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Spoken word version: 

It was Saturday, November 14, 2015. pacificcoasthwy

I was quietly enjoying my last morning of a birthday retreat to Tomales Bay, CA with my husband when his cell phone rang. To our delight it was Philippe, our dear friend from France!

Within a few FaceTime moments we realized all was not well, as he told us of the attacks on Paris that had occurred just hours before. We were grateful to hear that his wife and nephew were safe and well, despite the fact that they had both been in Paris within hours of the violent outbreak.

Although I held my center as we heard the still sketchy information about what had actually occurred in Paris and around the world that day, I personally experienced the power of collective field phenomenon. May I explain further…

My husband, Steve and I were both vexed as we drove home, south to the Bay Area via the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway through Bolinas/Stinson Beach. This stretch of highway hugs the coastline with sheer cliffs dropping to the Pacific Ocean. Driving south, riding passenger, you are quite literally riding the edge, often with nary a guardrail between you and a potential, fiery departure from this Earth. Note to self: Henceforth, always be THE DRIVER, when heading south on Hwy. 1.

I was already white-knuckling-it as we proceeded along the cliffs. Rounding another hairpin turn, the traffic was stopped. As we approached, a large tow-truck with a winch over the side came into view. Whoever had driven over the edge – now in heaven or hospital – was evidently long gone. The crew was simply recovering the vehicle.

That did it. Over-the-cliff I went into full-on fight/flight/freeze FEAR reaction.

Understandable and under “normal” conditions through breathing, feeling, cradling and gathering myself, I probably could have “self righted” in a relatively short period of time. But no! The power of the fear was truly sweeping and I was pretty astonished at its intensity. It seemed out of proportion.

And it was.

As we wove our way into Mill Valley (thankfully back on flat land) I noticed that I was hurling ugly, defensive invectives toward the traffic and other drivers. It struck me as unwarranted and excessive, plus I was still in high anxiety. Then it occurred to me – what was happening. My personal fear from driving along the coast had dropped me into vibrational resonance with amplified, collective fear that was viscerally “all over the airwaves” from the recent Paris, Baghdad, Beirut events. This was a direct experience of vibrational entrainment – and I tell you, it kicked my ass.

Gratefully, I was able to feel and release my fear and disengage from the collective “cloud” within an hour or so, but this, for me was a firsthand wake-up-call to the power of collective fear, AND HOW IT CAN BE USED TO CREATE PANIC, DIVISIVENESS and FEAR OF “OTHER” if we should fail to claim our energetic sovereignty.

Once again I am reminded of the importance, no criticality, of doing my own work – ON  THE INSIDE. Only when I am tracking and attending to my own emotional responses, my own go-to beliefs, my own fear response, negative characterizations and knee-jerk reactions can I be healing and eventually…be free. Then and only then do I have a chance of stepping outside of my socialization, and stepping free of intended or unintended manipulation of my reptilian, survival response.

Yes, it is only when I own my bumpy, shadow-filled, partially conscious, ever-evolving actual nature, that I can become a fully conscious, heart-based citizen of the World.

Then we might truly have a chance at this thing called “A World that works for Everyone”, one centered within, rooted in an honest peace and reconciliation with our Being.

May we stand in our Love. Radiating THAT vibration along with the Earth – the resonance our souls came forth to proclaim, in this World and in this Field. Here…now.

Sarah McCroskey © 2015

~ by Jessica McKay

I’ve always been a hesitant swimmer, even in the calm waters of a chlorinated pool. My fear of water began at age 2 after slipping and almost drowning in a large garden fountain. All I can really remember from the event is standing on the concrete ledge the moment before I fell, and being wheeled away in my baby carriage, my clothes soaking wet.

The ocean added to my unease a few years later, after being knocked over by a rogue wave that dragged me along the sandy floor and threw me onto the shore, gagging on a mouthful of salt water. My Dad used to say that if I faced my fear I would overcome it, and he tried to help, pushing me over the waves in a hollow inner tube as I did my best to be brave. My fear of the ocean remained.

There is something so unpredictable and ruthless about the sea. I am so small in comparison, and being in the water forces me to be present. When a wave begins to form, the powerful current doesn’t allow me to turn and run, so the only thing I can do is face the inevitable — as with all of life’s challenges. The ocean commands my complete surrender, and there is something beautiful about that.

