and emotions they acquired from their life experience. They are to own their shadow self of repressed emotions acquired from others and from their life experiences. 

As an alchemist, you personally have the birthright and the responsibility to transmute, to convert all incoherent emotions of pain, sorrow, rage, violence, rejection, of being unloved or abandoned into coherent emotions of understanding, forgiveness, peace, honor, respect and love.

This is the moment in which you are most powerful. This is the moment that you desire to transform and uplift. When you feel any emotion that would be considered misqualified or using your term, negative, know without a doubt that you are energetically linked, entrained, and connected to the larger vibrational field of that peculiar feeling or pattern that has been generated and offered by others.   

Without judgment or hesitation, simply realize that some of your old repressed emotions have been triggered or activated. We invite you to step into your true essence as a divine agent of conscious light and transmute, release, the misqualified/negative energy you are feeling. This is the power of your remembering and owning that you are here in this dimension to do this very work.

Each and every time you clear some personal prejudice, release some personal fear, each time you shift an emotional response from anger or judgment to forgiveness, love or gratitude, you are doing global work on a personal level. 

There are many ways to transmute your own shadow of negative memories, emotions and experiences.  It is the willingness and the intention. There are many processes and techniques are available for this very important task. The use of sound is most effective.

As an alchemist, remember to state “I am fully embodied, anchored to the planet and always connected to Divine Source.” Place you awareness in your heart, call upon divine beings to witness and support you as you transform the misqualified/negative energy you are feeling or are focused upon. Know that you are truly connected to the larger collective field of that emotion.

Now, in the sacred space you have just created, give the misqualified/negative emotions a sound. The expression of emotions using pure sound vibrations, much like the delete button on your computers, is a method to clear old emotions that have been stored in your body file. Perhaps as a child you acquired or took on some emotional pattern from your parents, from others or from a painful experience you did not understand at the time.
Expressing these old yet active emotions with sound vibrations can truly clear them. Once the old emotion is cleared, remember to name the new emotion you desire in its place. Perhaps it is peace or forgiveness or grace. Now sound that emotion. Be sure to acknowledge yourself for this work, thank the divine beings who witnessed this transformation.

Know without a doubt that you have also cleared some aspect of the collective misqualified/negative shadow of humanity and replaced those patterns of emotions with a more coherent frequency.

This is the service of a master. This is the power and practice of an alchemist. Remember you are here to transmute and transform energy through the alchemical chalice of your heart. 

We honor you with our deepest gratitude for this work. You are a very important aspect of this process of ascension. All divine beings are available upon your invitation. the ‘team’ 

©2017 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available
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With New Year’s Blessing 

May We Weave with Love
To you, dear Weaver –

I draw on this occasion of the New Year to thank you for being in my life and allowing me into yours. As a client, friend and/or HumanSpirit Radio listener,

it is always an honor to be with you.
It is through your personal dedication to transformation that brand new platforms and blueprints are being created  Read more…

We Are the Voice of The Great Mother

and She Shall Be Heard

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Take the pledge, end the madness. The power of your word makes a difference. Act.


If you hesitate, ask yourself why. When did you buy the myth of our separateness? This delusion, of separation from one another, from animals, sky, water and nature threatens our very survival as a species on this Earth. If we see through the myth, and stop perpetuating it, we cannot be divided. We will stand with and for Life, in thought, word and deed.

This is the core issue of our time – ending the myth of separateness.

Diversity indivisible wins.


The Shame behind Bullying

With all the hoo-ha around Donald Trump in the media and within our collective psyche I’ve just had to dig deeper within myself to find greater perspective. It’s felt like having something in my eye – as a persistent irritant. What is it about this man and this theme? What’s in my “I” that calls my attention to a deeper, more useful claiming and healing?

My Story

I was 6 years old the day I fell in love with Pierre Guerche, a new boy in my 1st grade class, from France! Little did I know that this innocent, natural, attraction and instant connection would (or could) become twisted into personal shame, humiliation and then my ugliest bullying behavior, but in fact it did.

As I sat down to dinner that night I was floating on air about my great, good fortune at meeting Pierre. He and I fell in immediately on this, his first day of school in my hometown. We played at school and rode our bikes back home together. It was enchanting…we were “in love.”

