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~ by Sarah McCroskey

Have you noticed? Much of the given structure of “reality” is changing, falling away… or are we, in fact, restructuring “reality”?

If our individual and collective sense of self, sense of balance or safety is based on the stability of an outside reality – well, ‘the times they are a’changing’ – and our knees may be knocking. Having been systematically trained to shift our inside reality to “fit in” to an outside structure, when that outside structure begins to falter, the question arises – “Who Am I?”

It’s about time.

When we look at the crazy, quasi-reality to which we have conceded our sovereignty, in which we attempt to stay afloat – the question is, “Are these changes and shifting seas a cause for alarm or celebration?”

Economic markets based on separation, dog-eat-dog and resource wars are in flux. The climate of our home planet is changing. Our political and social institutions worldwide are unstable or non-working principally because they have been founded on the first two notions – economic cannibalism and disconnecting from our Earth community.

Is this a calamity or our biggest opportunity in lifetimes?

When manifest “reality” is actually “reality by consensus” isn’t it time to quit acting like it’s “out there” being done to us? Finally, we can drop our self reproach, our dissatisfactions and our chaotic scurrying to “make it” in a world paradigm we don’t even believe in anymore. It’s good news!

For in truth our soul has been compelling us – “go INSIDE.” Our bodies have been urging us – “slow down, enjoy Nature, drink clean water/food, open the heart, connect.” We came in with this decree. We have always known how to be ourSelf – interconnected with Spirit, planet and one another.


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