It has been years since I’ve ventured out beyond the breakers, yet recently I felt drawn to go swimming. The desire to be free and give in to the awesome power of the sea outweighed my fear of being out of control. Young kids were everywhere, running in the waves, diving under the bigger ones, laughing and free. I wanted to be like them. I walked out as far into the water as my fear would allow. The ocean floor dipped and dropped away, the water rose above my chest, and the waves looked gigantic and insurmountable from that vantage point. I shrieked and lamented every time a swell began to form. I really tried not to curse with all the young kids around, but I was so possessed with fear I couldn’t quite censor myself. And yet I sailed over each wave with ease.

Suddenly I noticed a young boy about 10 or 11 years old treading water nearby. His name was Nick. He came right over and boldly asked, “What’s wrong? You don’t like the waves?” “No,” I answered emphatically. “They frighten me. My worst fear is for a big wave to crash on me and not knowing which way is up.” My anxiety had put me in such an altered state that despite our age difference, I spoke to him like an equal. He listened intently, and decided to coach me on what to do. “OK, when that happens, you know how there’s white stuff?” I assumed he was talking about foam and I nodded. “Just go under the white stuff. You gotta go under it. Then it won’t hurt you.” “OK,” I said, hoping I wouldn’t be faced with that reality, since we were far past the point where waves were breaking.

“Wanna see something really fun?” Nick wanted to teach me “The Dolphin” technique. He stretched his arms over his head and demonstrated how to fly over a wave like a dolphin, diving headfirst over the other side of the wave. He watched me try. “You almost did it!” he cried. He urged me to practice, giving me little pointers about how to position my legs and hands. His youthful joy and courage distracted me from my trepidation as we laughed and played.

Just when I began to feel almost comfortable, a new set of waves approached, and I noticed they were a little higher than the others. Wave after wave swelled, and then we saw it — the wave that wasn’t going to reach us before crashing violently. I morphed into a three year-old in less than an instant. I whimpered and my voice cracked, “I’m scared.” Nick yelled over the noise of rushing water, “DON’T TRY TO GO OVER THIS ONE! GO UNDER IT! GO UNDER! GO UNDER!” We were engulfed as I dove under the foam. While I wasn’t aggressive enough in my underwater plunge, the effects were less than they would have been, had I not followed Nick’s direction. The wave disoriented and pushed me back quite a few feet. My heart was pounding, and I came up gasping for air. When I managed to brush the hair back from my face and open my eyes, I saw Nick floating a few feet ahead of me and smiling. We had shared an experience that took away the barriers of age and social etiquette. He was not the child and I was not the adult. He was my teacher, my Ocean Angel, guiding me through my scariest moment and helping me know what to do. “Thank you,” I said. “Thank you so much. You really helped me.”

Following me safely back to shore, he walked away towards his family, turned back briefly, smiled and waved shyly. “See ya,” he said. “See ya,” I waved back.

I am amazed at how Life responds when I am willing to take a risk and do something I am afraid to do. Help and guidance arrive in the sweetest form to carry me through fear and into freedom.


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~ by Sarah McCroskey


I came in touch recently with the fact that I have been living behind a Wall, of my own creation, built long ago from bricks of shame, self-judgment, anger, and fear. “How did I miss this?” my Mind hisses.

My Self answers ~ “Beloved, it was not yet time to discover this.”

As I began to engage in REALLY looking at each and every brick I had placed around me, the 50+ extra pounds I hold on my body began to make sense.  How much fear (that I was mainly NOT in touch with) had been condensed from an energetic protective field into a physical structure, padding…. “Stay away.”

Marianne Williamson speaks compellingly about our walls, in her book, A Course in Weight Loss.  She speaks of how we personally cannot release the walls we have erected, be they physical, emotional, addictions or patterns of avoiding intimate connection.  If we could do it, we would have done it by now.  Only The Divine, our Creator / God can dissolve our edifice ~ and only we can request that it be done.


