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beeI’ve been feeling into these twin aspects of the Creative Impulse.

Intention has made a lot of sense to me for years. A product of our dominant culture, I learned well the way of the masculine –  do, accomplish, achieve, make it happen. I honed my intent, for success and approval and results. And once I learned to couple this focused, directional, specified energy with Alignment and Letting Go, a super power was born. Like a marksman, pulling back the arrow in a bow, aiming and letting it fly.

I love intent and I’ve done alright by it. But left unchecked, it can exact a toll. You may have paid this price yourself – burn out, over attachment to results, controlling tendencies, “how am I doing?” Yes, for me, out of balance intent can result in exhaustive effort.

Recently I’ve been noticing all sorts of prompts from the Universe regarding Desire. I have found I’m a bit confounded by this term. What do I desire?

As much as I can track my mundane, everyday desires – for foods, tastes, movement, beauty, quiet, connection, sweetness, nature – and can even recognize my greater desires – for a world that works for everyone, in harmony with our gracious Planet and her communities – it’s been the feeling, the energy of desire that I was not quite grasping.

I’m beginning to find it, noticing its subtlety. Desire is the energy of calling forth…of beckoning. Like the mother bird that flies to the highest tree and calls her fledglings to their inaugural flight – to come to her, or the invitation, the energetic transmission to a lover to come to your bed; Desire is the energy of an opening, which magnetically calls – to RECEIVE its fulfillment.

Again for me, AHA! Intent is the energy of the masculine – outward, electrical, creative impulse, while Desire is the energy of the feminine – receptive, magnetic, creative receiver and container.

Within each of us, and in our world, both energies are needed for balanced creation – pitcher and catcher, creative impulse and blank canvas, aiming and allowing. Through reciprocity, these energies combine and bring forth the manifest ~ Creation that truly serves by initiating, nourishing, bearing fruit, composting, re-seeding and sustaining The Whole.

Complementary faces of Creation, once again. The vital attraction of honey bee to blossom, yin to yang, inward to outward, and quest to its fulfillment – at its best begetting this, our sacred, intentional, desirous and joyful Dance with All of Life.

© Sarah McCroskey 2015


When the Earth

dissolves into fire

and returns to her

watery depths once more

In honor and awe

I witness duality’s collapse

in Creation’s dance of destruction

and Destruction’s birth of creation

Arising simultaneously

In opposition and in balance –

If we refrain from adding more.

Lava meets ocean

Active, receptive

Transcending, transforming

Both to neither

Now landmass and steam

An explosive display of ever present change.

                                                         ~ Sarah McCroskey


Copyright © 2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from last post)

The mind stores and retrieves data.  It takes each and every experience you have and, lickity-split, compares and contrasts it to everything it holds in it’s memory bank – to determine two things…”am I safe” and “how do I stack up against others”.  Given that you are eternally held and loved and that there is no “other”, the Mind’s premise is illusionary.

Yes, the Mind is helpful in this 3D scenario, this karmic theater ritual we’ve signed on to experience Creation in slow-mo and to witness our choice points.  It’s helpful in that it keeps us from stepping in front of a bus in this fabricated duality paradigm.  The Mind’s construct is “I’m separate and can die”.  It is a data bank and pattern recognizer and has been programmed by eons of collective fear, plus your unresolved personal traumas.  It compares and contrasts and tries to protect you from EVERYTHING including love and connection and being your Vast Self.  And… it is not You.  Not even close.

So, yes, it’s not easy staying centered in your essential nature and slipping free of the Conditioned Mind, but is there another game in town?

Holding fast to your knowing, loving yourself, creating A New Earth that supports the truth of Who We Are, building a foundation and community of like-minded others, studying the intricacies of our multidimensional beingness and continually witnessing and uncreating where we’ve bought the illusion – it’s a full time job, but could there be a more compelling, challenging or amazing path? 

And don’t forget intention, our powertool.  We CAN set potent intentions and ally with Source for their fulfillment. Right timing, right action, being a magical aspect of the Whole. We can’t know how it will unfold or what the timing will be, but our intention sets things in motion.  Then let the outcome go. “SURRENDER, DOROTHY…”  Relinquish the Mind’s desire to control/need to know…and watch as co-creation unfurls in a way we could never have orchestrated.  This is why they call it “The Great Mystery”! 

It may be helpful to create a powerful question or two to live into, like “How do I live fully in my experience?” or “What am I noticing right now?” or “How do I know and love myself, connect to guidance and align with All That Is and then create my life from there?”  These inquiries place you into an empowered conversation with yourself.

Choose freedom and joyful receptivity and create audaciously.

And don’t forget to breathe…………


Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

HumanSpirit Radio Network is committed to bringing you positive and uplifting content (almost) every day. For more information on our free radio broadcasts:, for one-on-one sessions with Sarah:

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