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Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Please join us this Friday, February 6, at 2 PM PST for Marja West’s show on HumanSpirit Radio. She’ll be sharing from her amazing new publication, F’d Wide Open. Topics to be explored this Friday are:

  • Formless and Form
  • Absolute Balanced Mastery
  • One Man, One Woman
  • Another Puppet of the Patriarchy: the false New Age
  • Big Fat Lies
  • Masculine-Feminine 101
  • The Seven Senses of Our Sensual-Sensorial World
  • Our Core Essence is Feminine or Masculine
  • You are the Divine-In-The-Flesh
  • The Nature of Reality and Perception
  • Duality into Oneness
  • Our Emotional-Energetic Blueprint and Energy Mastery
  • Our Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings
  • The Time is Now
  • Chapter 1 Journaling Exercises

This is powerful content, and we look forward to sharing it with you! To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST this Friday. Listen online here:

Jessica McKay ~ 3rd Wed @ 6 p.m. PT

Jessica McKay 

John Anthony West

John Anthony West

Please join us this Wednesday evening, January 21 at 6 PM PST for Jessica McKay’s show on HumanSpirit Radio! She’ll be interviewing John Anthony West, expert on ancient Egyptian culture, and author of many books including Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, The Case for Astrology, and The Traveler’s Guide to Ancient Egypt. West’s groundbreaking work has revealed that the Sphinx is in fact, weathered by water, which suggests that the Sphinx is thousands of years older than the current accepted belief. This is going to be a fascinating show, with insight into ancient Egypt, and the knowledge the human race once had, but lost along the way.

To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 6 PM PST/ 9 PM EST this Wednesday. Or listen online:

Sarah McCroskey

Sarah McCroskey

Please join us TODAY, Friday January 16 at 2 PM PST for Sarah McCroskey’s show on HumanSpirit Radio! This episode is: “Shanti and the Magic Mandala with author F. T. Camargo.” 

To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST today! Or listen online:

F. T. Camargo

F. T. Camargo

F. T. Camargo is an Italian Brazilian living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. An award winning architect, he also studied Arts and Media and has a post degree in Economics and MBA in e-commerce. He is a vegetarian because of his love for all animals and has been deeply involved in causes for their protection and freedom. He is a world traveler adventurer, outdoor sports lover, speaks 4 languages and has published a travel book, Rio, Maravilha!

For many years he has been practicing yoga and meditation and studying the Kabbalah. His exploration of spiritual teachings motivated a commitment to self-development which in turn created a new path and goal in life. Shanti and the Magic Mandala was born from his inner journey.

15bc7c61-8522-459e-afa0-932cf816ac9fFor more visit

Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Please join us TODAY, Friday, October 3 at 2 PM PST for Marja West’s broadcast on HumanSpirit Radio Network. Her show is Waking Gods & Goddesses ~ Embodying Divine Wisdom & the Sensual Life. This month’s episode is “More Deep Dark Goddess Talk with Spiritual Teacher and Filmmaker/Executive Producer for the movie “iGod,” Rashmi Khilnani.

To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST TODAY!

Rashmi Khilnani

Rashmi Khilnani

Marja writes: “Join me in welcoming the return of spiritual teacher/filmmaker Rashmi Khilnani. Rashmi was our beloved guest last year for October and we had a beautiful time together. This year she shares more of her deep dark Goddess wisdom through her encounters with Babaji and her manifestation of and triumph with breast cancer – debunking the false New Age tenet that one who is spiritual awake would never manifest a life threatening illness. Her co-creative movie venture, iGod is due this fall.

Rashmi Khilnani is a modern mystic. She teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and people from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. She is the author of three books: The Divine Mother Speaks, Buddha Speaks, and Shiva Speaks.

iGod imageShe is also a spiritual filmmaker, and is the executive producer for the iGod – A documentary film on God, a collaboration with Producers Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, Director Jonathan Friedman. Rashmi is one of the speakers of this film which will feature spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying.

More about iGod

More about Marja West

Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Marja West ~ 1st Friday @ 2 p.m. PT

Please join us TODAY, April 4 at 2 PM PST for Marja West’s broadcast on HumanSpirit Radio Network. Her show, “Waking Gods & Goddesses — Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life,” continues its “Facing Our Darkness series — the Totality of Human Experience.”

Today’s show is, “Yoni and Phallus — Sword and Chalice: An Energy Medicine Healing Ritual Dissolving Sexual Trauma of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST, or visit

Marja says, “All revelation is born in the dark. The darkness contains the Formless (Masculine Creative Potential) that manifests as Form (Feminine Creative Potential made physical) that can bring forth more suffering or at its most Divine expression can bring forth a kind of Redemptive Love that transforms and restores our Innocence and Purity from even the most egregious acts and violations upon our bodies and souls.


