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~ by Sarah McCroskey

All Healing Comes from Self Love

Let’s face it, whatever my parents (and their parents, and their parents back to the beginning of time) did or didn’t do, the results now sit squarely in my lap. This is not to minimize the neglect, abuse and unconscious programming we endured. But if we did, indeed, endure, then our healing is now firmly in our hands. Ironically, the negative emotional environment, beliefs and roles we became indoctrinated to stem from our parents enactment of the Rescue Triangle – that’s where we learned it!

Unless we halt the drama (including, I’m a victim to my parents – even if, in fact I was) we perpetrate it unconsciously on everyone around us, our partners, our friends and our kids. Youch! The buck, well, it truly stops with you.

Loving oneself (and connecting with nature and Source) are ways we heal and stay whole. But why is it so hard? We’ve almost forgotten that active self loving is an available option and that’s because it (generally speaking) wasn’t modeled to us. Our parents never learned it either.

So let’s learn to apply this soul-soothing balm liberally, now, okay? Drop the venomous concept of “being selfish” and embrace your own empowerment. No healer, no lover, no surrogate parent can penetrate and you cannot “fill-up” until you personally ‘put the plug in the bathtub’ and allow love. All love that is truly received is predicated on self-love.

So get down! Pour it on! Make it up, if you have to at first. A couple of things may happen:

1. Your inner critic may get real LOUD. If it does, ask if that voice, feeling, belief is really you. Then ask that energy “what do you need?” Notice how this feels as it processes. This simple question allows that energy to return to the person, time, place that it belongs. It’s remarkable how energy shifts when you gently ask for its release back to its rightful place in the universe.

2. You may go blank. “I don’t know how to love myself or what I want”, “I don’t trust myself…”, etc. That’s okay. Go to the sure bets like, praise yourself on paper (for ANYTHING), take a walk in nature, honor your body with a nice long bath or shower with candles, good smelling soaps and music. Begin to pay attention and create occasions for feeling joyful, playing and having fun.

Think of the world that would be reflected if each of us quietly generated our own self love. When you looked around at others, you saw a little smile of contentment, mirroring and modeling self-satisfaction. (See how even that word triggers our training about selfishness?)

When we know ourselves, our needs and desires and fill those requirements, while gladly assisting others in doing the same for themselves, we create balance. There is no jockeying for position. We begin to dissolve the learned pattern of “better than/worse than” that allows us to be manipulated by our fear of loss or judgment.

When you’re ‘full up’ you become self- referenced and sovereign. This is wholeness, your soul and love-based Self.

Until now, well, it’s been a bad dream. No one is inherently more or less able or competent than anyone else. Sure, we have different skill sets, but it’s our conditioning that says some people are less whole than others.

As George Orwell wrote in his 1945 allegory, Animal Farm , “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” It’s precisely this illogical logic of our worldwide culture that has kept us entrenched in the high- stakes drama of the Rescue Triangle – be it personal, community-based or global. This is how our unconscious patterns have unwittingly generated the HA VE and HA VE NOT constructs everywhere.

It is only when we bring consciousness to our trained thinking and provide ourselves the love we so dearly desire, that we slip the yoke off and the manipulation ends.

Then and only then, can our authentic, self- generating abundance be lovingly shared with the world. For now, agenda-less, we are free.


Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

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~ by Sarah McCroskey

There is a pure, clear, stream of consciousness that runs through the center of each of us.  This is the stream that places us inside the Big Picture, the Cosmic Order, the dance of consciousness Itself – the Destiny path.  Within the flow of this stream much is shown to us, we are guided.  Boggling complexities are orchestrated beyond our awareness that serve us and usher us along our path.  Within this flow and alignment, we are served and our creative expression lives in service of the Whole. 

This is not some realm of inaction or state of passivity.  Our greatest effort and awareness is required here.  Paradoxically, the required effort is to let go!  We must use our conscious choice and personal, free will to let go and flow within the Greater Stream.  Our primer of fear/separation training says, “Hang on for your life and ‘try’ to control everything.” The prize? exhaustion in pursuing ultimately unfulfilling, external “rewards.”

Following the inside track, however, and acting on the subtleties of message and synchronous timing brings us our greatest joy and excitement.  That’s what clues us in to our center and true connection …our joy!