That night my Dad was at home for dinner – yeah! This was a rarity. So there we were, my 2 brothers, my sister, Mom and Dad, having dinner. What tended to transpire when Dad was home was that everyone would compete for his attention and approval. Making Dad laugh was the pinnacle of achievement.

At some point early in dinner, the attention shifted to me, the youngest, “…and Sarah, how was your day?” to which I gushed, “I’m in love with Pierre Guerche!”

Everything stopped. I don’t think anyone knew WHAT to do with this unabashed outpouring of FEELING that I was experiencing and expressing.

Then the humiliation-games began. Everyone began to joke about it. One of my brothers made up a song – on the spot – …”fly me to gay Paris (Pa-ree) with my darling Pierre” or some such. This got my Dad laughing. Then I disappeared.

No one noticed my collapse. The one-two punch of surprise and shame took me out; out of my body, out of belonging, out of safety and for sure out of love with Pierre Guerche. I never talked to him again.

No one noticed how checked-out I was as I had my bath and went to bed and proceeded with routine life. No one noticed the symptoms of shame and the seed of self-hate that took root in me.

Fast forward three days. I gather up all my girlfriends on the playground. I teach them a song (I made up on-the-spot). I urge them to follow me as we surround, Laurie, a girl in our class.

Everyone knows this child. She’s the one with the hollow look. She flinches easily. Her clothes are ill fitting and sometimes she smells bad. Laurie was the least liked, most ostracized girl in class. She was unsupported, more likely criticized, shamed and abused at home.

Some part of me identified her as the perfect target as another part identified with her as the consummate victim. Unable to digest my own pain and shame from my dinner-table experience a few days prior, I turned the bile and venom onto Laurie.

A bully, mean-girl, super-shamer was born.

With me in the lead, my enlisted troop of girlfriends followed Laurie, now singing a song. I still remember it –  a parody I created from a Bye-Bye Birdie tune that was popular at the time. We sang, “We hate you Laurie, oh yes we do. We don’t hate anyone, as much as you. When you are near us, P.U. Oh Laurie, we hate you.”

She cried, we teased on, no one noticed or intervened. My bullying cycle had played forward, further compounded and entrenched by my own shame-based behavior. Within me, one experience of shame was now two. And my bravado, a toxic-mimic of my pain, was now a heat-seeking missile bent on destroying someone more defenseless than me.

What do we do with our shame? For me the things I feel most ashamed about are the ones I’m least likely to share with anyone.

And in the dark, shame festers. With no light of consciousness, no tender witnessing, it goes un-owned. And un-owned it drives us.

Shame drives us, and we throw it around like a hot potato.

God only knows what happened to Donald Trump. While part of me is enraged by his ugliness and displays, another part can hold mercy and prays that he be healed. With his penchant for paying people to attend his rallies and his inability to engage discussion or tolerate any disagreement, his offense is clearly a defense. Donald is an unmitigated bully.

Perhaps his “comb-over” is the perfect metaphor for his thinly veiled fear, his pain and shame.  There seems to be an angry, terrified boy in there who just keeps hurling Molotov cocktails to keep everyone, anyone from hurting him or seeing his terror.

And what about his “followers”? Sure, some of them get paid to show up, waive flags and insinuate credibility into his campaign. With the money he’s got to throw around, the 24 hour media hum and perhaps even his numbers at the polls are bought and paid for.

But what of his true followers? The “othering” hate-mongers who seem to agree with The Donald’s vitriol? I say it’s his un-owned shame they resonate with. The victim now bully who seems to be getting away with it.

But it’s all crumbling. As the light shines in and even his paid staff begins to peel off and distance themselves with disdain, Trump’s upside-down candidacy will likely end with a whimper not a bang.

Whether The Donald and his followers ever own or heal their wounds, I feel it is incumbent upon me to see and own and heal what has driven some of my ugliest moments of aggression and bullying.

As author and shame researcher, Brené Brown says, If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.

 Here’s my take away from the Trump campaign…or perhaps it is a prayer.

  •  May I gently listen for and heal the shame in me
  •  May I end my use of shaming tactics toward myself or any “other”
  •  May I interrupt and question shaming behavior when it shows up around me (including “shaming” those with whom I/we disagree)
  •  May I provide a safe and loving space in which shame can be spoken, tenderly acknowledged and healed, and
  •  May the vulnerability in owning and healing our personal/collective shame become a celebrated virtue in our human culture, now and forevermore.


Sarah McCroskey ©2016

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