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Marja West

Marja West

Please join us today, March 7 at 2 PM PST for Marja West’s broadcast on HumanSpirit Radio Network. Marja will interview Max J. Van Praag of Private Matters TV.

To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM today or visit

Max J. Van Praag is a force for fulfilling intimate relationships. Everyone can achieve bliss in their own way, regardless of their history. He created the TV program/web channel “Private Matters” with the intention to raise global awareness in the area of love, intimacy, sex and full self-expression for men and women.

Max has studied performing arts, psychology, personal transformation, and is fluent in five languages. He has done lifelong research on the topics presented on Private Matters. Using his unique perspective and life experience, Max has also been a teacher and group leader for almost thirty years. Born and raised in Holland, a citizen of the world, he brings his cross cultural and multilingual skills to this project. Max has lived in Marin County since 1995.

Guest: Max J. Van Praag

Private Matters TV

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~ by Allan Hardman


Photo by Allan Hardman

New Agreement #1:
“Your nature is Love. You are the source of Love in your life.”

Allan Hardman

Allan Hardman

You came into this world through Love, as Love, being Love. You were the manifestation of Life itself. You came here knowing no fear, no judgment, no conditions, and had no expectations. You simply WERE. In order to gain the acceptance of parents, teachers, playmates, and religious leaders, you learned to deny your truth and accept theirs. The first truth you had to deny was the truth that you were and ARE Love.

But when you were growing up, you agreed that others were the source of love, and that you had to bargain for that love. Love became a commodity that lived outside of yourself, you needed it to survive, and you had to be good and get it right in order to assure your share of the precious commodity.

If you believe that love is a commodity that lives outside of yourself, and that you have to be good or get it right to earn and receive that love from someone, you will suffer. There will always be the undercurrent of fear— the fear that you will not be good enough or will not do it right enough. Even in the moment of receiving love, there is the fear that you will do something to lose it. In that fear, you are not open to actually fully receive the love that you have worked so hard to deserve.

You came into this Life as Love, as Life itself. Even though you were required to agree otherwise, it is still true. It was never the truth that love was a commodity outside of you. In order to enter what I call, “The New Relationship,” you must break this old agreement. You must release the need for the love from the outside, you must stop bargaining for your supply, and you must stop offering your love as a bargain to others who are searching for their supply. It does not serve you, and it is a dream of love based on a lie.

Try out this new agreement: “My nature is Love. I am the source of Love in my life.” Today, instead of going into your world looking for sources of love, attention, or appreciation, try going out there wondering where you can share YOUR love. How many ways can you say “I love you” to your Beloved and all of Creation today?

Ultimately, relationship is not about two or more people interacting, but it is the dance of Love recognizing itself.

New Agreement #2
“You are not responsible for other people’s
emotional reactions to your reality.”

When a parent says to a child: “You make me so angry when you spill your milk! Why won’t you pay attention to what you are doing!!??” the message is clear. The child learns that they have the power to make the parent angry, and it is not good to make the parent angry, so they must do and be different than they are— which in this case means “paying attention” (whatever that is!). You were taught that it is bad to hurt other people’s feelings, to be selfish by taking the last cookie (1/2 of the cookie seems to be OK), or to act in ways that make people angry. You learned to bargain away your integrity and emotional truth to protect the feelings of others. You agreed to create responses in them that assured you that you were worthy of receiving your share of the love commodity.

Agreement #2 challenges all of these “rules.” It affirms that you are not capable of creating emotional reactions in other people. At the core of this new agreement is the understanding that we are all “dreaming,” and that each of us interprets reality in our own way. Every one’s emotional reactions arise from their interpretations and assumptions, not directly from the actions of others. You cannot create emotional reactions in others, and they cannot create emotion reactions in you. You release your illusion of control over other people’s emotional reactions, and trust them to deal with their own emotional realities.