Our Mind and our Will want to have NOTHING to do with this dissolution. Our Mind and our Will have been outdoing one another as architect and builder of the Wall.  Their grand design is meant to be on our behalf, yet it is based on an understanding that we are now outgrowing.  Fear and its reflexive nature – to protect – believing whole-heartedly in a separate self.

But we didn’t come in with this notion.  As I’m delving into this it is surfacing all around me – in clients and in friendships.  We’re OUTGROWING our need, or more accurately – we no longer can stand to feel separate from community, one another…from the actuality of The Unified Field, our Oneness.

We recognize unity. We come from and will return to the Field of Oneness.  We knew as babies and toddlers that we were connected – a living part of the Whole, with untold abilities to inter-relate, communicate and BE with Everything.

So why the Wall? 

bricks in the wallAs we looked around as infants, we noticed that the adults, the older children – those we depended on for love, food, shelter – they all believed in something else.  Before we ever emerged from the womb, they had already swallowed the poisoned pill – of fear and separation.

As we looked out at these poor souls we saw that they were true believers in this illusion.

Some of us decided we needed to help them escape, thereby buying the notion of separation (I must help you) and some of us felt victimized by family members acting out scenarios of pecking orders, domination and abuse.  Through shame or grief or not being listened to we began to erect our own Walls to match what we saw around us.

Love has taken us this far. Our true nature can stand the constriction no longer.  We now know, at least conceptually as adults, we don’t need a Wall. We want to be free and reach through to “other,” “world,” “all our relations.” 

Now we have a choice.  To take conscious charge of Mind and Will – the twin wardens of The Illusion, and surrender our confinement – brick by brick – through our heart and our experience ~ to our Creator. 

For the wardens will not free us.  Only the living energy of Creation itself holds the antidote and can guide us back to life, affinity and fearless relating.  It is only in the ongoing acts of surrender to Greater Wholeness that we are free.

In concert with Divinity, fully embodied, as radiant heart-field, unbuilding our Walls – we can move ahead with the agenda we arrived with…bringing Heaven to Earth.  Resume play.


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~ by Sarah McCroskey

Recently I came upon a part within me that surfaces, painfully, from time to time with a nagging refrain, “Maybe I’m doing it wrong” or sometimes more urgently, “I must be doing it wrong!”

Ugh!  Still?  Haven’t I been committed to a path of awakening long enough to be free of that!??  Evidently not, but you know, I’m finding that it’s really okay.  Just another in the series of breadcrumbs or ore realizations, I set out for myself when I concocted this soul-journey, this current incarnational adventure.

Of course it surfaces painfully.  Would I wade in deeply enough to find the treasure within it if I wasn’t viscerally compelled to heal it?

This particular “ouchy” became apparent to me when I was listening to a broadcast on the HumanSpirit Radio Network called Living in Conscious Relationship with host Allan Hardman.  Someone had asked Allan a question and Allan was coaching this person past their automatic response into a deeper realization regarding the subject at hand.  No matter the subject, what I noticed is that I was energetically/emotionally cringing on behalf of the person being coached.  They, by the way, were fine with the coaching, while I was cringing!

This is when I recognized this piece that surfaces when I become defensive or think/judge that I “should know something” when I don’t.  “I must be doing it wrong.”  This interpretation evokes within me a feeling of deep shame and feeling cornered.

Hmmm.  I wrote down the phrase “I’m doing it wrong” and since then, I’ve been exploring…in a natural, curious way, how does this operate in me.

The obvious childhood stuff was apparent once again, of being the youngest girl in a family of four bright, precocious children competing for what appeared to be a scarcity of attention, validation and love.  But, God! Haven’t I been over that before?!!

What grips me is how does this dynamic live on in me? The family version is over.  Who’s judging who now?

A week later, as I was driving, I became inspired to allow a conversation to occur within me, between my Spirit self (expansive, big picture holder) and my ego self, which shed a lot of light on how this “I’m doing it wrong” lives on.

I asked the ego self, “Is there anything you’d like to say?” To which it replied, “Yes! I feel blamed for everything you don’t like or judge as bad.” 

I was surprised and began to feel that even the name “ego” had an ugly edge to it for me.  I said, “Would you like a new name?” and she said, “Yes, Little Light.”

