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3 Easy Tools for Developing Energetic Sovereignty

4/27/18 Broadcast

To assist you in maintaining your own sovereign energy field (i.e. energetic egg around body, meant to contain your own energy – not the thoughts & feelings of other people, so you can be clear and centered within YOURSELF.)

  1. Jim Self’s* Rose – bringing back your own energy from wherever you have left it. Create a rose in your imagination. Ask the rose to collect up any of your energy that you have left elsewhere (in a conversation, at work, in a good book….) Now ask the rose to return your energy back to you, completely neutralized. Bring the rose in front of your heart. Blow the rose up into a zillion pieces, breathing your energy – all clear – back to you.
  2. Jim Self’s Rose – releasing the energy of others from our field.  Again, create a rose in your imagination. Ask this rose to collect up any energy in your field that does not belong to you.  Blow up the rose sending the energy, neutralized and with loving intent, back to whoever it belongs to. You don’t need to know who that is.
  3. Is this mine? If the answer you get is “no”, simply use your hands to gather it up from your field into a ball. Then throw it into the Sun or a candle flame. If the answer is “yes”, acknowledge what’s up – gently and with love. Get the insight, and let it go. It’s coming UP to move OUT.  If you attach to it or get caught up in the ‘who, where, what, why and how’ of it, it’ll stick around – guaranteed. Because by asking those questions you are asking the Universe to show you ALL about it.
  4. HAVE FUN. Use these regularly, they really help to keep you clear and centered.


*Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy (highly recommend)



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