The corollary to this agreement is: “You ARE responsible for YOUR emotional reactions to other people’s reality.” You accept that your interpretations of reality– the stories in your dreaming mind– create your emotional responses, and you take full responsibility for them. You no longer blame others for hurting or betraying you, nor do you believe that others can make you happy. In The New Relationship, the partners are free to be who they are and feel what they feel, and they respect each other’s capacity to honor and embrace their own emotions. They do not manipulate their integrity in the name of taking care of their beloved.

New Agreement #3:
“Being the source of love, you are complete within yourself.”

Many of us learned, as children, to deny or disown parts of ourselves in order to earn the love and acceptance that we needed to survive. These disowned parts of the self we pushed into the “shadow,” and those aspects of the self that were acceptable became the personality.

If you were criticized for being lazy, you might have become very industrious. If you were shamed for being messy, you may have adapted by becoming exceedingly neat. If your feelings were rejected, perhaps you learned to deny them and to be very intellectual and thoughtful. Whatever the strongest (and most defended) aspects of your personality are, you will probably find a corresponding part that has been disowned because of the judgment of others.

The soul longs for a reunion of these wounded parts, and searches the world for them, in the hope of reunion. Finding those lost parts of the self in another person can be very familiar, and exciting. If the other person also recognizes their split off parts of themselves in you, you may know each other as the instant remedy for the emptiness within.

The unfortunate truth is that by projecting the lost parts of yourself on to another person, what you are falling in love with is yourself. Thus, there is no resistance nor boundaries to this love reunion. The experiences of “Love at First Sight” and discovering a “Soul Mate” arise from this mistaken belief that something lost inside can be found outside.

When you recognize that you are complete within yourself, and you know you are the source of love in your life, you are able to see people for who they truly are. You build your relationships on that reality. The compatibility in your relationships comes from common interests and values, rather than from the attractions of “Mutually Compatible Disowned Selves.”

New Agreement #4:
“The Truth is more important than the outcome of the Relationship.”

This agreement is only for the brave of heart. The old agreements about relationships insist that you should often sacrifice your truth or integrity in order to take care of our partner’s feelings. In the old system, when you believed that you could create emotional responses in others, and believed that those responses were your responsibility, it was important to create the appropriate response. You were taught that to hurt other people’s feelings was bad, and to make them happy was good.

In order to create the appropriate responses, you learned to be aware of what other people wanted and needed from you, and to change your reality in order to give it to them. If they had “good” emotional reactions to you, then the feedback you received was that you were are good person. The fear of being a “bad” person is the fear of rejection and abandonment, based on the old belief that the source of love, comfort, and survival lies outside of you (see New Agreement #1).

When you modify or deny your truth in order to satisfy the need of another, we could say that you are creating a false self to be in relationship with them. If they use the same agreements, they will create a false self to be in relationship with you– or, more accurately your false self. The relationship then becomes two (actually many more) false selves, manipulating their feelings, responses, and integrity in order to be accepted by each other.

If you are relating in this way, you may have said or thought; “I just don’t seem to feel very connected to my partner/ work/ friends/ life.” Perhaps that is because it is your false selves that are living your life, not you.

In The New Relationship, you know that you are the source of Love, not your partner, friends, or work. You know that you can not control how other people dream you, and their emotional reactions to you. You are not holding on to anyone because you believe that they complete you, and that if you lost them it would rip out your soul and break your heart forever. You are willing to show up and be yourself, in the truth and integrity of who you are, without being attached or trying to control the outcome.

In The New Relationship, you and your partner agree that each of your feelings, your reality, and your truth are the most important aspects of the relationship. You are willing to risk living as your true self, and let the relationship grow and change accordingly. By not being attached to the outcome of any relationship, you learn to trust that all outcomes are perfect for you– they are not failures or successes, and have nothing to do with your value or worthiness.