This completely broke the ice and I found myself honoring and conversing with this part of me in an absolutely new way.  I was endeared to her!  This initiated the sweetest of healings, a true integration process, as I began to develop a rapport with this part of me…the one who held the key to “I’m doing it wrong.”  That’s exactly the way she felt, because that was what I told her over and over again (along with energetically walling her off to the best of my ability – not recommended…or very effective).

As I’m choosing to listen to these aspects, lending them my voice and hearing “their” perspective, I am finding richness and awareness, a texture of being, where before there was a raw separation within my Self.  Rather than labeling them (ego, Judge, fearful child…) and unwittingly making them repositories for thoughts, feelings and reactions I wish I didn’t have or feel powerless over, I am listening to the diversity of experience, perspective and opinion within me.

The healing this is bringing is deep and poignant. The sense of freedom is palpable as each voice is invited to express, reveal, and be honored.

For separation is tricky this way.  Whatever we say is “not us” or judge negatively, on the inside or the outside, becomes the “other” to project upon. 

A huge aspect of “the mystery of the world” gets resolved here.  “Good/bad, right/wrong, should exist, shouldn’t exist” are the dualities I have generated within me.  And if I can’t stand the heat of the battle as it rages within me – I simply externalize it.

We knew when we arrived here that we were Wholeness Itself – an Unlimited Creator Being.  We just got talked out of it.  We bought what our parents bought, and their parents bought – for countless generations. 

There’s traction here as we drop our, now internalized, conditioning. For if I can love and allow each and every part of me, I can assure you, I’ll be much easier on you!

Healing the separation within and loving our “selves” back to Wholeness?  Well, it just may heal our world. 


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~ by Marja West

Over the past month I’ve received many inquiries via posts, telephone and email requesting my input regarding the latest horror stories in national and world events—pick one to focus on and feel yourSelves get whirled around and sucked into the craziness.  It’s one effing programmed thing after another.  Problem-Reaction-Solution.  We are constantly faced with moment to moment split second decisions when we interact with the world and one another, and it’s for our own good.  The 9/11 incident still reigns its campaign of fear.  To this day, at the airports, we each get to decide if we’d rather be molested or exposed to radiation. We are herded like cattle, and controlled for our protection from terrorists….ooooh… the “t” word.

Enter the Now from Here.

I am well known for being media and politically absent, and more focused on co-creating well-being among earthlings and the countless other beings bound to Gaia.  I’ll say this over and over again and again:  THE WORLD IS NOT THE PLANET!

With this in mind you can either read on or drop me like a bad habit.

“Presence”, that is, being present to life as it is, is very tricky.  And without a clear understanding of the true nature of reality, how your mind works, and how your emotions work, “presence” will just be another concept to strive for.  The word strive is more running away from what is, right now.  The whole point of “presence” is to allow what is.

I urge one and all to seriously consider unplugging from mainstream media, rather than get all caught up in the hell of incessant broadcasting of news, whether in print, on television, radio, or the web. 

Most people are on auto-pilot when it comes to the media cartel and get all caught up in their hoopla.  They do not question their droning out to the constant need of the constant stimulation the mass media provides, not to mention the rush of subliminal energetic potions received.  Most folks actually believe this is the whole of reality, when it’s merely just one timeline possibility, among and infinite number of possibilities.  But we are addicted to our media addictions as avoidance tactics.  Yup, that includes your addictions to your beloved iPhones, browsing the web because there’s nothing else to do, playing online games, watching movies, and talking non-stop or instant messaging, darlings. This need for distraction is escaping life as it is.  Have a good look.  All in the name of entertainment…and who doesn’t want to be entertained??  I love zombie moviesJ!

How many of us can actually receive and allow a moment’s peace without “shoulding” and “stressing out” about what to do next???  How many of us can actually meet someone new without comparing them to someone else?  How many of us can enjoy a walk in nature without mentally or verbally labeling and naming the trees, the birds, the butterflies, the flowers, the rock formations, the current phase of the moon, or experience something fresh for the very first time, even if you’ve done it or been there many times before? 

Did you know you’re actually doing whatever you’re doing right now for the very first time, Now…?  It’s new, Now, fresh.  Get it??? 