As we direct our intent, manage our minds, experience and cleanse our feeling state and release our conditioning ongoingly – moment-by-moment we begin to pick up this Cosmic Current and attune to the subtle signals.  This is the destiny path, the path of mastery.


Stay tuned for the conclusion of this article tomorrow.

Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

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~ by Sarah McCroskey

When we listen, on the inside, our body’s signals show us how to live in balance. When we listen, our Earth is reaching out to us to willingly provide for our every need.  When we listen deeply to our own inner voice, our sacred signaling and our connection to our fellow creatures and human partners – that is, others who are listening – we come in contact with the many layered and infinite facets of Source. 

In this interconnection…this inner connection, a pulse of energetic awareness…a path of conscious creation can be tracked and followed.  This flow is the current of evolution as it is breathed and woven through this and every moment.  Synchronicity is the signal that tells us when we are in flow through our body’s wireless antenna.

Positive synchronicity is like the breadcrumbs we’ve left for ourselves to follow – from our greater, timeless awareness which is always connected to the Infinite.  Negative synchronicities also make apparent where we’ve become entrained to messages of fear and separation and have disconnected from our Self.


Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow! 

Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

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~ by Sarah McCroskey

Recently I came upon a part within me that surfaces, painfully, from time to time with a nagging refrain, “Maybe I’m doing it wrong” or sometimes more urgently, “I must be doing it wrong!”

Ugh!  Still?  Haven’t I been committed to a path of awakening long enough to be free of that!??  Evidently not, but you know, I’m finding that it’s really okay.  Just another in the series of breadcrumbs or ore realizations, I set out for myself when I concocted this soul-journey, this current incarnational adventure.

Of course it surfaces painfully.  Would I wade in deeply enough to find the treasure within it if I wasn’t viscerally compelled to heal it?

This particular “ouchy” became apparent to me when I was listening to a broadcast on the HumanSpirit Radio Network called Living in Conscious Relationship with host Allan Hardman.  Someone had asked Allan a question and Allan was coaching this person past their automatic response into a deeper realization regarding the subject at hand.  No matter the subject, what I noticed is that I was energetically/emotionally cringing on behalf of the person being coached.  They, by the way, were fine with the coaching, while I was cringing!

This is when I recognized this piece that surfaces when I become defensive or think/judge that I “should know something” when I don’t.  “I must be doing it wrong.”  This interpretation evokes within me a feeling of deep shame and feeling cornered.

Hmmm.  I wrote down the phrase “I’m doing it wrong” and since then, I’ve been exploring…in a natural, curious way, how does this operate in me.

The obvious childhood stuff was apparent once again, of being the youngest girl in a family of four bright, precocious children competing for what appeared to be a scarcity of attention, validation and love.  But, God! Haven’t I been over that before?!!

What grips me is how does this dynamic live on in me? The family version is over.  Who’s judging who now?

A week later, as I was driving, I became inspired to allow a conversation to occur within me, between my Spirit self (expansive, big picture holder) and my ego self, which shed a lot of light on how this “I’m doing it wrong” lives on.

I asked the ego self, “Is there anything you’d like to say?” To which it replied, “Yes! I feel blamed for everything you don’t like or judge as bad.” 

I was surprised and began to feel that even the name “ego” had an ugly edge to it for me.  I said, “Would you like a new name?” and she said, “Yes, Little Light.”

This completely broke the ice and I found myself honoring and conversing with this part of me in an absolutely new way.  I was endeared to her!  This initiated the sweetest of healings, a true integration process, as I began to develop a rapport with this part of me…the one who held the key to “I’m doing it wrong.”  That’s exactly the way she felt, because that was what I told her over and over again (along with energetically walling her off to the best of my ability – not recommended…or very effective).

As I’m choosing to listen to these aspects, lending them my voice and hearing “their” perspective, I am finding richness and awareness, a texture of being, where before there was a raw separation within my Self.  Rather than labeling them (ego, Judge, fearful child…) and unwittingly making them repositories for thoughts, feelings and reactions I wish I didn’t have or feel powerless over, I am listening to the diversity of experience, perspective and opinion within me.

The healing this is bringing is deep and poignant. The sense of freedom is palpable as each voice is invited to express, reveal, and be honored.

For separation is tricky this way.  Whatever we say is “not us” or judge negatively, on the inside or the outside, becomes the “other” to project upon. 