In the past, we have put our faith in our ability to control outcomes, to control other people’s emotional reactions with our careful behavior, and hold onto love. With this new agreement, we are willing to put our faith in Life itself, trusting that if we live Life as who we came here to be, Life will unfold in front of us as a perfect expression of who we are.

If you are Life, and you live guided by the integrity that arises in you as Life, then you will find that the Life you are resonates with those aspects of Life in the world that are perfect for you. Your partnerships, work, friendships and relationships with all of Creation will resonate with the deepest parts of who you are, and reflect back to you that perfection.

Live life as you, show up in all of your relationships as who you are– especially your relationship with yourself. Let go of your attachment to the outcomes, and put your faith in Life. You will be very happy.

New Agreement #5:
“True happiness is the result of love coming out of you.”

Knowing that your nature is Love itself, you discover a happiness that cannot be taken away from you. You are not concerned with how your love is received, because it is your loving, as an expression of your Divine nature, that fills you. Your only desire is to love all of Creation, to see its perfection, and to know and love yourself as a reflection of that perfection. You New Relationship is based on this love. You are free to love without conditions or expectations. You are free.

Allan Hardman’s website:

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Teotihuacán, Mexico. Photo by Allan Hardman

~ by Jessica McKay

My mother and I were having breakfast when she said abruptly, “I hate to talk about this… but just in case anything happens to me, I have a living will on the dresser in my bedroom.” I froze and stared at her. She shrugged off her serious comment and finished eating. I shrugged it off, too, and went about my business, but alone in bed that night, I could not ignore the uneasiness of what I knew to be true: that there is no way out of evolution, deterioration, entropy or death.

I became afraid. Suddenly I was eight years-old again, crying on my dad’s 40th birthday because 40 seemed unbelievably old to me then. Even now, the prospect of loss on such a gigantic scale is still too terrifying to confront during daylight hours. And so my nights are spent trying to comfort the inner eight year-old that is so terrified of loss.

I closed my eyes on one of these nights as I tried to sleep, and was instantly transported to Teotihuacán, Mexico, a place I have journeyed many times to make peace with forces I can’t control — other people’s opinions, world events, change and loss. I found myself on one side of the river waiting to confront the Angel of Death. In Toltec mythology, the Angel of Death owns everything we think we own — our relationships, jobs, cars, homes, health, youth, and of course, our life itself. She loans them to us until she’s ready to take them back.

On the group journeys I have participated in, each person faces the Angel of Death in his or her own way to express gratitude for the loan, and to surrender the belief that he or she has control over the coming and going of anything in life. It is scary but liberating, because once you acknowledge that you have no control, it is easier to stay present and enjoy what’s in front of you. You enjoy your life and the people you love. You do not think ahead and fantasize about sorrowful endings.

This time I was facing the Angel of Death in my mind as I shivered under the covers at home, and yet I saw everything clearly. I was not nearly as stoic as I had been with my fellow travelers in the past. I found myself standing in front of her, and bargaining for things in my world to stay the same. She was like a towering stone statue, unmoved by fear, grief, desperation or sincerity. I glimpsed behind her and saw a Mexican man standing on the other side of the river. To my bewilderment, his face was full of joy. He waved at me like an old friend and I felt myself moving towards him. He took my hand and said very gently, “You don’t have to suffer like this. Loss is not painful. It’s holding on that’s painful. Holding on is what hurts. When you breathe, you don’t hold your breath. You just let it go.” I saw that his side of the river was free of pain — there was no fear and all I felt was the sweetness of the love I saw reflected in his eyes.

I realized that the side of the river where I started from signifies the illusion of separation with the people we love and the pain that results from that separation. It also symbolizes the time before we realize the difference between pain and suffering, between holding on and letting go. The man told me about a time when he almost died and was lying unconscious. His family visited him in his dreams and their suffering was visible. He told them he felt fine, that there was nothing he needed. He told me that if I had a chance to communicate with the people around me, they would say the same thing. He told his family to enjoy life. “Enjoy your life,” he said to me.

