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The Foundation of A New Earth

Image by Josephine Wall

What if rectifying our imbalances and our destructive effects as a species on our beloved planet were as simple as changing the bottom line by which we evaluate prosperity? What if a simple shift in how we classify and measure success were all we needed in order to become a species in harmony with its environment – akin to all other beings of the natural world, here and everywhere?

Do we really think we can stand alone, outside of the natural order of Earth and Cosmos and thrive…or even survive as a species for another quarter century?

Is it arrogance, a lack of training or our adopted, conditioned trance that casts us from The Garden in our own sphere of disconnection, destruction and despair?

Let’s unpack this.

In terms of economics and how we have culturally and globally agreed to value success and well being (Western dominant), we do so through the vehicle of money.

Money is a symbol. Those bills and notes and stocks and bonds and derivatives have no real value in and of themselves – they are representative, symbolic of value. At one point they were based on gold ‘in reserve’ but now even that basis in actual value is gone. Even though our global economies revolves around money as currency, it is, in fact, a fabrication with no real value, other than that we say so, by agreement, as a means by which to trade.

That we have come to hold money as the end-all/be-all of value, prosperity and success literally amounts to constructing our system of values and sustained well-being on an illusion, a mockery, a coterie of gambling. It is the proverbial ‘house of cards.’

Somewhere deep within this game, Earth as Resource, gets woven in as collateral to an otherwise fiat currency. Be it real estate, minerals, water, gems, by-ways of access to ports or through mountain ranges, or even wildlife and human laborers, money comes to interact with and extract value from Earth, her bounty and her personnel.

What if we cut to the chase and VALUED THE EARTH and her miraculous, replenishing abundance as our core value? She is, in fact, The Mother Ship, the basis of all life here on this planet. Whether we pretend else wise or not, EARTH IS THE BOTTOM LINE.

How did we forget this? What happens if we REMEMBER and put her back in the center of our valuation? What if the foundational consideration for businesses, politics, government, education, energy production, waste management and exchange was not monetary, profit/loss, but was instead, “Is it in harmony with the well being of the Earth?”

With this shift in assessment – embracing a different ‘bottom-line’ – human beings, with their ingenuity and hearts onboard, could re-work ourselves back into harmonious relationship with our living planet – She Who Gives Us Life.

“Does it work for the Earth? Will it serve the next seven generations?” Ring a bell?

This is the credo of all indigenous people. We ARE ALL INDIGENOUS peoples of the Earth. This is sacred, commonsense. It is linear and rational as well as spiritual, heart-based natural law. There is no escaping natural law. You’re either with it and thrive, or you attempt to operate outside of it and die. There is no straddling.

And, we can retain our modern lifestyles if we do so consciously, wisely, inventively. The false dichotomy we’re often sold by those committed to the status quo (read power dynamics and imperialism) is that human life would have to become rudimentary, “primitive” in order to be in harmony with the Earth. No one wants that, so the conversation drops there. THIS IS A FALSE PREMISE.

I say if we simply shifted the bottom-line from accruing piles of money to serving and maintaining the health of the Earth we could bring our species back in balance with a flourishing Earth within 2 decades. And what a joyous, enterprising, and yes, money-making, ride it would be to be creatively pursuing methods, innovations, new infrastructures and ways of being that serve all beings, all humans, all life here.

That is what our hearts have always yearned for. It is every child’s dream. And it is the lack of this reality that creates our suffering as a species, because we know it can be done. It must be done.

It is natural law, the Law of the Circle.

And we have come here to get our species back in step with It.

Love, reciprocity, living cycles and our true natures know precisely what is being requested and how to fulfill that request.

Bringing consciousness and yes, excitement to my own habits, to my household and family, is a great place to start.

Let Us Start Here…


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