If you’re not present, where are you– in the past?? In the future?? Spacing out in some parallel universe???  Living life by default habitually?  Or just going through the motions until it’s all over with??

Hello??  You’re here on planet Earth!

You will raise the vibration of the planet significantly by being present to your life.  By focusing on your life and managing your life force, which by the way, is your creativity, you will assist in engendering peace for humanity, the animal and nature beings and serving this beautiful planet– In doing so the Universe and the Law of Attraction will support you in rich and amazing ways.

Unless you are presently having a direct experience with an act of violence that’s being reported through the media, please realise that you are actually being manipulated by the media cartel, to use your imagination to dip into that reality, in order to serve their agenda to get you to generate more terror and fear and despair and horror and anger and rage and hate and violence for all the world to feed off of, and thus creating more terror and fear and despair and horror and anger and rage and hate and violence. 

Have a good look at this and see for yourself.

Many of you are familiar with the Global Elite, and be well aware that the “geh”, as I prefer to call them (it’s cute, yeh?), want nothing more than to control and terrify us with horrifying images and headlines; they want nothing more than to polarize us and get us to blame and hate each other enough for us to kill each other without batting an eyelash. This has been going on and on and on and on for millennia. 

It’s called divide and conquer, and its success requires our complicity, so pull your head out of the sand and get off your knees.  Follow the money, and you’ll see who’s in charge.

It will take much more than being awake to end this madness.  Waking up is one thing, then, there is dealing with reality as it is.

If you want to truly do something concrete and real about the world and end all of the suffering and violence, please check yourself and work out and dissolve the suffering and violence in you!

Self-blame, self-criticism, self-hatred, self-importance, self-judgment and self-punishment– are among some of the acts of violence towards the Self on a personalized level, and do nothing but promote endless self-inflicted suffering.  It doesn’t take long for this suffering to spew out onto others.  From within, goes without. Your outer reality reflects your inner landscape.

Can you see how this contributes to the state of the world? 

You are the world, just as I am the world.  Don’t put the state of the world on God, Goddess, All that is.  We are the world.  We are the suffering of the world.  We are the violence of the world…and…We can transform the world.

Please have a look at this.  It’s true, isn’t it????

If you really want to contribute to peace on this planet, please allow peace within YOU and live it.  If you are not at peace, please face that reality, and accept it without trying to change it or get away from it.  Accept and be present with your non-peace.  Transformation occurs naturally, spontaneously.  Like yourself, love yourself, warts and all.

My friend and mentor, Fredric Lehrman, shares this brilliant affirmation with many:

“The more I like myself the way I am, the more I am the way I want to be.”

The Universe is all powerful. The power of the Universe resides within each and every one of us.  Know it and live it. We all come from the same source, yup even those others:-o…the “geh”…oh not not THEM…yes, THEM.

Remember, you are Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience.

Love & Blissings,

Marja West

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 by Sarah McCroskey (continued from last post)

When energetic technology of the highest magnitude goes awry, it is not pretty.  When dimensional boundaries are breached, there is a mess.  When the fabric of cosmic structure itself is sheared by conscious or unintended miscreation – there are reverberations. 

Incarnational cycling might be one consequence.  A karmic backpack of images, emotions and terror might be another.  Loss of faith in the cosmic order and our Creator might be a by product of such an experience.  And most assuredly the isolation and despair accompanying a sudden, sheer drop in consciousness and belonging – to the greater Galactic community is sure to make a mark.

But need this mark be eternal or are we in fact digging out from this precipitous plunge in consciousness, from this cosmic quarantine?

Yes, it is our time, and we are in fact making this leap, but what have been the artifacts – old and outdated but still in use today that have molded human beings – etched as a deep imprint on our psyche and souls?

To name a few:

Ego – When you can no longer remember your cosmic heritage and inter-relatedness with All That Is, how can you consider yourself anything but separate, local, merely a body and brain in a world of (unresolved) peril?  From this perspective, relegating a huge chunk of your awareness capacity to self-protection and automatic/reflexive seems a really good idea.  Enter flight/fight/freeze, distraction, aggression, claiming ownership, competition, greed/hoarding – the hallmarks of a fear-based ego and the separate (small) self.