I thought that was pretty good advice. Enjoy your life. Now.

There is pain in life. There is loss and grief. But just like joy and happiness, they are not ours to control. The feelings come, and then they pass away. No matter how deep or intense the pain we feel, it is not forever. Take a deep breath now, see if you can cross from one side of the river — from holding on and suffering — to the other side — acceptance and letting go. You might also call those who have died in front of you. Ask them if they are OK, and listen for their answer. Tell them you are enjoying your life.


Copyright © 2009-2013 Jessica McKay. All Rights Reserved.

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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from last post)

The mind stores and retrieves data.  It takes each and every experience you have and, lickity-split, compares and contrasts it to everything it holds in it’s memory bank – to determine two things…”am I safe” and “how do I stack up against others”.  Given that you are eternally held and loved and that there is no “other”, the Mind’s premise is illusionary.

Yes, the Mind is helpful in this 3D scenario, this karmic theater ritual we’ve signed on to experience Creation in slow-mo and to witness our choice points.  It’s helpful in that it keeps us from stepping in front of a bus in this fabricated duality paradigm.  The Mind’s construct is “I’m separate and can die”.  It is a data bank and pattern recognizer and has been programmed by eons of collective fear, plus your unresolved personal traumas.  It compares and contrasts and tries to protect you from EVERYTHING including love and connection and being your Vast Self.  And… it is not You.  Not even close.

So, yes, it’s not easy staying centered in your essential nature and slipping free of the Conditioned Mind, but is there another game in town?

Holding fast to your knowing, loving yourself, creating A New Earth that supports the truth of Who We Are, building a foundation and community of like-minded others, studying the intricacies of our multidimensional beingness and continually witnessing and uncreating where we’ve bought the illusion – it’s a full time job, but could there be a more compelling, challenging or amazing path? 

And don’t forget intention, our powertool.  We CAN set potent intentions and ally with Source for their fulfillment. Right timing, right action, being a magical aspect of the Whole. We can’t know how it will unfold or what the timing will be, but our intention sets things in motion.  Then let the outcome go. “SURRENDER, DOROTHY…”  Relinquish the Mind’s desire to control/need to know…and watch as co-creation unfurls in a way we could never have orchestrated.  This is why they call it “The Great Mystery”! 

It may be helpful to create a powerful question or two to live into, like “How do I live fully in my experience?” or “What am I noticing right now?” or “How do I know and love myself, connect to guidance and align with All That Is and then create my life from there?”  These inquiries place you into an empowered conversation with yourself.

Choose freedom and joyful receptivity and create audaciously.

And don’t forget to breathe…………


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~ by Sarah McCroskey

The archetype of the Great Mother lives within each and every one of us. When we experience tenderness toward another, compassion for ourselves, the inner guidance to connect to Spirit and community, we are referencing the life-giving force of the Great Mother.  When we tap into this Field, we connect with our own internal barometer – showing us what truly nourishes, what really matters.

Our soul recognizes Nature and Earth as our life-source while we are incarnate.  The Earth’s abundant example of harmony, nourishment and love for all beings for no reason whatsoever attunes our hearts to this Field of love which provides for our very existence.


Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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~ by Marja West

Over the past month I’ve received many inquiries via posts, telephone and email requesting my input regarding the latest horror stories in national and world events—pick one to focus on and feel yourSelves get whirled around and sucked into the craziness.  It’s one effing programmed thing after another.  Problem-Reaction-Solution.  We are constantly faced with moment to moment split second decisions when we interact with the world and one another, and it’s for our own good.  The 9/11 incident still reigns its campaign of fear.  To this day, at the airports, we each get to decide if we’d rather be molested or exposed to radiation. We are herded like cattle, and controlled for our protection from terrorists….ooooh… the “t” word.

Enter the Now from Here.