A huge aspect of “the mystery of the world” gets resolved here.  “Good/bad, right/wrong, should exist, shouldn’t exist” are the dualities I have generated within me.  And if I can’t stand the heat of the battle as it rages within me – I simply externalize it.

We knew when we arrived here that we were Wholeness Itself – an Unlimited Creator Being.  We just got talked out of it.  We bought what our parents bought, and their parents bought – for countless generations. 

There’s traction here as we drop our, now internalized, conditioning. For if I can love and allow each and every part of me, I can assure you, I’ll be much easier on you!

Healing the separation within and loving our “selves” back to Wholeness?  Well, it just may heal our world. 


Copyright © 2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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~ by Jessica McKay

There are love stories,

and there is obliteration into love.

You’ve been walking

the ocean’s edge, holding

up your robes to keep them dry.

You must dive naked under,

and deeper under,

a thousand times deeper!


Love flows down.

The ground submits

to the sky,

and suffers what comes.


Tell me, is the earth worse

for giving in like that?


Don’t put blankets over the drum!

Open completely.


Let your spirit ear listen

to the green dome’s

passionate murmur.

–   Rumi

It’s amazing how often I’m tempted to hold back from life, from sharing love and being close to others, all because of the fear that I might suffer some unforeseen consequence and be hurt later. Can you relate? Past memories of rejection have shaped the fears that make it easy to hide from a lover’s gaze, and old hurts define how we relate to the world.

The Rumi poem above talks about diving into the Ocean of Life, which has inside of it every joy, sorrow, happiness, fear, anger, pain and ecstasy. If we attempt to push away the uncomfortable feelings to protect ourselves from pain, we lose the ability to fully experience the joy and peace that also resides in the ocean of life. When we push feelings away, it is easy to become numb and disconnected from the life and people around us. A sweet friend and mentor recently said to me, “Everything is You, and you don’t need protection from yourself.”

If we are willing to sit with a broken heart, or any “negative” emotion, and just let it have us, something miraculous happens. When we give ourselves permission to feel pain, shed tears, or simply be afraid, perhaps because someone dies or leaves us alone, the grief moving through us becomes a healing force. How often were we told as children not to cry? All that unexpressed sorrow and pain solidified around our hearts, and instead of our wounds healing, they grew deeper. And the more we were hurting, the more we tried to push away things that could potentially hurt us — other people, intimacy, our true desires and feelings.

The sorrows of life’s accumulated disappointments are always trying to come out from where they’ve been stored in order to free us from the pain of the past, so that we can be present here and now. So we can be free to love and be loved! Imagine what life would be like if we could enter our relationships without fear of the pain that comes with loss. Imagine if we never held back, if we said, “Yes!” when love knocks at the door.

What if you knew that a beautiful relationship was only going to last for a few years, or a few months? Would you engage in it fully anyway, keeping your heart open?

Let’s dive into the ocean of life together, and not hold ourselves back from the love that is always awaiting us there. Love in the midst of pain, love inside grief, love underneath anger, love that fuels joy.

Death walks behind us, not caring whether we open our hearts to let life in. She is coming for us someday, perhaps soon, perhaps years from now, and when she is ready, she will not wait for us to say what matters most.

So let’s say it now with all the passion our hearts can rally:



Copyright © 2013 Jessica McKay. All Rights Reserved. 

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~ by Sarah McCroskey

We now have the opportunity to experience all manner of existence.  How?  By remembering that we are real in the eternal scheme of things.  We exist to experience.  When we enter these realms we come seeking experience, bringing with us our divinity.  Then we forget.  We don’t forget that we seek experience; we forget that we are connected to the Wholeness.  We accept the conditioning of separateness that surrounds our lives.

Many seek to outgrow or transform the ego – the literal manifestation of the idea of a self, separate from all else.  Ancient, spiritual traditions suggest openness and receptivity, being present, interconnection and communion as gateways to the release of the separate, local, persona or ego-self.  Why?  Because to openly receive is to reconnect to the grander, quantum-level Self – the field of all possibility, with nothing left out.

The Earth path is our crucible.  Having forgotten our connection to All, our separate self sees death not eternity; it fears being cast out when such a thing does not exist.  Ego is forged from misunderstanding and compelled to survive. 

Steeped in the construct of separateness since birth, it takes but one profound first experience.  Everyone’s got one of these events, generally at pre-school age.  It’s when your wide-eyed innocence came to an abrupt halt out of something you experienced – you suddenly felt unsafe or no longer loved for who you are.  That’s when the game of survival began in earnest.  Reinforced a few times, you decided you had to put on a persona to protect yourself and fit in. 