“Join me in this intimate call — this is my most loving invitation to all my beloved brothers and sea*stars and bring your deepest, darkest, and perhaps most evil, brutal, terrifying memories and traumas from your past lives, your childhood, your current life– as *Victim or Perpetrator.* You are all welcome. I will be facilitating and Way-Show-ing A Healing Ritual: Yoni and Phallus – Sword and Chalice: An Energy Medicine Healing Ritual Dissolving Sexual Trauma Patterns of the Divine Feminine and Masculine…
“Please join me in this very dark and healing episode. We will also address the astrological energies of the upcoming potent and very rare Cosmic Cross with Uranus Square Pluto at the heart of this Cosmic Cross…”
For more information about host, Spiritual Mentor & Way-Show-er Marja West:
Jai Cross

Jai Cross

Please join us TODAY, Friday, January 10 at 2 PM PST for Jai Cross’ new series, “The Seven Sacred Directions!” This episode is “Honoring East and Air.” Call (646) 478-4429 to listen to the show or visit

The seven sacred directions provide a means for Spirit to impregnate the material world, and we can use each of them as gateways to the unseen realms. The four cardinal directions are each associated with a particular element – East with Air, South with Fire, West with Water, and North with Earth. Since our bodies are composed of these elements, we have the ability to physically and energetically merge with their unique attributes and powers.

This series employs discussion, energetic practices, and ceremony to strengthen our connection to the cardinal directions, to the four elements, to Earth and Sky, and to the divine spark that dwells within each of us. We undertake this exploration with gratitude and respect for all that is, even the uncomfortable and sometimes confusing portions of our existence.

Honoring East and Air


East is the direction of the rising sun, the place of awakening, the promise of spring, the potential of the child. This is where we take our first steps into new beginnings, where we chart our course. Air defines our lives, from our first inhalation as a newborn to our final exhalation. Each breath of life supplies us with the raw materials of oxygen, energy, and Light. Air is associated with our mental body, and its higher expressions include mental clarity, inspiration, and insight. By allying with East and Air, we cleanse our minds and expand our beings.

Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay

Please join us this evening at 6 PM PST for Jessica’s broadcast, “You’re Already Psychic – Tools to Strengthen your Intuition, Follow Your Divine Guidance, and Live a Joy-Filled Life.” This episode is all about Angels and connecting with your angels and guides in the unseen world.

Jessica will lead you on a guided meditation to find one of your angels. Learn how angels attempt to communicate with you, and how you can call upon them anytime. Call in for a one-question reading with Jessica.

To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 6 PM PST. Or visit

Sign up to receive Jessica’s email newsletter on the front page of her website, and receive Jessica’s free e-book, “Reduce Stress with Your Angels: 3 Simple Actions to Feel at Peace.” Jessica’s Website:

Marja West

Marja West

Please join us this Friday at 2 PM PST for Marja West’s broadcast on HumanSpirit Radio, “Facing the Darkness — the Totality of Human Experience.”

This episode is “Walking and Talking Love, Truth and Beauty with Conscious Whistleblower & Spiritual Teacher, Fred Burks.” 

About Fred Burks:

Having worked as a language interpreter in top secret meetings at the highest levels of government, Fred Burks has had the privilege of seeing things that few others ever see.

As a participant in a global network of courageous individuals dedicated to the transformation of our world, he has also received an abundance of both deep inside information and inspiring, empowering information that we can all use to build a brighter future together. Knowing of both the deeper aspects of politics of which few are aware and of the powerful transformation movements sweeping across our planet, Fred finds it most important to balance his interest in deep cover-ups with exploring and joining in on some of the many awesome movements taking place which invite more love, joy, and deep connection with ourselves, our communities, and our planet and universe.

Fred is incredibly optimistic that we can and will create a new paradigm on our planet based in love and cooperation. 

Explore the mind and heart expanding websites managed by the nonprofit PEERS network: – PEERS websites: Spreading inspiration, education, & empowerment – Every person in the world has a heart – Dynamic online courses powerfully expand your horizons – Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups – Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all

To listen to this profound and mind-opening broadcast, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST on Friday, November 1. Or visit

~ an excerpt from Marja West’s upcoming book F’d WIDE OPEN – The Heart-Based New Humanity Awakens © 2013

I am not a Buddhist

nor am I a yogi.

My robe has no

special emblem

or design.