I am well known for being media and politically absent, and more focused on co-creating well-being among earthlings and the countless other beings bound to Gaia.  I’ll say this over and over again and again:  THE WORLD IS NOT THE PLANET!

With this in mind you can either read on or drop me like a bad habit.

“Presence”, that is, being present to life as it is, is very tricky.  And without a clear understanding of the true nature of reality, how your mind works, and how your emotions work, “presence” will just be another concept to strive for.  The word strive is more running away from what is, right now.  The whole point of “presence” is to allow what is.

I urge one and all to seriously consider unplugging from mainstream media, rather than get all caught up in the hell of incessant broadcasting of news, whether in print, on television, radio, or the web. 

Most people are on auto-pilot when it comes to the media cartel and get all caught up in their hoopla.  They do not question their droning out to the constant need of the constant stimulation the mass media provides, not to mention the rush of subliminal energetic potions received.  Most folks actually believe this is the whole of reality, when it’s merely just one timeline possibility, among and infinite number of possibilities.  But we are addicted to our media addictions as avoidance tactics.  Yup, that includes your addictions to your beloved iPhones, browsing the web because there’s nothing else to do, playing online games, watching movies, and talking non-stop or instant messaging, darlings. This need for distraction is escaping life as it is.  Have a good look.  All in the name of entertainment…and who doesn’t want to be entertained??  I love zombie moviesJ!

How many of us can actually receive and allow a moment’s peace without “shoulding” and “stressing out” about what to do next???  How many of us can actually meet someone new without comparing them to someone else?  How many of us can enjoy a walk in nature without mentally or verbally labeling and naming the trees, the birds, the butterflies, the flowers, the rock formations, the current phase of the moon, or experience something fresh for the very first time, even if you’ve done it or been there many times before? 

Did you know you’re actually doing whatever you’re doing right now for the very first time, Now…?  It’s new, Now, fresh.  Get it??? 

If you’re not present, where are you– in the past?? In the future?? Spacing out in some parallel universe???  Living life by default habitually?  Or just going through the motions until it’s all over with??

Hello??  You’re here on planet Earth!

You will raise the vibration of the planet significantly by being present to your life.  By focusing on your life and managing your life force, which by the way, is your creativity, you will assist in engendering peace for humanity, the animal and nature beings and serving this beautiful planet– In doing so the Universe and the Law of Attraction will support you in rich and amazing ways.

Unless you are presently having a direct experience with an act of violence that’s being reported through the media, please realise that you are actually being manipulated by the media cartel, to use your imagination to dip into that reality, in order to serve their agenda to get you to generate more terror and fear and despair and horror and anger and rage and hate and violence for all the world to feed off of, and thus creating more terror and fear and despair and horror and anger and rage and hate and violence. 

Have a good look at this and see for yourself.

Many of you are familiar with the Global Elite, and be well aware that the “geh”, as I prefer to call them (it’s cute, yeh?), want nothing more than to control and terrify us with horrifying images and headlines; they want nothing more than to polarize us and get us to blame and hate each other enough for us to kill each other without batting an eyelash. This has been going on and on and on and on for millennia. 

It’s called divide and conquer, and its success requires our complicity, so pull your head out of the sand and get off your knees.  Follow the money, and you’ll see who’s in charge.

It will take much more than being awake to end this madness.  Waking up is one thing, then, there is dealing with reality as it is.

If you want to truly do something concrete and real about the world and end all of the suffering and violence, please check yourself and work out and dissolve the suffering and violence in you!

Self-blame, self-criticism, self-hatred, self-importance, self-judgment and self-punishment– are among some of the acts of violence towards the Self on a personalized level, and do nothing but promote endless self-inflicted suffering.  It doesn’t take long for this suffering to spew out onto others.  From within, goes without. Your outer reality reflects your inner landscape.

Can you see how this contributes to the state of the world? 