You see, the poor, maligned ego is a vital aspect of our “reality” on Earth.  If you are alone and disconnected, you must assign an aspect of yourself to defend you from “outside” threat, be it real or perceived – at any cost.  Forgetting our eternal, holographic self is prerequisite to this game.

The ego, our manifest mask of separation, must be created to exist in this world of density, duality and limitedness.  This world is pressing.  It engages us in a constant act of flight from harm.  Why?  Because we have forgotten Who We Are.   In the afterlife, “post game wrap up” we always find ourselves safely back in Spirit, the quantum field of All/Love.  But the path of the enlightened one is to achieve this Truth prior to our departure – from eternity and Oneness to separation and survival and back again. 

When we remember Who We Are, the ego is soothed and quieted.  It can finally stand down.   We are free, here and now.  When we remember Who We Are, we hold a fine, clear, center no matter what is piped in from the “real world”.  When we remember Who We Are, we access answers and solutions from the non-local mind.  When we remember Who We Are, we witness the pleasure, joy and ease of a non-personal, overview – where threats to survival are a backdrop illusion, mere tactics in a compelling game of Risk, which we have jointly constructed, through act or agreement, to learn from our time on this planet. 

When we remember and live true to Who We Are, we move, full circle, through this humanity and create along with our true nature, as Creator, a new game.  It’s called Heaven on Earth.   

Game on!


Copyright © 2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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 by Sarah McCroskey (continued from last post)

When energetic technology of the highest magnitude goes awry, it is not pretty.  When dimensional boundaries are breached, there is a mess.  When the fabric of cosmic structure itself is sheared by conscious or unintended miscreation – there are reverberations. 

Incarnational cycling might be one consequence.  A karmic backpack of images, emotions and terror might be another.  Loss of faith in the cosmic order and our Creator might be a by product of such an experience.  And most assuredly the isolation and despair accompanying a sudden, sheer drop in consciousness and belonging – to the greater Galactic community is sure to make a mark.

But need this mark be eternal or are we in fact digging out from this precipitous plunge in consciousness, from this cosmic quarantine?

Yes, it is our time, and we are in fact making this leap, but what have been the artifacts – old and outdated but still in use today that have molded human beings – etched as a deep imprint on our psyche and souls?

To name a few:

Ego – When you can no longer remember your cosmic heritage and inter-relatedness with All That Is, how can you consider yourself anything but separate, local, merely a body and brain in a world of (unresolved) peril?  From this perspective, relegating a huge chunk of your awareness capacity to self-protection and automatic/reflexive seems a really good idea.  Enter flight/fight/freeze, distraction, aggression, claiming ownership, competition, greed/hoarding – the hallmarks of a fear-based ego and the separate (small) self.

Susceptibility to Conditioning – With a strong subconscious (and cellular) memory of what it is like to go from a superconscious state of awareness to “ordinary” 5-sense perceptual capacity, we become ripe for entrainment to programs of conditioning such as; I’m not enough, striving for perfection, self condemnation and doubt and non-fulfillment /seeking “something more”. 

Couple this with the experiential echo of “being cast out” from our cosmic federation (the Epoch of Quarantine), humans were primed to adopt and perpetuate the fear of not belonging, being banished, “excommunicated”, exiled, defamed, “singled out”.  Every conceivable cultural nuance and meme regarding the importance of “fitting in” and “not making waves” became stressed as a matter of survival – underscored by a (unresolved yet visceral) experience of THAT loss, THAT abandonment, THAT bereavement.

Controlling and Loss of Trust – The curiosity embedded in the human desire to “control” is the assumption that “things are out-of-control”.  This too harkens back to memory of the Atlantean cataclysm,  re-cast by our soul in countless reincarnational cycles and current life dramas.  Compellingly inviting us to reclaim conscious creatorhood, our soul will compassionately withstand the suffering we heap on ourselves through white-knuckled controlling, fear and a conditioned reluctance to let go, with faith and trust, in a broader design, a greater Power.

Fear of Power – Controlling and perceived powerlessness often exist as twin aspects of the same patterned premise – a fear of power and a certainty that it will inevitably go wrong.  Behold the meme, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Having witnessed the cost of the abuse of power – by “ourselves” or “another” – in the times of Atlantis and repeatedly since, we culturally equate power with abuse.  We fear our own power and distrust power in the hands of others.

