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Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Please join us this Friday, May 2, at 2 PM PST for Marja West’s broadcast on HumanSpirit Radio. Marja’s show is “Waking Gods & Goddesses: Embodying Divine Wisdom & The Sensual Life ~ Facing Our Darkness Series ~ the Totality of Human Experience.” Friday’s episode is:

“The Ins & Outs of Polyamory” with guest, Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen.

From Marja: “You are heart-fully invited to join me this Friday, May 2 at 2 PM PST for an intimate and no-holds-barred conversation with my girl, Divine Priestess-Shamaness and my next installment of our Waking Gods & Goddesses radio program on our HumanSpirit Radio Network. Our way Show-ing is focused on *The Ins & Outs of Polyamory* ooohhhhh la la…. such a loaded and taboo topic filled with eyebrow-raising projections, distortions, judgments, and misunderstanding. As a literal lover of both men AND women, I personally look forward to exploring this juicy, yet edgy facet of the totality of human experience with my beloved sea*star.”
Amanda Elo'esh ~ 4th Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen

Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen is the founder and focalizer of the Living Wisdom School where she channels the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. She is a Medicine Woman with Medicine Path Native American Church and continues to expand her knowledge through her studies with Martin Prechtel, author and Mayan shaman. Amanda has walked an unusual path that has lead her from a conservative Utah Mormon upbringing to being an alternative spiritual leader, Priestess and champion of the Goddess, which has included sacred sexuality and polyamory. Amanda works with those who want more sacredness in their lives without the religion or dogma. She offers a magic carpet ride out of the mundane and teaches how to turn challenges into resources through one-on-one work, small groups, and through public teaching and speaking.


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