You are the world, just as I am the world.  Don’t put the state of the world on God, Goddess, All that is.  We are the world.  We are the suffering of the world.  We are the violence of the world…and…We can transform the world.

Please have a look at this.  It’s true, isn’t it????

If you really want to contribute to peace on this planet, please allow peace within YOU and live it.  If you are not at peace, please face that reality, and accept it without trying to change it or get away from it.  Accept and be present with your non-peace.  Transformation occurs naturally, spontaneously.  Like yourself, love yourself, warts and all.

My friend and mentor, Fredric Lehrman, shares this brilliant affirmation with many:

“The more I like myself the way I am, the more I am the way I want to be.”

The Universe is all powerful. The power of the Universe resides within each and every one of us.  Know it and live it. We all come from the same source, yup even those others:-o…the “geh”…oh not not THEM…yes, THEM.

Remember, you are Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience.

Love & Blissings,

Marja West

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~ by Sarah McCroskey

Longing in our heart can be an empowering experience or a painful one, depending on the thinking that accompanies it.

On one hand, longing can be experienced as pain in the heart, when emotionally we are resisting “what is” – as in “ I long for something to be different”.  Longing can be the emotional body’s way of saying, “I don’t like what’s in front of me (or what I am experiencing), and I long for it to be different …more…better…new…or as it used to be”. 

This type of longing can be a ‘not quite conscious’ way of judging or not allowing ‘what is’ which creates personal suffering in the form of wistful or ardent longing.  Through this type of longing, we can also blame others by being disappointed in them and longing for them or ‘things’ to be different.

Typically we think of resistance as a mental notion – judgment, anger, frustration, and impatience – toward ourselves or others.  But our thinking isn’t the only place resistance shows up!   Suffering from the feeling of wanting things to be different than they are right now, can also be a way we resist.  But here we victimize ourselves (rather than judge) by assuming that we are either impotent or thwarted in having change occur in our lives.

Change is, in fact, always occurring in our lives.  It is when we hold a polarity or resist what is that we lock circumstances/energy into a fixed state.  Allowing what is – is always the first step.  This does not mean acquiescing or getting run over, it means being present to something and allowing it to be neutral.  “It is what it is, what it is, what it is”  for right now. 

Until I can allow ‘it’ to be as it is (breathing helps…) my resistant energy is literally feeding the opposite polarity and causing it to stay fixed and persistent.  Our rational mind, which likes to take sides, would have us believe that our resistance or judgment actually diminishes or takes power away from what we’re resisting.  When we step back and perceive what’s happening energetically, we can see that our resistance is actually feeding energy to the very thing we’re resisting, in the form of attention and emotional charge.  So mental resistance (judgment) or emotional resistance (longing) wind up having the same affect – fixing energy to the thing we DON’T want. And the one who suffers is the one resisting, my polarity will not allow what is and let it change

On an entirely different level, however, and almost paradoxically, longing can be a heart urging that expresses an earnest desire to create something – the feeling sense behind a commitment or intent.  In this example, longing could prompt us into purposeful action toward a vision we are committed to fulfilling or seeing come to pass.  “I long (with purpose and desire) for the day when no child on Earth goes hungry.”  Longing here is more like an impassioned visioning along the lines of Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have a Dream”.

This sort of longing is usually uplifting and is accompanied with a deep sense of passion and inspiration.  And because the vision that one ‘longs for’ is vast and beyond what the collective might consider even “do-able”, it requires not only acting on one’s longing (intent) but opening to Spirit – because such a dream will require more than what we can see, or know, or “humanly” provide.  But our longing allows us to envision and imagine it and to invoke Spirit’s assistance.

This type of longing is for an outcome outside the box, one that compels us – with love in our heart – and attracts Universal energies to it’s fulfillment.  This is the longing that moves mountains, inspires community, opens hearts and requires co-creation. 

No emotional suffering accompanies this type of longing.  It pulls us forward on a ‘heart current’ – a path of inspiration, intent and action. 