Susceptibility to Conditioning – With a strong subconscious (and cellular) memory of what it is like to go from a superconscious state of awareness to “ordinary” 5-sense perceptual capacity, we become ripe for entrainment to programs of conditioning such as; I’m not enough, striving for perfection, self condemnation and doubt and non-fulfillment /seeking “something more”. 

Couple this with the experiential echo of “being cast out” from our cosmic federation (the Epoch of Quarantine), humans were primed to adopt and perpetuate the fear of not belonging, being banished, “excommunicated”, exiled, defamed, “singled out”.  Every conceivable cultural nuance and meme regarding the importance of “fitting in” and “not making waves” became stressed as a matter of survival – underscored by a (unresolved yet visceral) experience of THAT loss, THAT abandonment, THAT bereavement.

Controlling and Loss of Trust – The curiosity embedded in the human desire to “control” is the assumption that “things are out-of-control”.  This too harkens back to memory of the Atlantean cataclysm,  re-cast by our soul in countless reincarnational cycles and current life dramas.  Compellingly inviting us to reclaim conscious creatorhood, our soul will compassionately withstand the suffering we heap on ourselves through white-knuckled controlling, fear and a conditioned reluctance to let go, with faith and trust, in a broader design, a greater Power.

Fear of Power – Controlling and perceived powerlessness often exist as twin aspects of the same patterned premise – a fear of power and a certainty that it will inevitably go wrong.  Behold the meme, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Having witnessed the cost of the abuse of power – by “ourselves” or “another” – in the times of Atlantis and repeatedly since, we culturally equate power with abuse.  We fear our own power and distrust power in the hands of others.

All Healing Begins with Responsibility

So the karmic imprint of Atlantis endures – birthing repetitions and cycling through civilizations.  You, me, we’ve worn all the hats from villain to damsel, abuser to victim, wisdom holder to sacred pilgrim.  It has literally become “As the World Turns” in endless syndication.

But the light is upon us, both in focus – like a spotlight and in intensity – like a laser’s beam.  We are, quite literally, becoming illumined from within.  This tunes us to great navigational resources, on the outside.

Our soul merely requires that we OWN our journey.  No fault, no blame, simply “I was there…I am here…I have been all along.  I exist as Creator  – with a soul that loves a good adventure and tracks the arc of my evolution as a Divine Singularity, a unique aspect of All That Is. 

And like any loving parent, good friend or true guardian, my soul requires that I clean up my messes and wake up on time.


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~ by Sarah McCroskey

Mythical or not, of this “reality” or another dimensional parallel, there was the story of Atlantis which compels our imagination and lives powerfully in our experience to this day.

Before the days of “fact checkers” and carbon dating for historical accuracy, the story went something like this:

A civilization of beings existed upon the Earth for many thousands of years.  Their numbers and base of talent were comprised of evermore ancient ones – descendants of Mu, joined with beings from other star systems and ancestors of former claimants of Earth’s gone by.

This civilization rose to great heights of scientific exploration and experimentation beyond anything our technological civilization can fathom today.  Working with energetic transmission, crystal technology and alchemy of astounding accuracy and magnitude, the Atlanteans brought the linearity and the active, radiant, sky/male polarity to its pinnacle of existence on Earth.

The masses, each holding divine frequency and consciousness well beyond our current collective capacity, enjoyed lives of clarity and compassion, natural pleasure and cosmic inter-relatedness.  It was indeed a Golden Age.

Purposely omitting the details and “who done its” of the drama and destruction that led to its fall, suffice it to say Atlantis and its member population plummeted from the heights to the depths.  Physically, energetically, psychologically, emotionally, dimensionally and in consciousness itself – Atlantis fell hard and on every level – excruciatingly so.  

What then was the cost to those who travelled this soul path – be it forging this peak civilization, seeding its power, incarnationally experiencing, accidentally or intentionally crafting its downfall – what becomes of the soul journeyers from the Epoch of Atlantis?


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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)

We all came here on purpose at this time.  We thought it all could run amok…Armageddon, that was a distinct possibility…and we came anyway, to see…could we change the collective course of humanity?  Not through controlling, but through remembering, consciously, and then relaxing back into our interconnection with All That Is.