My great teacher

is Silence.

I sit here now


~ Dorothy Walters, MEDITATION @ 2008 Reprinted with permission.


Marja West

Marja West

We are grateful for self-help experts, but—enough! We don’t need any more experts, with clinically proven opinions, amusing charts, and endless statistics to know or see the facts. Nor do we need another self-proclaimed tantric master, spiritual guru, or glorified salesman who really is just another money-hungry con artist, wanna-be-pimp, or sexual letch masquerading behind incense, mantras, rituals, and zombie-like followers. If a guru or self-help expert proclaims only s/he can deliver you to Nirvana or Samadhi, and guide you to experiencing Paramatman, or manifesting a luxury sports car in three minutes flat—RUN for your life! 

Our mentors, gurus, healers, shamans, leaders, teachers, and coaches are still humans themSelves, evolving and embodying more light with each inhalation of breath, while letting go of something (just like the rest of us) with each exhalation. Hopefully a true facilitator is conscious enough to instruct you to breathe all the free-floating, painful, internalized emotions and reactions into your heart so that the Love you embody can transmute your pain into more Love. Then through your exhaling breath, share the Divine qualities and gifts of Love, light, clarity, peace, calm, healing, trust, wisdom, and relaxation with your environment. An authentic guide will NOT direct you to vomit your internal pain into the world-at-large, polluting it with a toxic, emotionally loaded exhale. You can share the Love. It IS all about you!

Receive their gifts, but keep your power so you can offer your gifts too.

You already are the Divine Self.  

You are your own master. 

You are your own guru. So, own it!

Never give up your sovereignty!


Have a good look at what’s going on in the nature of the world. In many ways, it’s a fucking mess—chaotic, out of balance, ugly, violent, and disconnected. Yet at the same time, the world of Nature is beautiful, abundant, peaceful, and connected. The world is you, and it’s me. We are the world and we are Divine, expressions of the ONE. We know something’s way off balance, and we also know it’s all good. The world is the way it is—expressing Hell on Earth and Heaven on Earth, depending on the perception.

The world is a macroscopic, holographic manifestation of all our relationships—whether internal or external, personal or business, mundane or Divine. We may conclude the entire world a dangerous and scary place, but beneath the shallow, day-to-day insanity of normal human reality, hums our beauteous Divinity. Perceiving this hum is like hearing the faintest echo of a distant alarm clock, softly beckoning us to wake up from this dream world reality of normalcy. Rather than awaken, most humans hit the snooze button over and over again, and try to go back to sleep, but once the awakening process begins, it cannot be stopped.

A peaceful world starts with a peaceful you. Have a good look at that.

It’s time to get real and start looking for answers within each and every one of us. 

Answers stir within, endeavoring to reconnect with our true natures. This is the Divine in each of us, recognizing the essential core of goodness that resides in our hearts no matter how closed off or unconscious we are; no matter how damaged by the past.

Copyright © 2013 Marja West


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Please join us this Friday, September 13 from 2-3 PM PST for “Exploring the Chakras” with Jai Cross on HumanSpirit Radio Network! 

Jai Cross

Jai Cross

In this month’s episode of Exploring the Chakras, we investigate the potency of the will chakra. Located in the solar plexus, this energetic center pulses with raw power. It is a realization hub where our innermost dreams are broadcast out into the world to co-create our reality. Yet if those seed dreams are contaminated by the heavy energies of guilt, resentment, or a sense of unworthiness, they can spawn a life fraught with nightmarish overtones. We will use an energetic practice to purify the will chakra so it can support us in living our highest potential, a state known as Heaven on Earth. In that sacred place, we are completely authentic and self-actualized.

About this series: Our physical anatomy is so obvious that we automatically respond to its cues – we eat when the stomach contorts uncomfortably, we head for shelter when our body over-heats, we slow our activities when the breath becomes shallow and rapid.

Our energetic anatomy also constantly sends us signals, yet these are often misunderstood and ignored. Therefore we may not relate our sudden fears of abandonment to a contraction in the root chakra or our seeming inability to empathize to clogged-up gunk in our heart chakra.

Our seven chakras form an interconnected series of internal energy centers, each with its own specific area of influence. We will learn about each chakra’s characteristics and how to meaningfully interact with them. We will do an array of practices to clean, balance, and energize these vital components of our energetic anatomy in order to enhance our well-being.

More about Jai Cross:

To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST on Friday, September 13, or visit and join us online.


HumanSpirit Radio Network is committed to bringing you uplifting and positive content (almost) every day. For more information on our free radio broadcasts:

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