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~ by Jessica McKay

There are love stories,

and there is obliteration into love.

You’ve been walking

the ocean’s edge, holding

up your robes to keep them dry.

You must dive naked under,

and deeper under,

a thousand times deeper!


Love flows down.

The ground submits

to the sky,

and suffers what comes.


Tell me, is the earth worse

for giving in like that?


Don’t put blankets over the drum!

Open completely.


Let your spirit ear listen

to the green dome’s

passionate murmur.

–   Rumi

It’s amazing how often I’m tempted to hold back from life, from sharing love and being close to others, all because of the fear that I might suffer some unforeseen consequence and be hurt later. Can you relate? Past memories of rejection have shaped the fears that make it easy to hide from a lover’s gaze, and old hurts define how we relate to the world.

The Rumi poem above talks about diving into the Ocean of Life, which has inside of it every joy, sorrow, happiness, fear, anger, pain and ecstasy. If we attempt to push away the uncomfortable feelings to protect ourselves from pain, we lose the ability to fully experience the joy and peace that also resides in the ocean of life. When we push feelings away, it is easy to become numb and disconnected from the life and people around us. A sweet friend and mentor recently said to me, “Everything is You, and you don’t need protection from yourself.”

If we are willing to sit with a broken heart, or any “negative” emotion, and just let it have us, something miraculous happens. When we give ourselves permission to feel pain, shed tears, or simply be afraid, perhaps because someone dies or leaves us alone, the grief moving through us becomes a healing force. How often were we told as children not to cry? All that unexpressed sorrow and pain solidified around our hearts, and instead of our wounds healing, they grew deeper. And the more we were hurting, the more we tried to push away things that could potentially hurt us — other people, intimacy, our true desires and feelings.

The sorrows of life’s accumulated disappointments are always trying to come out from where they’ve been stored in order to free us from the pain of the past, so that we can be present here and now. So we can be free to love and be loved! Imagine what life would be like if we could enter our relationships without fear of the pain that comes with loss. Imagine if we never held back, if we said, “Yes!” when love knocks at the door.

What if you knew that a beautiful relationship was only going to last for a few years, or a few months? Would you engage in it fully anyway, keeping your heart open?

Let’s dive into the ocean of life together, and not hold ourselves back from the love that is always awaiting us there. Love in the midst of pain, love inside grief, love underneath anger, love that fuels joy.

Death walks behind us, not caring whether we open our hearts to let life in. She is coming for us someday, perhaps soon, perhaps years from now, and when she is ready, she will not wait for us to say what matters most.

So let’s say it now with all the passion our hearts can rally:



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~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)

We all came here on purpose at this time.  We thought it all could run amok…Armageddon, that was a distinct possibility…and we came anyway, to see…could we change the collective course of humanity?  Not through controlling, but through remembering, consciously, and then relaxing back into our interconnection with All That Is.

It is done.  So enough with fear and the pretense of limitation.  That false cloak has been shredded by our perseverance – our dedication, love and radiance!

It is only our small self, the out-of-date one that clings to control of this epic process.  How would we control it or even want to?  Does a tadpole “figure out how” to transform into a leaping frog?”  Does an acorn control its way to becoming the towering oak?  Of course  not.  They innately trust the timing and guidance of Nature. 

It is only when we forget our interconnection to Nature and our Earth home and attempt to control the cycles and spirals of a cosmic timing that we get out of sync, experience separation, fear and doubt.

For in truth, how could any one of us, compacted light, the miracle of the joining of two cells, pretend that returning to pure love and consciousness – while still embodied is not enough?  In-dwelling this loving, vast realization of Self must be the first step.  Then, and only then, we express through our being – birthing a living reality into form.  

This is the dream of the Ancient Ones, the Great Return, the stirring of the Goddess – our joint and sacred vision.  And it shall indeed be… Heaven on Earth.

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