All Healing Begins with Responsibility

So the karmic imprint of Atlantis endures – birthing repetitions and cycling through civilizations.  You, me, we’ve worn all the hats from villain to damsel, abuser to victim, wisdom holder to sacred pilgrim.  It has literally become “As the World Turns” in endless syndication.

But the light is upon us, both in focus – like a spotlight and in intensity – like a laser’s beam.  We are, quite literally, becoming illumined from within.  This tunes us to great navigational resources, on the outside.

Our soul merely requires that we OWN our journey.  No fault, no blame, simply “I was there…I am here…I have been all along.  I exist as Creator  – with a soul that loves a good adventure and tracks the arc of my evolution as a Divine Singularity, a unique aspect of All That Is. 

And like any loving parent, good friend or true guardian, my soul requires that I clean up my messes and wake up on time.


Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)

Be truthful; in the most sacred inner recesses of your being, do you really care what someone else thinks about you?  Since you’re eternal, is death even all that frightening?  What keeps you from living with your heart in the lead?  Are you really afraid of your feelings or are they simply showing you what’s true for you?  Is the presumed safety of not investing too much, for fear of disappointment, worth forfeiting a vision of a world that works for everyone?

Did we internalize reflexive conditioning to “play by the rules” because those rules (competition, doing to distraction, obedience, one up or one down) really work for us? Or did we just buy the program; download the software because everyone we knew, watched and revered had done it?

We each hold the key to our shackles.  When I own and lovingly dismantle my personally adopted/constructed holding pen and become increasingly free I no longer need to be afraid to be seen, to stand out, to be me.  I don’t need to fear the judgment or disagreement of the other prisoners….no matter how “high up” the chain(gang) they may go.

Instead, you and I can extend a hand…a heart…to one another.  We can get about encouraging the freedom of each and every being.  A freedom which can only be derived from the inside – through awareness, self-love, personal ownership and conscious creation.

This is a gift to heal the world.  For when we own it and heal it on the inside – we transform our experience of it on the outside.  No longer “going along”, accommodating or playing forward fear, separation and scarcity as “the way it is.”   When we stop being mean to ourselves, we stop accepting cruelty to others.

Courage, harmony and humor are standard equipment for each and every human being; getting real is a matter of choice.

Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.


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By Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)

Where are the exercises and trainings, the guidance and the constant examples that implore us to follow our hearts and tap into our own unique beingness?  What about what I love to do and how THAT contributes a specific and unique talent into a truly thriving world…for everyone?

This is the new way, a soul-level calling and the essential work of the new world.

What if we each began to track our own inside story?  With curiosity and a healing awareness, we began to discover…what’s there?  We’ve been led to believe that this inside stuff is dark, hidden, “shadow work”.  No, it’s just us!  What we’ve come to believe, feelings we didn’t feel at the times they arose – and stored instead.  When did we adopt the notion that the inside is scary?

Scary?  It’s fascinating!

What could be of more interest to me than to study the fine art of how I have constructed my prison as well as my dream, through the meaning I assigned to my life experiences?  Which experiences do I say “should not have happened” or blame myself for?  Which ones do I say were places I was “lucky” or “in the right place at the right time?”  Where do I secretly know, I’m on the right track!

It’s really not all that complex or hidden.  If we’ve forgotten something, or as our pathologically oriented disciplines and culture would have it, “driven it into our unconscious” (oh naughty, sinister us!) no matter.  Our bodies will always show us where we’ve stuffed something.  As our soul-in-form, our body will bring our attention to precisely the times and places where we designed limitation into a system that’s meant to flow.  It’s literally “aching” to show us those bits and beliefs that no longer serve.  It’s a built in faculty.  Where’s the deep, dark, dread in that?

When we follow the ache, rather than resist or suppress it – as in “it shouldn’t be there” -we begin to restore the power and listen to the intelligence of our own personal data stream.  That which drives our experience of reality lives inside of us – and very individually.

To heal our world, we must first and/or simultaneously, heal our experience and beliefs about it.  THAT is an inside job.


Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

To be continued tomorrow… HumanSpirit Radio Network is committed to bringing you positive and uplifting content every day. For more information on our free radio broadcasts:, for one-on-one sessions with Sarah:

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