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Photo by Wendy Warren Varga

Photo by Wendy Warren Varga

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” ~ Deepak Chopra

~ by Sarah McCroskey


When we allow ourselves to look beyond the complexity and seeming separateness of all the individual parts that make up the whole of existence, we discover the foundational interconnection between all things.

In physics and more and more in everyday science, it is becoming clear that everything is fundamentally composed of energy.  In physics this energy in its most minute form is termed a photon or particle of light.  The photon exists as particle or wave.  The particle of photon energy gives rise to the visible, tangible and measureable “form” of light.  The wave is purely energetic – equally potent yet unseen – “pre-form” or formless, if you will.

Deepak Chopra captures this nature of all things, stating that everything is “energy and intelligence.”  Whether something appears animate or inanimate, organization or intelligence is inherent.  Moreover, these “things” interact with their environment and all that surrounds them.  Interfacing energetically with all else.

So fundamentally every human, animal, plant, mineral, cloud as well as every microscopic organism, germ, cell, molecule and element is composed of energy.  At our core, each aspect of All That Is, is energy.  We may be distinct in behavior, form, how we are organized and so forth, but we are innately of the same substance – energy.

Likewise we co-exist in the same field – the vast and all inclusive field of All That Is, which our minds can only grasp as The Universe, although The Field is beyond even that.

So if we are all made of the same “stuff” – energy, and we all exist within the same field – All That Is – and we are interacting with our surroundings all that time, then we are, in fact, all One.  Whether our interconnection is microscopic – subtle as wave energy or macroscopic – in form, as particle energy – from soup to nuts – thoughts and emotions to celestial bodies and colliding stars, we are indeed, One.

So let’s be nice to our Selves.  Love, frolic and enjoy the diversity of our amazing aspects of Self.  Let’s create harmoniously, appreciating how we do impact all the energies around us with our thoughts, words, beliefs and behaviors.  There is no separation, nothing “outside” to resist, fear or fight against. 

Why not, instead, relax, let go, and experience the fascinating implication of our myriad reflection in Everything?


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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday’s post)

Why Karma?

Karma acts as the ultimate ‘snooze alarm’ of human consciousness. Should our human tendency toward slumber begin to win out over conscious evolution, karma is sure to yank us back to a wakeful state – reminding us of something we set in motion a long time ago, and then temporarily forgot. In this way, karma only becomes ‘our destiny’ when we fail to awaken from our dopey dream state of unconscious creation.

A Way Out

In truth, we are all Unlimited Creator Beings. Not only did we set our own karmic path in motion on multiple levels of self, tribe, collective and cosmic evolution, but we also created the Earth game as a compelling, sometimes arduous interplay – the penultimate game of hide and seek. Hiding and seeking? How, from what? From consciousness itself and the true nature of reality.

In fact, we are each an eternal aspect of the One, reflecting within and between ourselves a perpetual possibility for awakening to our divine creator nature. When we design and create from a wakeful state (and now is always a good time for waking up) we can powerfully generate a ‘reality’ akin to a world that works for everyone, founded on the health and well being of a loving planet. Yes, from the realm of all possibility, we can manifest into dense reality – from wave to particle – by means of conscious application of what quantum physics terms ‘the observer affect’. This actual avenue of all creation can be put to full, creative use through conscious experience and interpretation. Based in love and exercising intent our ‘dream’ both individually and collectively can be bright – reverent stewardship of our Earth home, surfing change, and embracing creative diversity. Without consciousness – as witnessed throughout history and our own personal emotional patterning – ‘karma’ pans out before us as a painful re-hashing – as we ‘pay forward’ our reactive past.

So the choice is ours, as always in all ways. Do we snooze and lose – tumbling headlong into evolutionary oblivion to become “Humanity – the Cosmic footnote”? Or do we rally our free will and harness our unique and collective talents to an ambition worthy of any self- respecting species? – namely survival. But hey, as long as we’re creating it, why not make the mundane sacred, why not thrive rather than merely eek by? When we open heartedly embody and act on our most expansive vision we become unstoppable as we attune to the frequency and ‘reality’ of a New Earth.

Perhaps even this ‘karmic’ choice point is one we set in motion long ago… The alarm is ringing loudly now. Shall we awaken and change the dream?


HumanSpirit Radio Network is committed to bringing you positive and uplifting content every day. For more information on our free radio broadcasts:, for one-on-one sessions with Sarah:

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