It is done.  So enough with fear and the pretense of limitation.  That false cloak has been shredded by our perseverance – our dedication, love and radiance!

It is only our small self, the out-of-date one that clings to control of this epic process.  How would we control it or even want to?  Does a tadpole “figure out how” to transform into a leaping frog?”  Does an acorn control its way to becoming the towering oak?  Of course  not.  They innately trust the timing and guidance of Nature. 

It is only when we forget our interconnection to Nature and our Earth home and attempt to control the cycles and spirals of a cosmic timing that we get out of sync, experience separation, fear and doubt.

For in truth, how could any one of us, compacted light, the miracle of the joining of two cells, pretend that returning to pure love and consciousness – while still embodied is not enough?  In-dwelling this loving, vast realization of Self must be the first step.  Then, and only then, we express through our being – birthing a living reality into form.  

This is the dream of the Ancient Ones, the Great Return, the stirring of the Goddess – our joint and sacred vision.  And it shall indeed be… Heaven on Earth.

Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.


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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)

It could be that the fear of the conditioned mind is old, ancient in fact, and has been reinforced through lifetimes, generations – practically mythical and certainly archetypal – as an unexamined foundation to human experience and conceptual reality.

Perhaps it’s because I have adopted, as well as carved my own likeness and paid my dues into a world culture that pretends that safety and belonging can be achieved and held certain if we just sacrifice our authenticity and freedom.

Perhaps, as in the Toltec analogy, used by Don Miguel Ruiz, we all have a painful skin condition, that causes us to be unbearably sensitive and adverse to anything that might touch us (and our emotional wounds) and that compels us to avoid “touching” others, as well.

Or perhaps it is a process, as Arthur M. Young puts to thorough enquiry in his tome, The Reflexive Universe, Evolution of Consciousness, a seven part evolutionary journey of all things, to move from pure light – an unencumbered, formless and vastly creative force – to form, structure, complex organism, self-reflective organism and back through stages of apparent constriction toward pure consciousness once again.

So perhaps we grapple, right on time, as a product of the evolutionary seed that lives within us.  As we crack through the hull that has gotten us this far as a member of our species, our germination can feel painful or clumsy as our tender new roots and leaves reach through the fertile hummus and debris of literally eons of civilization.  Our instincts and reflexes have been honed through generations of emotional and energetic patterning.

Maybe a gentle sense of allowing and patience are in order.  Maybe unconditional self-love and encouragement are the proper ingredients during this transition – coupled with a passion for consciousness.

So, personally, I hereby choose… to hold myself tenderly while I willingly inhabit this container, nay crucible of living evolution.

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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)

Be truthful; in the most sacred inner recesses of your being, do you really care what someone else thinks about you?  Since you’re eternal, is death even all that frightening?  What keeps you from living with your heart in the lead?  Are you really afraid of your feelings or are they simply showing you what’s true for you?  Is the presumed safety of not investing too much, for fear of disappointment, worth forfeiting a vision of a world that works for everyone?

Did we internalize reflexive conditioning to “play by the rules” because those rules (competition, doing to distraction, obedience, one up or one down) really work for us? Or did we just buy the program; download the software because everyone we knew, watched and revered had done it?

We each hold the key to our shackles.  When I own and lovingly dismantle my personally adopted/constructed holding pen and become increasingly free I no longer need to be afraid to be seen, to stand out, to be me.  I don’t need to fear the judgment or disagreement of the other prisoners….no matter how “high up” the chain(gang) they may go.

Instead, you and I can extend a hand…a heart…to one another.  We can get about encouraging the freedom of each and every being.  A freedom which can only be derived from the inside – through awareness, self-love, personal ownership and conscious creation.

This is a gift to heal the world.  For when we own it and heal it on the inside – we transform our experience of it on the outside.  No longer “going along”, accommodating or playing forward fear, separation and scarcity as “the way it is.”   When we stop being mean to ourselves, we stop accepting cruelty to others.

Courage, harmony and humor are standard equipment for each and every human being; getting real is a matter of choice.

Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.


HumanSpirit Radio Network is committed to bringing you positive and uplifting content every day. For more information on our free radio broadcasts:, for one-on-one sessions with Sarah:

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